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Everything We Know About Call of Duty League

Everything We Know About Call of Duty League



Call of Duty League

Activision has just shared how Call of Duty League, one of the most promising eSports events,  will work in 2020. Here’s everything we know, from the new point-based system to the schedule of all tournaments.

Rather than having 22, the new format will feature 15 tournaments overall. This includes 13 regular events, All-Star Weekend, and finally Championship Weekend. While regular tournaments will be hosted from the side of participating franchises, the 2 biggest ones will be held in neutral venues. Eight teams will be competing on each of the 13 regular events, besides the Launch Weekend which will have all 12 teams.

Call of Duty League Schedule

1. Launch Weekend (24 – 26th January)

Location: Minnesota

Teams: RØKKR (Minnesota), Huntsmen (Chicago), FaZe (Atlanta), Empire (Dallas)

                Royal Ravens (London), Subliners (New York), Mutineers (Florida), ULTRA (Toronto)

                OpTic Gaming (Los Angeles), Surge (Seattle), Legion (Paris), Guerrillas (Los Angeles)

2. Royal Ravens Home Series (8-9th February)

Location: London

Teams: Huntsmen, Royal Ravens, Empire, Subliners,

Guerrillas, Surge, Legion, ULTRA

3.  FaZe Home Series ( 22 – 23th February)

Location: Atlanta

Teams: FaZe, Mutineers, Royal Ravens, RØKKR

OpTic Gaming, Huntsmen, ULTRA, Legion

4. LA Home Series  (7-8th March)

Location: Los Angeles

Teams: Empire, FaZe, Mutineers, RØKKR

Surge, OpTic Gaming, Subliners, Guerrillas

5. Empire Home Series (28-29th March)

Location: Dallas

Teams: Huntsmen, Empire, Guerrillas, RØKKR

Surge, Legion, Mutineers, ULTRA

6. Huntsmen Home Series (4-5th April)

Location: Chicago

Teams: Empire, Royal Ravens, FaZe, Huntsmen

Surge, OpTic Gaming, Subliners, Guerrillas

7. Mutineers Home Series (11-12th April)

Location: Florida

Teams: Mutineers, FaZe, RØKKR, OpTic Gaming

Legion, Subliners, ULTRA, Royal Ravens

Call of Duty League Schedule

8. Surge Home Series (18 – 19th April)

Location: Seattle

Teams: Surge, Royal Ravens, Huntsmen, Guerrillas

Subliners, Los Angeles, Legion, RØKKR

9. RØKKR Home Series (9-10th May)

Location: Minessota

Teams: RØKKR, FaZe, ULTRA, Huntsmen

Surge, Empire, Guerrillas, Mutineers

10. Legion Home Series (16 – 17th May)

Location: Paris

Teams: Legion, FaZe, ULTRA, Empire

OpTic Gaming, Mutineers, Subliners, Royal Ravens

11. Subliners Home Series (6-7th June)

Location: New York

Teams: FaZe, Ultra, Subliners, Huntsmen

Legion, Royal Ravens, RØKKR, Guerrillas

12. Call of Duty League All- Star Weekend (TBA)

13. Royal Ravens Home Series (20-21st June)

Location: London

Teams: Empire, Surge, Royal Ravens, Legion, Mutineers, OpTic Gaming, Guerrillas, Subliners

14. ULTRA Home Series (27-28th June)

Location: Toronto

Teams: FaZe, ULTRA, Huntsmen, Surge

ROKKR, Mutineers, Guerrillas, Empire

15. Call of Duty League Championship Weekend (TBA)

 CDL Will Feature New Point-based System

Call of Duty League

Who do you think will win Call of Duty League in 2020?

And it will work like this. Starting with the Royal Ravens home series, eight teams will be split into groups of four and battle each other. Teams who manage to win 2 matches will then go through single-elimination bracket which will give us the winner of the home series. This process will repeat all throughout the season.

Throughout the regular season, every victory is worth 10 points, while the 2 bigger events will give additional 10 points. Therefore, it is possible for team to score up to 50 points per week. Launch Weekend will be the only event that won’t follow this format, as all 12 teams will be competing. There, every team will be participating in 2 matches, and every victory will bring 10 points.

When the regular season ends, 8 teams with the highest total score will earn a place in the playoffs. The first 4 will pass directly, while the next 4 will be wild cards. Wild cards will then go through another single-elimination bracket. Two best teams will then play against 3rd and 4th place teams in a double-elimination bracket. Finally, the best 4 teams will battle it out at CDL Championship grand final to find out who will claim the title.



