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Best Higgledies in Ni no Kuni II, Ranked

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Best Higgledies in Ni no Kuni II, Ranked

Higgledies aren’t just soft, cuddly little buddies. Don’t let their cuteness fool you. These Ni no Kuni II companions can get rather ruthless in battle. In fact, they’re pretty useful creatures to tag along with you, so much so that Ni no Kuni II tasks players with collecting as many as 100 higgledies, all spread across Nevermore. 

Part of the higgledies' charm, at least during battle, is their diverse abilities. You’ll find all sorts of higgledies, including more artillery, healers, enemy debuffs, and more. When you collect a set of matching higgledies, you receive a small aura boost that can amplify your elemental attack or defense strategies. 

Passively, higgledies may still remain active during battle, and can generally make the difference between winning or losing. So, then, how can you make the most out of using higgledies in battle? Which higgledies are a must-have to increase your chances of winning? Here are the best higgledies in Ni no Kuni II to start.

5. Runcible the Righteous

[Ni No Kuni 2] Higgledy #1 - Runcible the Righteous

Runcible the Righteous is a special higgledy with a shy personality. That means you’ll need to balance your higgledy party’s personality out with an aggressive or eccentric member(s). Anyway, don’t let its shyness fool you.   

Runcible the Righteous is a pretty powerful higgledy to have by your side. He can summon other lesser higgledies to help you mid-battle. Plus, trigger field effects, too. Runcible the Righteous has “Scrap, Scrap” abilities that can increase your attack power. It also has “There, There,” which restores your HP.

Oh, there’s more. Runcible can summon a large cannon to help inflict more damage on enemies. Plus, it offers the “Sonic Tonic,” which is an awakened ability that allows you to emit shockwaves. The shockwaves either stun or knock down enemies. Either way, you get an impressive advantage that leaves you wondering what in the world Runcible can’t do.

To get Runcible the Righteous, simply save Auntie Martha from a wyvern. She’ll be grateful to you and gift you your first higgledy in return.

Location: Auntie Martha's Cottage near Ding Dong Dell

Item Required: Save Auntie Martha near her home

Item Locations: None

4. Boss-Woss the Bruiser 

NI NO KUNI 2 Boss-Woss the Brusier higgledy guide with map location

With three to four higgledies party members you can recruit to help you in battle, Boss-Woss the Bruiser is an essential team member you won’t want to miss. Particularly because he has impressive abilities to induce Rock Shock.

To use rock shock, you’ll need to awaken Boss-Woss the Bruiser. Then, the character you currently control will be able to use Rock Shock’s ability to stun enemies mid-battle. Stunning enemies is a popular way to deal consecutive damage at close range without worrying about incoming attacks.

In addition to rock shock, Boss-Woss the Bruiser also adds reliable attack boosts, armor debuffs, and “fight, fight!” to his repertoire. All you need is to enter the shrine that time forgot, find the first room, then proceed to another room to find Boss-Woss the Bruiser’s stone on the far end of the room’s wall. Remember to carry with you a bolt eagle feather for the exchange.

Location: Shrine That Time Forgot, West of Broadleaf

Item Required: Bolt Eagle Feather

Item Locations: Nazcaa/Belly of the Beast

3. Tove the Tenebrous

[Ni No Kuni 2] Higgledy #90 - Tove the Tenebrous

If you’re the type to unleash all hell on opponents, dealing as much damage as possible and throwing all defense care to the wind, you might want to take on Tove the Tenebrous. This higgledy is especially useful for his “plunge” ability. 

You’ll need to activate the plunge attack, to unleash a sudden gravitational opposite. Essentially, any enemies on the field will instantly turn upside down and likely die as a result of roughly 2k+ damage. That includes any flying monsters you may have difficulty reaching.

It’s a useful ability when there are more enemies than you can manage. Use it as a crowd-control measure, or to take enemies by surprise. Or, just deal thousands of immense hits to none-the-wiser opponents.

To get Tove the Tenebrous, you’ll need to check out Wyvern’s Den while coursing through the story. Follow the den’s path, then turn right to find the Tove the Tenebrous stone latched to the corner of the wall. Make sure to have some single cream for the exchange.

Location: Wyvern’s Den

Item Required: Single Cream

Item Locations: Calmlands/Unsung Shrine

2. Popple the Pure

NI NO KUNI 2 Popple the Pure higgledy guide with map location

Popple the Pure is one awesome higgledy to have in your corner. Its normal abilities are pretty grand on their own. It has an AOE heal and the “There, There” ability that restores your HP. 

However, Popple the Pure takes a step further to allow you to summon a friggin’ knight from stone. And then, another step further, it will allow you to use its “Crit Hit!” chance skill.

The “Crit Hit!” is an awakened skill that helps you deal critical hits to enemies. Critical hits induce fatal damage to opponents while at the same time spicing up the fight.

At the Jumblewoods entrance, head on farther until you reach a dead end. You should see the Popple the Pure stone against the wall. Make sure to bring a slumber gull feather with you for the exchange.

Location: Jumblewoods, south of Evermore, then west

Item Required: Slumbergull Feather

Item Locations: Pinwheel Flats/East Wood

1. Vorpal the Volcanic

NI NO KUNI 2 Vorpal the Volcanic higgledy guide and map location

With Vorpal the Volcanic, you get access to “More, More, More!” This is a higgledy passive ability that’s a variation from the more commonly used “More, More!” The difference between the two is their strength, where “More, More, More!” gives you stronger debuffs to Vorpal the Volcanic’s existing abilities.

It’s a neat perk you can count on, regardless of your playstyle. That adaptive feature is useful when you need a higgledy simply to enhance your skills. Plus, it’s passive, meaning the buff remains active whether you’re engaged in a defense, attack, or need healing. To wrap up Vorpal the Volcanic’s necessity on the battlefield, add its additional magical attack boosts and the “Higgledy Blaze.”

Find Vorpal the Volcanic in the sunshade shrine at the far end, and, as always, bring a sunnysmile cotton for the exchange.

Location: Sunshade Shrine, south of Broadleaf

Item Required: Sunnysmile Cotton

Item Locations: Wondrous Bazaar/Faraway Cave

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best higgledies in Ni no Kuni II? Are there more best higgledies we should know about? Do let us know over on our socials here.

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