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5 Best Multiplayer Games Like Deceive, Inc.



Recently launched out of Steam's Early Access program, Deceive, Inc. It is a game that has few games to compare it to. The game is based on both deduction skills, as well as FPS gameplay. This makes for a unique combination that makes the game stand out. However, we feel a few games are in the same vein as Deceive, Inc. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Multiplayer Games Like Deceive, Inc.

5. Rust

Starting off our list with an entry that incorporates the social aspect of multiplayer games like Deceive Inc., we have RustRust is a massively multiplayer title in which players will have to fight their way to survival against other players. This typically leads players to use subterfuge to get by in the game. Players will be able to horde resources and make it as hard as possible for other players to survive in this harsh world. While not stellar, the gunplay in the game is undoubtedly serviceable for the survival situations you are put in.

Players will also have to contend with the elements within this game, as there are many different factors to ensure survival. Players can even form alliances and draw battle lines if they so choose. This is where the majority of the game's social aspects come into play. The servers on Rust are also typically run by the community, which makes it a rather tight-knit group of players. While the learning curve may be steep, there are few feelings as satisfying as finally learning the ropes in this grueling game. Simply put, Rust is one of the best multiplayer games like Deceive Inc.

4. Rainbow Six: Siege

For players who enjoy the team-based gameplay, as well as the character-driven roster of games like Deceive Inc., Rainbow Six: Siege is a fantastic pick. Players are able to choose from a number of operators and duke it out on close-quarters maps to see who is superior. In addition, players will have a number of different gadgets they can use to outwit their opponent. This aspect makes the games rather similar in this way. The sound design in the game is also top-notch and allows players to pinpoint player locations using only their sound footprint.

The team play that exists within Rainbow Six: Siege is something that is rarely seen in the modern AAA space. Players are encouraged to work together in order to complete a number of objectives. The game has an insanely quick time to kill, meaning that players will have to be exceedingly careful with their movements and coordinate with their team. In closing, Rainbow Six: Siege encourages teamplay much in the same way as multiplayer games such as Deceive, Inc.


For our next entry, we have a game that, while being a tad bit older than other entries on this list, is no slouch when it comes to multiplayer gaming. PAYDAY 2 is a game that requires communication and teamwork. The game allows players to pull off stunning Hollywood-esque heists. This makes for a great feeling when playing the game, especially if you work together alongside your team. There are quite a few elements of the game that have been greatly improved since the original PAYDAY.

For example, the gunplay has been completely revamped in order to bring the player the most visceral and fun experience. The game also allows players to modify their weapons in any way that they see fit. This goes a long way in supporting player agency and supporting different playstyles. Being that this game is a tad bit on the older side, there is a wealth of content that has been released for the game, so if you are looking for multiplayer games like Deceive, Inc., Certainly don't forget about this fantastic title.

2. Rogue Company

For players who enjoy a cartoony art style and frantic FPS gameplay, then Rogue Company is a great choice. While flying quite a bit under the radar, this free-to-play title has plenty of content to offer players. In addition, the game varies its team sizes as well, meaning that players are able to tailor their experience to be whatever they wish at the time. There are also a rotating amount of game modes to choose from, so if you aren't satisfied with the typical offerings, perhaps these will tickle your fancy.

This title also greatly supports cross-platform play and progression. This means that regardless of where you choose to play Rogue Company, your progress is being saved. This is great and takes quite a bit of weight off the player's shoulders. The gameplay of the game is also fast-paced, meaning that the learning curve and the round times are relatively short, making this an extremely accessible title. So if you are looking for a free-to-play FPS game that embraces multiplayer elements similar to games like Deceive, Inc., Definitely check out Rogue Company.

1. Team Fortress 2

Games Like Overwatch

The next entry on our list should come as little to no surprise for players of the FPS genre. Team Fortress 2 is one of the games that pioneer the team-based gameplay that we see in multiplayer games such as Deceive, Inc. This game has stood the test of time due to its strong mechanics and outstanding community. And the multiple mods that players can get for the game. Which offers a wealth of base content in the game. Players can even enjoy the classic game modes on offer, such as King of the Hills and others.

So if you haven't had the chance to jump into Team Fortress 2, now is a great time to do so. If you are a fan of teamplay mechanics as well as an art style that never ages, then this is a great game for you. To close, Team Fortress 2 is a game that accomplishes what many multiple games such as Deceive, Inc. Seek to accomplish, that being longevity and, simply put, a fantastic player experience. So again, if you haven't jumped into the game yet, then now is a wonderful time to do so.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Multiplayer Games Like Deceive, Inc.? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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