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When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.


Check These Games at PAX East 2020

Check These Games at PAX East 2020



Check These Games at PAX East 2020

PAX East 2020 is about to start, and it will bring a host of interesting indie and AAA games. These are some of the more imaginative and exciting titles you should be checking out.

Fall Guys

It may look cute and harmless, but Fall Guys will take you through a lethal course and challenge your survival and racing skills. Dirty moves, like shoving and pushing are allowed, even encouraged, as you move towards victory in this atypical Battle Royale. As the rounds progress, the colorful herd gets thinner and thinner, until there is only one guy left standing. Will it be you?

Platforms: PS4, PC

Fall Guys gameplay

Colors are so sweet you can almost taste them (PlayStation)

Going Under

Going under is a completely unique roguelike RPG/action game set in a wacky, cartoonish world.  You play as a monster-hunter Jackie, and your goal is to clear out various goblins and other monsters that chill out in the premises of failed business ventures. Yup, you read that correctly. As the game progresses, you will incorporate various weapons like hi-tech drones, brooms, and avocado toasts, along with numerous skills. The game just brims with humor and personality, so make sure to try it out at PAX East 2020.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Games at PAX East 2020 : Going Under

I mean, what’s there to say? (aggrocrab)


Next, we have a stylish turn-based horror RPG. In Othercide, you will be controlling a team of Daughters as they traverse the bleak world filled with demons. Furthermore, by defeating them, you will get their memories, which will slowly start to shape up a story. Expect an atmospheric and dark game that will test your strategic abilities.

Platforms: PC

Othercide gameplay


Recompile is an action-adventure indie game from Phigames. You play as an AI that suddenly became sentient and tries to escape its own death. As you are running away from your maker, you will also be unlocking numerous skills that will help you manipulate the environment and enemies. Devs said that the gameplay will rely on your choices, which will add to the replay value.

Platforms: PC


Fans of the survival horror genre shouldn’t miss this promising title made by FOTONICA. In Saturnalia, you will be switching between numerous protagonists, all of which are only armed with matches. If you die, you will immediately move to another character in your small crew, all in an effort to escape a small ritualistic village. The devs promise a gripping atmosphere that will hardly left us even when we stop playing.

Platforms: PC

Games at PAX East 2020 : Saturnalia

A comic book style is mixed with sheer terror (riotpixels)

The Falconeer

If you’ve ever wondered what hi-tech aerial combat with falcons would look like (and let’s be honest, who didn’t), you’ve come to the right place. Tomas Sala, the game creator, lets you play as a pilot of one of these magnificent birds, caught in the war between various factions. The Falconeer takes place in an open and dark futuristic world. Judging by the trailer, we are in for quite a treat.

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Games at PAX East 2020 : The Falconeer

The Falconeer is an ambitious project made by a single dev (gamingbolt)

There are a lot more games at PAX East to cover, so expect more news about the event. Also, did you know that PAX is only 1 of 5 indie events that will shape 2020? To find out more, click here.

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Xbox Live Gold Free Games In March

Xbox Live Gold Free Games In March



Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Gold members will get to enjoy 4 great games for free in March, as a part of continuous Games with Gold package. Although some titles are exclusive for Xbox One, others will be available on Xbox 360 via backward compatibility. Let’s jump right in.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Xbox One players will be able to enjoy Batman’s episodic adventure made by Telltale Games. In it, you will be playing as both Bruce Wayne and Batman, as you navigate the dangerous streets of Gotham in an effort to stop the plans of mysterious Riddler. The choices you make throughout the game will matter, which adds a lot to the replay value. The offer includes all 5 parts of this intriguing game.

Date: Mar 1 – Mar 31

Xbox Live Gold: Batman

Say cheese, batty boy! (pinterest)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

It’s time to drop back into the role of Dracula and help him reach his castle in order to get his old powers back and kick Satan’s ass. Lords of Shadow 2 is set in an open-world and relies on exploration. The game features multiple eye-catching boss fights and a fighting style reminiscent of God of War series, offering lots of interesting combos. It also has an intriguing story set in a modern and medieval world, which serves as a great conclusion to this popular action series.

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360

Date: Mar 1 – Mar 15

Lords of shadow 2 artwork

Castlevania really knows how to set up the atmosphere (suwalls)

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Next, we have a beautiful 2-D platformer where you will be playing as a Shantae, a charismatic genie. Your goal is to investigate a new crime wave that’s happening in Sequin Land and save its inhabitants. She will, of course, do that in style, with a variety of forms and magical abilities at her disposal. The levels are smartly designed, which adds to the gameplay, making this a great platformer.

