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BioShock, Frostpunk & More Join PlayStation Now

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Joining the very top of the PlayStation Now circle is the complete BioShock collection, The Crew 2, Frostpunk and Surviving Mars. Following on from Sony's usual monthly pattern; games are loaded to the carousel for a set period of time and can be downloaded by any subscription user and added to a personal library. Of course, for a bargain price tag of $10 a month, it seems that settling for the cloud-based platform is the ultimate gift in itself these days. Plus, with triple-A contenders stepping up to join the service, we can't help but feel like we're the ones robbing Sony.

As you might've known, BioShock has indeed been included in the PS Now library for several months. Only, as of today, those classic editions have evolved into the next-gen definitive versions. That means you can access BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite with all the juicy DLC in a mouthwatering upgrade for the same price.

BioShock: The Collection - Launch Trailer | PS4

But wait — there's more…

Also, in case you're taking a break from Rapture in BioShock, you might want to swing by and check out Frostpunk; the sub-zero city-building survival hit. Unlike many simulators; Frostpunk ramps up the pressure and puts the lives of dozens in the palms of your frosty hands. With only a fraction of time to establish a home fit for an army of frozen citizens; Frostpunk makes every decision a delicate one, and every move feel thinner than the ice you tiptoe on.

Apart from the two survival heavy-hitters, you can also pick up The Crew 2 and Surviving Mars. Of course, The Crew 2 has received nothing but a positive backing since its debut launch back in 2018, and Surviving Mars has, well — kept the city building genre thriving. Both can now be enjoyed time and time again thanks to the rather generous PlayStation Now upgrade.

At present, we aren't entirely sure when the latest four games will be stripped from the platform. However, if going by past switches, then we're looking at around six months before the carousel moves again and they leave for good. So, do yourself a favour and get downloading. New adventures await!

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