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5 Best Xbox Games for Achievement Hunters



For Xbox players, there are few feelings as satisfying as completing all of a game's achievements. This allows players to accumulate gamerscore to show off said achievements. This makes it well worthwhile for players to complete a game in its entirety. This has become somewhat of a hobby for more completion-inclined players to complete. So, to shed light on some of the best games for achievement hunting, please enjoy the 5 Best Xbox Games for Achievement Hunters.

5. Halo Wars

Starting off our list with a classic title, we have Halo WarsHalo Wars is one of the best games for Achievement Hunters for quite a few reasons. First, the game in and of itself doesn't take up a ton of playtime. Second, the player is in control of quite a few elements in the strategy game that make it easier to ensure success. And finally, the game's achievements are all, for the most part, rather attainable, even for novice players. This makes it a great game to begin your achievement-hunting journey.

For those unaware, Halo Wars is a title that takes the popular franchise into the real-time strategy space. Players will be put in control of many units on massive battlefields, that they will command to victory. There are several factions in the game, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each of these factions also does a great job of varying the gameplay and overall playstyle players will have to use. All in all, Halo Wars is a fantastic title and one of the best Xbox games for Achievement Hunters.

4. Halo: Master Chief CollectionVideo Game Trilogies You'll Love if You Enjoyed Shadowrun

Staying somewhat in the same vein, we have Halo: Master Chief Collection. This is a title that combines the greatest elements of the Halo franchise into one fantastic package. Players are able to play through all of the mainline Halo titles up until Halo 4. This is fantastic, as it offers players plenty of value for their money, as well as a great experience overall. Players can even complete activities to earn achievement points with friends. This makes completely completing the game rather easy, for those determined to do so.

The experience toward completion is also varied in quite a few ways. Players will have to find Skulls throughout the game's levels and perform various actions in order to earn achievements. This makes it so that the process of earning these things is intuitive, and often is something the player would do instinctively. Additionally, having a friend along for the ride also can make the journey feel less arduous, which is great. So, to close, Halo: Master Chief Collection is a fantastic game and one of the best Xbox games for Achievement Hunters.

3. Shadow of Mordor

Switching things up quite a bit for our next entry, we have Shadow of Mordor. This is a game that was highly praised for several reasons, including its combat, and Nemesis systems. For those unaware, this system essentially allowed enemy NPCs to take on a life of their own and form rivalries with the player. This was a rather novel idea at the time, but in hindsight, it is plain to see how genius of inclusion this is. The game itself has a gritty atmosphere, and perfectly encapsulates the more horrific elements of the universe.

Another fantastic aspect of the Nemesis system is the fact that it generates a different enemy every playthrough, this keeps it from getting stale. For Achievement Hunters, this game is also great due to the straightforwardness of its achievements. This means, that if a player were so inclined, and had the foreknowledge to do so, they can complete a 100% percent run of the game in one go. This is great for players who wish to save time and energy in their achievement hunting. To close, Shadow of Mordor is one of the Xbox games that is perfect for Achievement Hunters.

2. Sea of Thieves

For our next entry, we have a title that wonderfully captures the essence of adventure on the high seas. Sea of Thieves is a title that, despite receiving its fair share of criticism initially, has blossomed into a wonderful title. This game allows players to participate in a wealth of content, and even bring friends along for the ride. This is great, as there are few feelings as intrinsically satisfying as living a life on the high seas with friends. As far as achievement hunting goes, however, the game is also rather simple to complete.

In the game. players will be responsible for exploring vast oceans and finding treasures along the way. The game's simplistic gameplay loop makes it really approachable, even for beginner Achievement Hunters. For players who wish to dedicate their time, however, there is a shocking amount of things to do on the road to completion. This is great, as it allows players to enjoy the journey along the way a lot more. So, in conclusion, Achievement Hunters will no doubt love one of the best games on Xbox for hunting achievements.

1. Ravenlok

For our final entry on our list of the best Xbox games for Achievement Hunters, we have Ravenlok. While this is a title that many players might overlook, there is something special here, and definitely some great achievements to unlock. Ravenlok is an action RPG that has a distinct art style as well as a gameplay format that makes it stand out among other games on the platform. The atmosphere of the game is one that manages to perfectly balance the whimsical and deranged, which is great.

Players will move throughout the game's vibrant world and make their way through the game's beautifully designed levels. This is also an accessible title for novice Achievement Hunters, as well. This is due to the pick-up and playability that this game has. There are a total of fifty achievements for players to collect throughout their playtime. This is a respectable, but not overwhelming number that most players will be able to accomplish. So, in closing, Ravenlok is a fantastic title that Achiegment Hunters should definitely have on their radar.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Xbox Games for Achievement Hunters? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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