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Best Gems & Rare Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley



Money (or Star Coins, in this case) isn’t as easy to come by as you’d think — even in Disney Dreamlight ValleyIt is, however, relatively easy to snowball into something even greater, especially when it comes to finding new ways to flesh out your village with fresh innovations and elegant designs. And there are ways, of course, to harvest just enough coin to start making these visions of grandeur jolt to life, which can make your time in the Valley a whole lot more worthwhile. The question is, which rarities will grant you passage to such a world, and how do you go about gaining all the right gems needed to flip an actual profit?

Best Gems

Types of gemstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Tourmaline can be identified by their bubblegum pink rock formations—a color that’s rarely found in any other biome in the Valley, weirdly enough. It’s also one of the most valuable gemstones, too, as it retails for 420 Star Coins. The only downside to acquiring such a rare gem is that they don’t sprout up all that often — hence the status.

To get ahold of the pink jewel, you’ll need to head over to Frozen Heights—a biome located in the northeast corner of the Valley. Note that, while the gemstone can be available around the clock, you will first need to fork over 10,000 Dreamlight to banish the Night Thorns barricading the gateway to the region. You will also need to bridge the gaps between Frozen Heights and The Plaza, which means unlocking Forest of Valor for 3,000 Dreamlight. Alternatively, you can scrub through Sunlit Plateau, yet another biome that houses the gemstone.


If you’ve managed to unlock the Sunlit Plateau biome, then you’ll want to head over towards the Vitalys Mine—a relatively small but ore-packed pocket that just so happens to contain the Ruby. If you can snag the red gemstone, then you’ll have the chance to sell it for 1,000 Star Coins. Alternatively, you can gift it to one of your villagers, which will, in turn, reward you with a large amount of XP towards the next Friendship Level.

To reach the Vitalys Mines, you will first need to remove the Night Thorns from the Sunlit Plateau biome for 7,000 Dreamlight. You can access this region directly from The Plaza, just to the left of your home and the town square.


The diamond is, of course, the Holy Grail of gemstones, as well as the golden ticket to living a lavish lifestyle out in the Valley. Although fairly tough to get ahold of, a single diamond can net you somewhere in the ballpark of 600 Star Coins, making it one of the most valuable items in all of Dreamlight Valley. It’s also one of the most popular gemstones, too, as it has the flexibility to be made into various pieces of sparkling furniture.

To get a diamond, you will need to venture up north—to the Forgotten Lands, at which point you will need to sacrifice the hefty admission fee of 15,000 Dreamlight to gain access. You will also need to pass through the Sunlit Plateau, which means you’ll also need an additional 7,000 Dreamlight to complete the journey.


Another reason for setting out to unlock the Sunlit Plateau biome is to boost your chances of mining Sapphire—a rare jewel that can net you upwards of 1,000 Star Coins at any of Goofy’s Stores. Like the common Ruby, the Sapphire emits an elegant glow, and can be identified by its bright blue color and overall radiance.

To find a Sapphire, you will of course need to branch out from The Plaza and head north, through the Sunlight Plateau—a biome that costs 7,000 Dreamlight to visit. You will find the rare gemstone within the depths of the Vitalys Mines.

Shiny Gems

If you’re out and about and aren’t entirely sure which gemstone to harvest, then you could just make a habit out of mining anything that emits a colorful aura. If you’re feeling lucky, then you might just stumble across a Shiny Diamond, or a Shiny Sapphire—two of several types of gems that are worth double, triple, and often quadruple the amount of the original jewel. For example, where a common diamond will net you 600 Star Coins, a Shiny Diamond will reward you with a whopping 2,400 Star Coins.

Unfortunately, acquiring such rarities does come at a cost: a grind — and one that’ll involve hopping between biomes dozens of times over, too. To set the record straight, Shiny Gems do have unfairly low drop rates, which means you’ll need to chip away at any rock cluster you find around the Valley several times over in order to increase your chances. For the best odds, aim to mine in the Forgotten Lands, as it’s known for its rarer jewels and resources.

Best Flower

Forgotten Lands


The rarest flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the nasturtium, which can the found in the Forgotten Lands. On average, it spawns three times per visit, and resets every forty minutes. Granted, it won’t make you filthy rich, as it only retails for 60 Star Coins per flower, but it will, however, give you something to do between diamond runs around the Forgotten Lands and its connecting biomes.

Best Fish


The Anglerfish is the rarest and best all-round energy-boosting breed in Dreamlight Valley, as it not only has the nutrients needed to restore 2,000 Energy Points, but also a value of 1,500 Star Coins. So, while you could certainly make bank on diamonds and sapphires, you should definitely set aside enough time to fish out on the docks and at the local fishing spots.

As it stands, the only place you can obtain Anglerfish is in the Forgotten Lands, in the ponds that generate the orange ripples. Again, you will need to travel through Sunlit Plateau to reach the biome, which will cost a total of 22,000 Dreamlight.


So, what’s your take? Have you managed to flip a profit in Disney Dreamlight Valley yet? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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