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5 Best Melee Weapons in World War Z: Aftermath



World War Z: Aftermath sets a tone similar to that of Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead: chaotic, violent, and absurdly entertaining beyond belief. Similar to its lookalikes, the episodic adventure is broken up into several four-player acts, in which each player must band together to complete objectives and eliminate swarms of flesh-eating zombies. Its primary goal is very much the same, and almost cliché at this point: to survive, and to find a route leading out of the world you're in.

Like in any third-person shooter that revolves around oversized swarms and suicide missions, quality weapons are key to surviving. Melee weapons, too, have their uses, and can even get you out of certain sticky situations when you're low on ammo or backed into a corner. And so, if you yourself are searching for the best loadout in the game, then be sure to locate and utilize these five best performing melee weapons.

5. Wakizashi

The Wakizashi is a medium-sized traditional Japanese sword that has the power to slice through zekes like a hot knife through butter. Add the fact that it's lightning quick and fully capable of pushing back a wide range of enemies, and it solidifies its place as the perfect accomplice to just about any survivors' inventory.

Finding the Wakizashi shouldn't be overly difficult, especially if you're one for exploring the nooks and crannies of any dark and treacherous biome with plenty of storage space. If you do happen to find one laying about, then do yourself a favor and bag it for your loadout, as it will help you drive back the swarms a lot quicker than most fully-auto weapons in your primary and secondary slots.

4. Dual Sickles

World War Z Aftermath is no stranger to dual-wielding, which of course bodes well for those who enjoy prioritizing melee combat over ranged combat. A perfect example of a solid all-in-one melee weapon here would be the sickle. Or better yet, the dual sickles, two slick and surprisingly deadly blades that can deliver super fast attacks while using only a minor portion of your stamina.

The sickles may not be the most effective melee weapons to use when up against, say, a Bull or a Bomber, but they are definitely powerful tools to use in swarms and other close-quartered areas. So, if you're after some fairly light blades that can perform on cue, then the dual sickles are a fantastic choice for your loadout. That is, providing you can beat your teammates to them.

3. Dual Cleavers

As far as dual weapons go, the cleavers are absolute beasts out in the fray. When combined, wielders can replenish their melee stamina by cutting down just five enemies, which means you can basically go to town on a swarm without ever losing your swing. Plus, they also have the raw power to annihilate zekes in a single hit, which alone makes them worth scouting out and bolting on to your inventory.

The dual cleavers were added to World War Z in the Aftermath update. You can find the cleavers in mostly cold storage areas, or in warehouses, mostly throughout the levels on any given episode. They're not particularly rare, but they can be a little tougher to find than some of the other light melee weapons.

2. Tomahawk

The tomahawk was added to World War Z in the Biohazard Weapon Pack DLC. Like a few other medium-sized melee weapons, there are several perks to having one in your inventory. First and foremost, the tomahawk gives its wielder a health boost for every five kills they acquire. This and this alone gives the one using it an immediate advantage in tougher battles, which also means they can tank at the front of the pack without onboarding too much damage.

Another reason for the tomahawk's popularity is its ability to defeat zekes in one hit. Add the fact that it also delivers a pretty strong pushback, and you've got yourself all the qualities of a strong and perfectly cutthroat blade. Will you and your team be fighting for it if you see one pop up? Absolutely. And guess what? You have every reason to, as it's hands down the best medium-sized melee weapon in the entire game.

1. Chainsaw

It comes as no surprise, to be honest, seeing a chainsaw rank the highest. It is fully capable of driving back a Bull, after all, which not only makes it one of the most effective melee weapons in the game, but one of the most effective weapons, in general. Plus, it doesn't have any negative side effects, like, for example, setting off car alarms or gas cylinders on impact. It is, in short, the perfect and most powerful weapon in World War Z: Aftermath, period.

There's no special requirements for unlocking the chainsaw, other than simply progressing through the episodes and doing your best to unearth one. Chances are, you'll spot one in the third or fourth levels in an episode, usually in the build up to the final stand. So, if you happen to spot one, then be sure to pick it up before your other teammates. Or, if you're well stocked up on ammo for your primary and secondary weapons, then consider giving it to one of your weaker allies to help give them the advantage in battle.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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