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Affected ESports Events: Coronavirus Concerns

Affected ESports Events: Coronavirus Concerns



Affected ESports Events: Coronavirus Concerns

ESports events around the world are getting affected due to the ever-increasing threat of coronavirus. After shocking E3 cancelation, here is a list of popular eSports events that will be either played-out in a smaller setting or postponed.

1. Apex Legends

Apex Legends Global Series was set to start on March 13th in Arlington Texas but is set back due to health concerns. A new date is still undetermined, but it will be announced here. However, the online part of the tournament that starts on March 21 st is still going to take place.

2. CS: GO

Bad news are also coming to Counter-Strike fanatics. FLASHPOINT league has just canceled playoffs set in April in Stockholm. ELS has also decided to play it safe by organizing ESL Pro League Season 11 completely online.

3. Call of Duty

Much to the dismay of fans, Activision Blizzard has decided to cancel all of the Call Of Duty League home series events. Instead, all of the matches will be played online and broadcasted to the fans. The official Twitter statement offers a sliver of hope, “Call of Duty League … will return to city-based competition in front of live audiences as soon s it is safe and logistically possible”.

This is surely another big blow for the company, as they also canceled Overwatch League just last week.

4. Dota 2

Valve and ESL have also delayed Los Angeles 2020 Dota 2 Major, due to a combination of circumstances caused by a coronavirus. In an official statement, ESL shared their thoughts: “We are deeply disappointed but believe this outcome is in the best interest of all of the people who make these incredible events possible.” New details will be shared here.

5. League of Legends

The competitions of Riot Games’ popular MOBA game are also affected. While the LoL LCS series has continued to play out without the audience, the LEC spring split has been postponed to an unknown date. LEC Spring Finals have been moved to Berlin and will play out without a live audience. Finally, the League of Legends Champions Korea tournament has also been suspended.

Affected ESports Events: League of Legends

Dozen of League of Legends events are getting affected (PC Gamer)

This is just a small chunk of all affected eSports events that keep on pilling up. We can only hope that the lockdown from coronavirus will pass quickly and that we can continue with both, our normal lives and gaming events.

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