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5 Best Games Like The Universim



A city under siege in City-Builder game The Universim.

City-Builder games give players almost unparalleled power over their game worlds. In doing so, players are able to craft entire histories, forge legacies, and create worlds wholly unique to them. Seeing your civilization being brought through various eras gives these games an inherent sense of progression. This is wonderful, as it provides these games with an intuitive concept, all while offering staggering amounts of depth. So, if you enjoy these titles, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Games Like The Universim

5. The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village - Launch Trailer

For players who enjoy the unmatched freedom that City-Building games offer, The Wandering Village is fantastic. For fans of more casual experiences with a stunning and gorgeous graphical style, this title gives players that and much more. While the game is currently in Steam‘s Early Access program, it offers a well-fleshed-out experience. The game features a palpable level of polish to it that players are sure to feel. The game takes place on the back of a massive, mythological creature that offers players a chance to lead their civilizations through history.

Each history feels uniquely crafted by the player through their choices and actions. This gives the player the idea that each of their decisions matters to the survival of their villages and their advancement as a whole. In terms of the amount of actions that players can take in the game, players have the ability to shape the futures of their villages. Players are also made to face the consequences if they make unwise decisions in the game. All around, The Wandering Village is not only one of the best games like The Universim but also a stellar title in its own right.

4. Spore

We are following up on our last wonderful entry with Spore. In terms of its sheer scale, Spore offers players control over the immersive, almost immeasurable world of space. Entire galaxies can be controlled by the player, giving each of their actions extraordinary weight. Choosing to ally yourself with particular nations can either lead to your ruin or immense success. This makes the game's high-and-lows feel wonderful to experience all the same. Whether you are clawing your way through difficult times or riding out an economic surplus, this game is great.

That said, players are able to break things down to the minute details. This gives every action a subsequent consequence, making every decision matter greatly. The game features varied biomes that players will need to adapt to. Everything from industry to resource management is at the player's fingertips. Each of the game's aspects has a way of reinforcing the player's ability to think ahead as well, which is phenomenal. In closing, Spore is one of the best games like The Universim, both in terms of scale and quality.

3. Frostpunk

Frostpunk | Official Launch Trailer

Our next entry is for players who enjoy the social control of games like The Universim. Frostpunk not only offers a gritty look at what ensuring the survival of entire civilizations can look like, but it does so in spectacular style. Additionally, for players who enjoy capturing every moment as crisply and cleanly as possible, the game features a stunning Photo mode. In doing so, players are able to immortalize their achievements, which also serves to make them unique to each player. The game focuses heavily on the ins and outs of running a society.

Players will have to confront things like diplomacy, law-making, and much more if they are to get ahead in the game. Balancing what kind of leader you wish to be is part of what makes this game so interesting to begin with. Players can even create synergized relationships across their societies. For example, if you wish to become a faith-based society, perhaps you will consider building your economy around this fact. No matter how you play, Frostpunk is a stellar city-building game and one of the best games like The Universim.

2. Against The Storm

Against the Storm - 1.0 Launch Trailer

We are continuing on with our list of the best games like The Universim with Against the Storm. For fans of more dark fantasy settings in their games, this title has you covered. Featuring all the mechanical depth that one is to expect from a city-building game with simulation elements, Against the Storm is simply phenomenal. Along the way, players will take on the role of Viceroy and ensure the survival of a varied population of creatures. In doing so, each of the player's decisions will slowly shape the world of the game in both gargantuan and minuscule ways.

This rewards players for not only planning out their decisions wisely. But also doing a great job of enforcing their consequences. For every good decision the player can make, there is an equally wrong decision. Each of these has ramifications that can be felt throughout the game. This makes it a title that is not only great for casual fans to jump into but also excellent for seasoned veterans who want to delve into something more profound. All around, Against the Storm is a fantastic city-building game for players to enjoy.

1. RimWorld

RimWorld Launch Trailer

Now comes the time for our final entry. Here, we have RimWorld. In terms of its mechanical depth and emphasis on industry, there is perhaps no better title on this list than RimWorld. Part of what makes RimWorld so unique is how its story is crafted. For those unaware, the game's narrative is created through the use of an AI storyteller. This storyteller influences not only the world that players will be inhabiting but also the effects and outcomes of the player's actions. This not only gives the game a near-infinite sense of replayability but leaves tons of room for creative instances to occur.

Along their journey, players will have to take care of their colonies. This can be rather immersive, as there are many mechanics in the game, some of which even affect individual NPCs. This means the player will have to monitor everyone and everything in order to succeed. This rewards the player's diligence and commitment to their decisions in the game as well. Players will have to learn to grow with their colonies, and that is what makes RimWorld so beautiful. In closing, RimWorld is one of the best games like The Universim.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like The Universim? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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