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There are few feelings in gaming as satisfying as outsmarting or outplaying an opponent. Couple this with the intense knowledge-based combat of fighting games, and you have the formula for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. This game allows players to engage in fierce battles using various martial arts styles. This high-octane game has spawned several games like it since its inception. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best PvP Games Like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

5. For Honor

Starting off with a title that, following a rather rocky start, was heralded by much hype, then confusion. For Honor has had a rocky road to success. While now, as it stands currently, many of the community's issues have been addressed in the game, at launch, this wasn't the case. The game launched with a measly amount of content, as well as some of the worst class balancing we have seen in a PvP-focused game. That isn't to say things were all bad, however. For Honor did feature a base framework that, for the most part, worked really well once players got over the learning curve.

At the time of launch, many abilities of certain classes were considered overpowered. These included things such as the Nobushi's ability to inflict bleed damage that would leave opponents dead in a matter of seconds. Issues such as these have since been rectified by the developer, who has pretty much breathed new life back into the game. As it stands right now, For Honor holds one of the best PvP experiences you can experience on a scale similar to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

4. Mordhau

Mordhau is a game that is extremely comfortable in the era it depicts, as well as how well it depicts it. Featuring massive castle sieges, and intense, gory gameplay, Mordhau is not for the faint of heart. The scale of these battles is pretty massive, being held in groups of 64vs64 battles. This gives the player a feeling that they are contributing to their team's victory with every little action they take. Luckily enough, for players who have yet to master the learning curve, you can learn combat in offline mode, which is a fantastic feature.

The game also does a fantastic job of setting its battles in places that feel real. When you are sieging castles or defending helms, it's done in such a way that it is entirely believable. The steep learning curve might appear rather daunting to some. But this is the same element of the game that makes it feel all the more rewarding when you succeed. So if you are interested in PvP-focused games such as NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, then definitely give this game a try. You surely won't be disappointed.

3. Gloria Victis

Switching things up quite a bit yet somehow staying on theme, we have Gloria VictisGloria Victis is quite different from other entries on this list in that it is an MMORPG. With that being said, this means that there is a much heavier emphasis on both character creation and character identity within the world of the game. One element of this game that makes it stand out among others is its approach to how battles are won and how that translates throughout the game's world.

For example, players can choose to be a blacksmith and, perhaps, after winning a hard-fought battle. They can earn more resources to craft for their faction. This gives this game a feeling that the massive battles you participate in hold a ton of weight. Set in a low fantasy world, players are able to immerse themselves more in the grittiness of Gloria Victis‘s reality. So while the game primarily is PvP focused, there are also PvE elements to the game, such as dungeons. So if you are looking for a PvP game with a twist, check out Gloria Victis.

2. We Who Are About To Die

This next entry is also a title that has its own distinct identity. And this is despite being combat-based like other entries on this list. We Who Are About To Die is a game that primarily focuses on gladiatorial combat. Where other games in this genre seem to settle on the worlds of knights and samurai, this game has a distinct vision with its setting. Currently, in Steam's Early Access program, the game has a ton of work that can be done. The beauty of the Early Acess system is you get to see games build themselves up and flourish from the ground up.

While the game does not currently hold multiplayer support on its own, the game's community has already modded multiplayer for the game. This is great as it will allow players to experience intense and difficult combat with friends. So while the PvP battles such as NARAKA: BLADEPOINT might be a bit far off. The game is building and growing to that point. And it will be interesting to see how its development is handled. So if you are looking for PvP games with massive battles, check this title out so when multiplayer officially releases. You hopefully will have the skill to join.

1. Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is an absolutely massive success. The game sees players sieging castles and typically causing medieval mayhem. Featuring a fully-fleshed out mount system, you can even engage enemies on horseback. This adds quite a bit of variety to the gameplay, which on its own is fantastic. In addition, the game features over thirty unique weapons for the player to get familiar with and master. This gives the game quite a bit of longevity to learn it all.

For players who are worried about not being able to play with friends, this game has you covered with crossplay compatibility. This is great as it means that groups won't have to split up based on their preferred system. So if you are looking for a PvP experience that you can truly sink your teeth into, like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, this game should be right up your alley. All in all, Chivalry 2 is one of the most fantastic PvP games, like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, on the market today.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best PvP Games Like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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