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Call Of Duty Warzone Guide: Four Parachute Tips

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In Call Of Duty Warzone, all operators infiltrate Verdansk using parachutes. They jump from high altitudes to land safely. This can be in the initial infiltration or after remobilization. Learning to parachute is very important and one of the keys to survival.

Using your parachute in the right way allows you to cover great distances to fall safely. This from a great vertical height, even using some combat techniques using the parachute. Below are some tips for using your parachute correctly.

Best Way to Plan the Fall

The moment you jump off the plane, you will be in free fall. In your HUD in the right, you will have the altimeter sample, showing altitude, speed and height for using the parachute. The final scale changes depending on where you fall. If you are landing near a block, for example, the death zone will be changed to show a skyscraper. If you don't pull the rope, your Operator will die, so be careful when using it.

Open the tactical map before jumping and decide where to land. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

When the game really starts, you should have a strategy in mind. Opening the tactical map before jumping is essential, so you can now mark where you want to land. The plane's route is displayed, making it much easier to choose landing options. The squadron leader must make decisions about where they will land, this avoids confusion.

When to jump? You either fall immediately or be patient. This will depend a lot on what the leader has planned. It is very important for all squad members to jump at the same time and land together in the same area in Call Of Duty Warzone.

Timing the Jump: Be patient or fall immediately; it depends on you and your team's planning. It is recommended to jump at approximately the same time, so that they can land together and relatively in the same area, then choose the location, land and take action instead of stopping or waiting for the squadmates to join you.

Looking up or down will change the angle of the fall, while in the air. The slowest way to descend is when your operator by default is level with the ground. Now, if your goal is to accelerate the fall, you will have to aim the Operator directly at the ground, so he will arrive quickly.

Best Fall Styles

In addition to the fall angle mentioned above, the time to open the parachute is essential. High altitude, low aperture (HALO) and high altitude, high aperture (HAHO) are parachuting techniques that need understanding. That in a nutshell is that, you can pull the parachute a few seconds after you jump out of the plane. Or also, open the parachute a few meters before reaching the ground. Both modes are considered to be a high altitude aperture. This method of opening is generally considered safe, if there are no obstacles below to worry about in Call Of Duty Warzone.

However, operators who are on the ground will be able to shoot who still floats through the sky of parachutes. This is where low aperture (HALO) can be useful. If you don't want to fall a long distance, opening the parachute just close to the ground can give you advantages. The best advantage is the faster serve and the fight against other players.

You can pull your parachute a few seconds after the initial free fall. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

Clearly, HALO falls are more risky. However, you need to be very careful with the automatic parachute mechanism. If it is activated earlier, it can impact the ground and cause death. Please note that the parachute mechanism can be used during Infiltrations in Battle Royale and Loot game modes.

Best Parachute Advantages

The parachute is not just to be used at the beginning of the game or in remobilization. In the middle of the game, if you are on top of a skyscraper, you will use your parachute to fall safely. This, in addition to saving your life, can be useful for traveling great distances. However, the disadvantage is that you will call attention to the parachute open in the sky. This is very useful when the safe zone is closing and you have no vehicles in the area.

Another very useful strategy is to cut the parachute. At any time of fall, you can activate the parachute, and also cut it. This causes you to free fall again, gaining speed. Cutting a few meters from the ground can bring your Operator to the ground more quickly. However, if you calculate the wrong altitude, your parachute may no longer open and fall to the ground.

In addition to being a quicker way to the ground, cutting the parachute can provide weaponry in your hand for a few seconds. You can eliminate enemies before you even step on the ground. This can be used from the beginning of the game, or by jumping from a tower or skyscraper in Call Of Duty Warzone..

If a weapon, activate the parachute, then cut the parachute and shoot again. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

If a weapon, activate the parachute, then cut the parachute and shoot again. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

  • Shooting with the Pistol

During Battle Royale mode in Call Of Duty Warzone, you will not have all your weaponry before you land on the ground. But on your first free fall, you will be able to draw your pistol. However, in Loot Mode, you can use any weapon of your chosen weaponry to fire during the fall. Use a weapon, fire the parachute, then cut the parachute and shoot again to continually improve your aim.

Best Way to Land

It is very important before landing to check that the area is really safe. You should pay attention to some items.

Make sure you are parachuting in a relatively safe area. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

Make sure you are parachuting in a relatively safe area. (Image: Call Of Duty Warzone)

Look up, down and sideways: You can't forget to look around. There are always chances that you will be followed since your launch. So you should be aware of the first fight on the ground.

Get down and show up: Don't be afraid after landing. Do not hide. Planning a route to a box or contract can give you a good advantage over other players. Keep an eye out for instant fights that can happen in Call Of Duty Warzone.

Safety in numbers: the squad is the key to victory. Landing with your squadmates is very important, always try to land close to them. This allows you to deal with individual threats from other players. Remember to start contracts early in the game.

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