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5 Games like Sea of Thieves

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5 games like sea of thieves

Let's admit it – oceans are mysterious and fascinating. In the real world too, the oceans remain largely unexplored. Voyages across the mysterious waters and the constant smell of adventure in the salty air are surely enticing themes for video games. And of course, Pirates of the Caribbean makes the whole sea adventure thing look cool.

Sea of Thieves by Rare is exciting. You step into the shoes of a pirate and command a ship. The open-world feels liberating – you get to take your ship wherever you want and complete voyages. The FPP game is set in a shared universe, so you'll encounter other players in the game. You can form alliances or shoot the players with cannonballs.

Of course, there are several other video games that venture into the deep, blue sea and bring all the thrill to your console. If you love Sea of Thieves, we've got more exciting games for you. We took that deep dive into the internet and got the best underwater games.

Top 5 Games like Sea of Thieves to Check Out

Here's where to dive!

5. Beyond Blue

beyond blue similar to sea of thieves

Beyond Blue puts you in the flippers of Mirai, a marine biologist of the Western Pacific ocean, and delves you deep into the underwater realm. A group of scientists including Mirai’s family studied and cataloged the family of whales, whilst documenting her journey in finding and observing underwater creatures.

The Animation and aesthetic of the game seem very pleasing to the eye. Swimming around in your high-tech diving suit is almost a peaceful activity. You have to scan new species of aquatic life and collect samples around the region. The game provides you with eight different dive locations which feel like eight chapters telling a tale with each dive.

Each of the eight regions gives the player a new underwater environment to explore or to move forward in the storyline. Some off sides of the game would be the lack of interactions and the repetitiveness of the scanning and diving. But Beyond Blue is a rather honest approach to sea diving.


4. Breakwaters


Breakwaters seems like a typical island survival game. But don't let that stereotype fool you. There's something enthralling about the way a giant sea titan attacks you with deadly laser beams. So no, it's not just you camping out on a lonely island trying to survive. After spawning on a random set of islands, your primary objectives are to explore your surroundings, collect resources, and manage health and hunger. You'll also have to fend off the creatures you encounter in your exploration.

You can craft walls and make different kinds of benches like a workbench, builder's bench, cooking, bench, and much more. Use the resources to establish a territory by making a defensive stronghold. The other objective of the game is using the colored sea crystals to solve puzzles with the main goal of taking control of large rocky titans. Players can collect a lot of items like treasure maps, and gold coins that are needed to progress through the game.

Witnessing a water titan emerge through water and attack is visually breathtaking. Breakwaters gives you a taste of survival and exploration with a lot of building elements to always keep you on your creative side. It is an amazing game to dive in alone or with your squad of four survivors. Co-op surely is much more fun and helpful to survive more efficiently with three other people to help but that is what makes clearing the game in the single-player mode so challenging.


3. King of Seas

king of seas
King of Seas is a naval-based ARPG but with an engaging storyline. Right at the start, you can either choose to be a prince or a princess. In any case, some misfortunes set you off on a journey into the world of pirates. Players will spend most of their time looking at their ship from a bird's-eye view as they explore the sea and fight other ships.

One of the unique elements of this game is the ability to use magic spells during battles. Some may find it slightly unrealistic but battles are a lot more fun this way. You can pick from five types of ships – sloop, brig, flute, frigate, and galleon. Each one has its pros and cons, from having more cannons to being more agile on the waters.

Many interactive items like small chests or sunken ships provide players with a lot of random loot. After about 7-8 hours of gameplay, the game unlocks the ability for the player to battle and capture the towns around the whole map. There are a few flaws mainly minor bugs and the inability to move the camera. But aside from that, King of Seas has its own drama and fun that pirate fans will love. If you liked Sea of Thieves, then you might like King of Seas too.


2. Subnautica

Subnautica is the first time players get to explore an open-world game, just like the Sea of Thieves. But most of its “open-world” is underwater. From the very beginning of the game, Subnautica is a masterpiece. The story, the animation, the character voice lines, and the game physics, are all crafted to perfection.

As a player, your ship crash lands on an alien planet and you are the sole survivor stuck in an emergency pod in the middle of the ocean. You're accompanied by an AI that initially shows you the way. You learn to hunt for resources, craft items, build a base, make vehicles, and more. You also get to explore various biomes and creatures which may sometimes be aggressive.

Subnautica also has taken underwater pressure as a major game mechanic. This makes crafting, upgrading, and pretty much everything more challenging. For scavenging items, the game encourages players to explore crash sites and scan them. Each biome is different and home to unique creatures. The perfectly scripted story complements the aesthetics and mechanics of the game well.


1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

assassin's creed iv black flag
Set in 1915, Ubisoft has encompassed the Golden Age of Piracy giving the player the true spirit of being a wild pirate with a lust for glory and gold. The story is set as a prequel to Assassin’s Creed 3, about a pirate named Edward Kenway who stumbles into the age-old conflict between two secret factions, Assassins and Templars.

Apart from the usual Assassin’s Creed storyline about stopping the antagonists using precursor technology for world domination, Edward’s storyline is more wild and free showing the pirate life of wars, parties, and plunder. The game gives the player one of the biggest single-player maps of the decade to roam around having action-packed ship battles with the most realistic details.

Even after a good 50 hours into the game player’s still find a lot to do in the game. You can take up contracts, battle legendary ships, loot underwater treasures, harpoon shares, and much more. If you ever dreamed of being in Pirates of the Caribbean movies, AC4 might be your getaway to it.


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