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10 Most Promising ESports Events In 2020

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ESports Events 2020

There are a lot of interesting eSports events in 2020 that we just can't wait to see.  From the massive Fortnite World Championship up to competitive CS: GO tournaments, here are 10 promising events that are keeping us up at night.

1. BlizzCon 2020

BlizzCon is a popular ESports Event

BlizzCon is one of the most popular gaming conventions in the whole world. Aside from letting you preview new games and attend concerts, BlizzCon also lets you watch intense championships of their most popular games live. This includes a massively successful Overwatch world cup and  WoW arena. Additionally, there will also be a Starcraft 2 tournament, and the winner will be considered the best player in the world. Lastly, we also have a Hearthstone event, which is a virtual card game that's becoming increasingly successful and gives out big tournament prizes.

BlizzCon is held in California and the ticket prices range from $ 200 to $ 750. Alternatively, you can also buy a virtual ticket and stream the entire event in real-time. Even when BlizzCon is over, there are lots of smaller fan-organized events that have interesting events and are completely free.

2. Fortnite World Cup

Esports Events in 2020: Fortnite World Cup

Will Fortnite World Cup 2020 take the spotlight once again?

Last summer's first world cup exceeded all of our expectations, and we believe that Epic Games might repeat it this year. It successfully became the largest eSports event, with over million viewers on Twitch and 10,000+ biggest fans watching live from New York. In 2020, Epic Games plans to raise its already massive (30 million $) prize pool, and bring the whole event to dizzy new heights. Be sure to check the official Fortnite World Cup site, for any news on the development.

3. Rocket League Cup

Esports Events is 2020: Rocket League

Since the day it came out,  Psyonix was aware that they had a hit on their hands. It was followed by a big Rocket League tournament in 2016, which has only grown over the years. If you want to qualify for this championship, you will need to win a regular competition in either North America, South America, Europe, or Oceania. Although the prize pool ($ 1 million) is still small in comparison to giants like Fortnite, it is steadily increasing. All info about the tournament will be available here in the coming weeks.

4. FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA eWorld Cup

Do you have what it takes to win FIFA's eWorld Cup?

FIFA's virtual world cup will involve millions of competitors from over 60 countries, which is completely insane. The game has actually been introduced in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest gaming tournament in the world, but don't be scared by this. It's easy to start climbing up the ranks and everyone can participate. The full road to the finals is adequately explained in this video. The locations and dates for 2020 finals are still unknown, but it should be held sometime in August and usually takes place in Europe.

5. League of Legends World Championship

ESports events in 2020: Lol Cup

League of Legends may be the most popular MOBA game in Asia

Riot Games decided to go all in and host this year's LoL championship in China, with finals being in Shanghai. The prize pool is still not confirmed, but it should be over $ 2 million. This tournament will include 24 best teams from 14 different countries, so we will surely see some intense combat situations.

6. The International

The International ESports event

The International and Fortnite World Cup offer the biggest prize pool out of all competitions

After the Fortnite, Dota 2's international is the most popular gaming event. It is organized by Valve and will have a prize pool of $ 34 million, for which 18 of the most skilled teams will battle. The International will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 18th to 23rd August. You can easily watch it from the comfort of your home by logging in with your game client. Additionally, you can make your predictions and acquire in-game rewards if it turns out you are right! How cool is that?

7. Capcom Cup

If you like old-school fighting games you are in luck, because Capcom Cup is coming back this year. This live tournament features 16-32 best Street Fighter V players, all of which want to cement themselves as the best one. In order to qualify, players must win a few smaller competitive events first, a list of which you can find here. Although the prize pool isn't that impressive, competition here is fierce and fights are very engaging to watch.

8.Overwatch League

Esports Events in 2020: CoD League

Although BlizzCon has Overwatch tournaments as well, this is by far the more popular one. Every year, 20 best teams are competing for the chunk of the prize pool, which is estimated to be over $5 million id 2020. The competition will span through 19 cities, including Shanghai, Paris, and New York, and the finals will be in Philidelphia. This tournament is open to all Overwatch players, but you'll have to be able to qualify through the series of smaller tournaments. You can find more information and the official schedule here.


9. Call Of Duty League

In 2020, Activision will finally organize an official Call of Duty tournament

Although there were plenty of Call of Duty tournaments till now, none of them were “official”. Activision plans to change this by introducing a franchised league model in 2020. Some details are still blurry, but here is what we do know. Call of Duty League will consist of 12 professional teams battling for the prize of at least $6 million. The players will be traveling from city to city while repeatedly fighting one another. Here are some of the locations that we know of so far: Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, Florida, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, London …


10.  Blast Premier

ESports events in 2020: Blast Premier

CS: GO fans will be pleased to hear that BLAST is growing bigger in 2020

Lastly, we have BLAST Premiere – the biggest CS: GO eSports event. With it, RFRSH Entertainment decided to improve on BLAST Pro Series by offering a bigger prize pool ( $ 4, 250, 000). A total of 12 teams will be participating, including Natus Vincerem Team Liquid, Astralis, and Team Vitality, for the top prize of $1 million. BLAST Premier will start on January 31st in London.

When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.