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5 Best Games Like For Honor

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For Honor: Marching Fire Edition recently hit a new market, giving the brutally difficult faction a second wind among action-loving gamers. Its roots, however, date way back to 2017, a year that produced some of the biggest hits in gaming, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, and Assassin's Creed: Origins. In the midst of these overpowering titles, of course, idled the third-person fighter, For Honor, a game that went on to crack over a million players across multiple platforms.

Five years later, and For Honor still holds its arms open to a wealthy roster of players, both new and old. The question is, which games have helped fill the gaps between sessions, and which are still worth playing alongside For Honor in 2022? Well, here's how we see the food chain at the time of writing.


5. Hellish Quart

Hellish Quart - Trailer 3

Hellish Quart is an ideal choice for those who enjoy the physics side of For Honor, as well as take great pleasure in outsmarting their opponents in a duel. Similar to the Ubisoft-led title, players must embark on a series of 1v1 sword fights, using precision to one-up each opponent and scramble to the apex of the local multiplayer world.

Although the fencing game is currently sitting in its early access state, it does boast quite a number of features, both in its online and offline modes. With a wide roster of 17th century characters, an arsenal of broadswords, rapiers, and sabers, it stands out as a needle in a haystack—one that we haven't seen in broad daylight since Bushido Blade came out in 1997.


4. Mount & Blade (Series)

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord - Gameplay Trailer

Mount & Blade is a third-person action role-playing series, one that sees you siding with a faction and engaging in numerous historic battles across the fantastical continent of Calradia. As one of two types of warrior, you must traverse an extensive open-world playground in search of daring battles and heroic opportunities, using strategy to form and fight alongside an army of your own design.

Of course, with Mount & Blade, you can start anywhere you please, as there isn't really a story as such. It's action gameplay in its rawest format, and it provides plenty of stepping stones for you to choose from as you carve your way across one of the predefined battlefields. So, if you want close-quartered combat with plenty of bang for your buck, then look no further.


3. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima - Official Cinematic Reveal "The Ghost" Trailer | The Game Awards 2019

Ghost of Tsushima may favor a more story-driven experience over a belt and braces combat scenario, but it does a pretty stand-up job of the few duels it does employ. And boy, if you're wanting more depth and heart with each and every encounter, then you'll definitely find it with The Ghost in the war-torn isle of Tsushima.

Not only is Sucker Punch's mighty action role-playing game a visually stunning masterpiece in motion, but a well-oiled machine of a fighting experience, one that has a wide variety of stylish moves and executions. Once meshed together, it provides you with a cinematic edge, one that you yourself get to sit in the front row for from curtain to curtain. Sunsets, petals, blades, and a whole lot of heart: four basic ingredients used to construct each and every battle.


2. Absolver

Absolver - Reveal Trailer

Absolver may not look threatening at face value, but its interior features a difficulty curve similar to the one in For Honor, no thanks to its complex but incredibly rewarding combat system. Once mastered, however, Absolver delivers two smoking barrels worth of riveting battles, all of which can be approached with a fully customizable palette of strikes, parries, and feints.

Sloclap may have since moved on to the likes of other martial arts-themed worlds such as Sifu, but Absolver's online player base is still alive and kicking, which just goes to show that there is still a major interest in the genre. And so, before tucking into the world of Sifu or any current-gen fighting flicks, be sure to kick it with one of the OGs from 2017. It's worth it, so long as you don't mind spending a few days getting used to its mechanics.


1. Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 - Accolades Trailer | PS5, PS4

Chivalry 2, or just Chivalry in general, is a first-person action role-playing game that narrows its scope on epic 64-player battles that ooze gore, honor, and glory. Using a mixture of melee weapons that range from sledgehammers to battle axes, players can wage war on epic fronts and make new versions of history, where every tale is drawn from blood and ambition.

After you choose your starting faction, one being the Agatha Knights, and the other being the Mason Order, you can join between 40 and 64 other players out on the frontline. From there, you can keep it traditional and by the book, or just wage war with a rolling pin and a turkey leg. It's entirely your call, and it doesn't matter if you're the most skilled combatant on the field, because, like For Honor, there's a learning curve that only gets more rewarding with each passing brawl. It's sticking it out long enough to reap what you sow that's the challenge.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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