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Everything We Know About Call of Duty League

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Call of Duty League

Activision has just shared how Call of Duty League, one of the most promising eSports events,  will work in 2020. Here's everything we know, from the new point-based system to the schedule of all tournaments.

Rather than having 22, the new format will feature 15 tournaments overall. This includes 13 regular events, All-Star Weekend, and finally Championship Weekend. While regular tournaments will be hosted from the side of participating franchises, the 2 biggest ones will be held in neutral venues. Eight teams will be competing on each of the 13 regular events, besides the Launch Weekend which will have all 12 teams.

Call of Duty League Schedule

1. Launch Weekend (24 – 26th January)

Location: Minnesota

Teams: RØKKR (Minnesota), Huntsmen (Chicago), FaZe (Atlanta), Empire (Dallas)

                Royal Ravens (London), Subliners (New York), Mutineers (Florida), ULTRA (Toronto)

                OpTic Gaming (Los Angeles), Surge (Seattle), Legion (Paris), Guerrillas (Los Angeles)

2. Royal Ravens Home Series (8-9th February)

Location: London

Teams: Huntsmen, Royal Ravens, Empire, Subliners,

Guerrillas, Surge, Legion, ULTRA

3.  FaZe Home Series ( 22 – 23th February)

Location: Atlanta

Teams: FaZe, Mutineers, Royal Ravens, RØKKR

OpTic Gaming, Huntsmen, ULTRA, Legion

4. LA Home Series  (7-8th March)

Location: Los Angeles

Teams: Empire, FaZe, Mutineers, RØKKR

Surge, OpTic Gaming, Subliners, Guerrillas

5. Empire Home Series (28-29th March)

Location: Dallas

Teams: Huntsmen, Empire, Guerrillas, RØKKR

Surge, Legion, Mutineers, ULTRA

6. Huntsmen Home Series (4-5th April)

Location: Chicago

Teams: Empire, Royal Ravens, FaZe, Huntsmen

Surge, OpTic Gaming, Subliners, Guerrillas

7. Mutineers Home Series (11-12th April)

Location: Florida

Teams: Mutineers, FaZe, RØKKR, OpTic Gaming

Legion, Subliners, ULTRA, Royal Ravens

Call of Duty League Schedule

8. Surge Home Series (18 – 19th April)

Location: Seattle

Teams: Surge, Royal Ravens, Huntsmen, Guerrillas

Subliners, Los Angeles, Legion, RØKKR

9. RØKKR Home Series (9-10th May)

Location: Minessota

Teams: RØKKR, FaZe, ULTRA, Huntsmen

Surge, Empire, Guerrillas, Mutineers

10. Legion Home Series (16 – 17th May)

Location: Paris

Teams: Legion, FaZe, ULTRA, Empire

OpTic Gaming, Mutineers, Subliners, Royal Ravens

11. Subliners Home Series (6-7th June)

Location: New York

Teams: FaZe, Ultra, Subliners, Huntsmen

Legion, Royal Ravens, RØKKR, Guerrillas

12. Call of Duty League All- Star Weekend (TBA)

13. Royal Ravens Home Series (20-21st June)

Location: London

Teams: Empire, Surge, Royal Ravens, Legion, Mutineers, OpTic Gaming, Guerrillas, Subliners

14. ULTRA Home Series (27-28th June)

Location: Toronto

Teams: FaZe, ULTRA, Huntsmen, Surge

ROKKR, Mutineers, Guerrillas, Empire

15. Call of Duty League Championship Weekend (TBA)

 CDL Will Feature New Point-based System

Call of Duty League

Who do you think will win Call of Duty League in 2020?

And it will work like this. Starting with the Royal Ravens home series, eight teams will be split into groups of four and battle each other. Teams who manage to win 2 matches will then go through single-elimination bracket which will give us the winner of the home series. This process will repeat all throughout the season.

Throughout the regular season, every victory is worth 10 points, while the 2 bigger events will give additional 10 points. Therefore, it is possible for team to score up to 50 points per week. Launch Weekend will be the only event that won't follow this format, as all 12 teams will be competing. There, every team will be participating in 2 matches, and every victory will bring 10 points.

When the regular season ends, 8 teams with the highest total score will earn a place in the playoffs. The first 4 will pass directly, while the next 4 will be wild cards. Wild cards will then go through another single-elimination bracket. Two best teams will then play against 3rd and 4th place teams in a double-elimination bracket. Finally, the best 4 teams will battle it out at CDL Championship grand final to find out who will claim the title.



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