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Rainbow Six Siege: What Year 7 Season 1 Has in Store for Operation Demon Veil



Ubisoft has just announced the new changes that will be coming to Rainbow Six Seige for Year 7 Season 1. The new operation is called Demon Veil and has made some major changes such as a new defensive operator, map, and game mode.

The only new fresh face to Year 7 Season 1 is a Japanese defender known as Azami. Her weapon set will feature the 9x19VSN submachine gun and the ACS12 shotgun as her preferred weapons of choice. Along with this, she will carry a D-50 Desert Eagle for her sidearm. Her main gadget is a throwable Kunai knife-shaped Kiba Barrier that can be used on almost every surface. Upon impact, it will expand to create a bulletproof barrier of foam that is great for covering up peak holes, blocking entry points, and providing extra cover.

Rainbow Six Siege Emerald Plains Map

New Map, Game Mode, and Notable Changes

After three years, Rainbow Six Siege is finally adding a new map known as Emerald Plains. The new map is a part of the siege pool of maps and will release mid-season. The map is a country club set in Ireland and consists of two floors and roof access for attackers. The new map will also be added to competitive so it will be good to familiarize yourself with it before jumping right in.

Rainbow Six Siege has added Team Deathmatch as the new mode to Operation Demon Veil. At launch, Team Deathmatch will only offer three maps, Theme Park, Favela, and Villa. Both attacking and defending operators can be chosen, the only exception is shield mains like Tushonka will not be playable.

Some other notable changes are that all 1X sights are being made universal for all operators. And, the Attacker Repick will allow players to change their attacker during the prep phase. A very useful addition to adjusting your team's composition after scouting during the drone phase.

So what are your thoughts on the new changes for Operation Demon Veil? Let us know in the comments below!

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