Platforms: Xbox One

Date: Mar 16 – Apr 15

Xbox Live Gold: Shantae

Beautiful hand-drawn animation with saturating colors makes the game mesmerizing to play (Steam)

Sonic Generations

Speaking of platformers, there have rarely been ones as fun and successful as Sonic series. Sonic Generations throws your characters back in time, where your favorite hedgehog will team up with his younger self to find out who is behind this mess. The result is an incredibly fun game that brings with it all the charms of previous titles.

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360

Date: Mar 16 – Mar 31

Bonus: Call of Cthulhu

It would be simply unforgivable not to mention that one of the better survival horror/RPG games is still available on Xbox Live Gold till the middle of March. Prepare to go deep into the darkest corners of the human mind, where your sanity can easily reach its limits.

Platforms: Xbox One

Date: Feb 16 – Mar 15

Xbox Live Gold Free Games In March

The atmosphere of Lovecraft’s universe is expertly translated (gamingtrend)

If you are looking for more heart-attack-inducing games, check this article.

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Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise

Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise



A few months of improvement in the development and polishing of a game can really make all the difference. And Resident Evil: Resistance fits this picture perfectly. When it was announced as Project Resistance, the asymmetric multiplayer did not have much appeal, as it did not offer a great differential for the genre, except, the weight of carrying the name of the Resident Evil series.

The most fun moment of the whole experience, certainly, was taking control of Mastermind; the great villain behind the “Mortal Games” that were happening on the stage. After all, Resistance has this plot briefly: 4 players would assume the role of Survivors, being necessary to work together and use their unique skills to solve puzzles. The ultimate goal was to reach the last stage of the labyrinth and escape, ensuring survival.

All of this while defending against the traps, monsters and snares of Mastermind. Whoever takes this role in the game has the power to control the entire environment through surveillance cameras and, of course, needs to make the life of the Survivors a hell, using their villainous deck for this.

Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise

The aim of the mode was to reach the last stage of the maze and escape, ensuring survival. (Image: Capcom)

The imbalance in gameplay and difficulty, however, gave the impression that the game could be improved, not only in these aspects, but also with more intuitive mechanics. The new demo offered new features, such as the addition of new characters on both the Survivors and Masterminds sides; of course, different maps to play cat and mouse. In addition, the difficulty seems to have been balanced.

And what does it mean? Simple: that Mastermind can now fail. The feeling in the first version of Resistance tests passed was that it would be impossible for the Survivors to win. In the new build this feeling no longer exists: everything is a little more balanced for both sides. In practice, the difference was manifested when the Mastermind deck started to take a little longer to supply monster cards, for example – at least two first perimeters of each map.

If the Survivors reach the third and last stage of the map, Mastermind is conceived of an advantage so that it can reverse the situation. An example is the special card, which activates each villain’s unique monster.

The counter has also been improved. Survivors save time when performing stage tasks, helping each other or when killing monsters. Mastermind manages to shorten the good guys’ lifespan by damaging them or eliminating them. The more obstacles the villain can distribute on the map, the greater the chances of winning. The amount of time allocated or eliminated was more honest this time.

It is also worth noting that in a closed and controlled environment, with easy contact with other Survivors players, the experience was much more fun. And by playing Resistance again in that context, it was possible to understand three things.

Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise

Mastermind manages to shorten the good guys’ lifespan by damaging them or eliminating them. (Image: Capcom)

The first is that communication is paramount to survival. If the Survivors do not communicate, it will be practically impossible to get through the three stages of the phases, or even achieve the objectives in each of the rooms. It is necessary to help, help, open fire and search, all in due time. And these steps are decided with a good conversation between the team, precisely.

The second thing is that Capcom is still working on the game. The graphic improvements are visible, the gameplay seems even lighter and the new content (be it characters, scenarios, skills or customizable attributes) helps to expand the possibilities of fun and, mainly, time within the game.

The third lesson is that the new characters make all the difference and knowing how to use the special skills (Personal Skills and Fever Skills) of all six Survivors is essential. So stop, read and understand what each one does and how they perform these techniques. The same goes for Masterminds, as they also have unique strategies.

The asymmetric multiplayer experience has everything to work out and entertain fans after the Resident Evil 3 single player campaign. In particular, I look forward to forming groups and starting playing Resident Evil: Resistance.

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