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All Biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Ranked



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There’s an enormous amount to unearth in the magical biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley—a life and farming simulation game that, like a lot of pay-to-progress IPs, requires its users to fork over an in-game currency to unlock new areas and characters. As it turns out, there are quite a few zones to unlock in the Village, all of which require Dreamlight—the local currency that’s earned either by completing Quests or other duties—to unlock.

So, which biomes should you unlock first, and why? Well, if you are just starting out in the field of agricultural production and conservation, then be sure to hold onto your accrued Dreamlight and save it for these following areas. If you can help it, aim to build enough of the in-game currency to be able to purchase the top three as early on as possible.

8. Peaceful Meadow

The Peaceful Meadow doesn’t boast all that much as far as extracurricular activities go. Sure, there’s a few fishing spots, and a couple of rock clusters to mine jewels out of, but other than that, there just isn’t a lot to explore. That said, as it is indeed home to one of Goofy’s primary stalls, it does make for a good spot to harvest new seeds and materials for future farming endeavors, which of course means you’ll need to unlock it as soon as the funds are available. Aside from that, though, there isn’t that much to experience, so if you find yourself torn between Night Thorns, then perhaps consider taking an alternate route.

7. The Plaza

The Plaza is, of course, the heart and soul of the village, and not to mention the center of your world and your creative exploits, too. Aside from it being the hub for the community, however, there isn’t a huge amount to see, other than a couple of crags and crevices and the odd rock formation. It does, of course, have the Dream Castle, as well as Chez Remy, the town’s go-to restaurant and hangout spot. So again, while it isn’t the best biome in Dreamlight Valley, it’s certainly one of the most popular, as well as the most organic.

6. Forest of Valor

Forest of Valor

The Forest of Valor serves as an ideal portal to the Frosted Heights—an entirely different biome that boasts its own unique Quests, characters, and resources. On its own, it has a generous selection of natural resources, including wood, gems, and fruits. It’s also the biome that has some of the most Quests, with the entire Frozen story arc being compressed into its magical gateways, and a great deal of its characters being accessible through its completion. And so, as far as jam-packed biomes go, Forest of Valor certainly has enough to keep you busy.

5. Glade of Trust

Glade of Trust

In ways, the Glade of Trust isn’t all that different from the Forest of Valor; there’s a web of trees to cut away at, fruits to pick, and jewels to mine. In addition to these things, there’s also a rather large stream, which often houses some of the best and most valuable fish in all of Dreamlight Valley. For argument’s sake, though, the Glade of Trust is, in all fairness, a small pocket for the odd resource and little more. It’s a swamp — but a pretty enchanting one, nonetheless.

4. Sunlit Plateau

The Sunlit Plateau is arguably one of the most aesthetically appealing biomes in the game, and a real credit to The Lion King, too. It’s also home to gold nuggets and a wide range of valuable fish and other rare gemstones, which makes it an absolute treasure of a region to visit. What’s more, it’s also the biome in which Scar resides—a villain who, with your help, can upgrade your tools and provide you with a few nifty perks.

3. Frozen Heights

Frozen Heights

When it comes to picture-perfect locations that drizzle with color and character, Frozen Heights stacks up as one of the most memorable in all Dreamlight Valley. Granted, it does cost an arm and a leg to reach it, but the rewards for doing so are definitely worth it — especially if you’re something of a fledgling culinary wizard with a palate for good food and flavors. With icy lakes crammed to the brim with nautical rarities, you’ll come to find that, when it comes to flipping a profit, there isn’t a more profitable extracurricular activity than fishing up at the Frozen Heights through the twilight hours.

2. Forgotten Lands

Forgotten Lands

There’s a lot to love about the Forgotten Lands, more so if you’re the type to enjoy harvesting money-making materials for future projects. As the only biome in Dreamlight Valley to have Darkwood, Diamonds, and Crystals, it’s an absolutely essential plot of land to establish a second home away from home in. The only real downside to having such a profitable biome in your back pocket, really, is the fact that it costs 15,000 Dreamlight to access. Worth it, so long as you don’t mind paying the toll, of course.

1. Dazzle Beach

Without a doubt, one of the best biomes in Dreamlight Valley is Dazzle Beach — and for good reason, too. As the official gateway to the village shores, the sandy region has all the resources needed to create five-star meals, as well as forage for rare ores and jewels, too. It’s also one of the very first biomes you’ll have the opportunity to unlock, which means you won’t need to worry about gallivanting about in search of ludicrous amounts of Dreamlight to remove those blasted Night Thorns. And so, if you’re just starting out in the world, then be sure to make Dazzle Beach your first port of call.

To put it simply, if you’re looking to increase your culinary skills, mine a few jewels, and source new villagers’ homes — including Maui’s and Ursula’s — then be sure to remove the Thorns for 1,000 Dreamlight just as soon as the funds become available.


So, what’s your take? Have you found a favorite biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley yet? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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