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5 Best Games Like Jusant

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Best Games Like Jusant

Exploring the world of Jusant is like stepping into a quiet adventure filled with surprises and challenges. Players climb a tall tower, solve puzzles, and enjoy the calm of their journey, making friends with a unique creature called the Ballast along the way. But what happens when you reach the top and you're ready for a new adventure? No need to worry, because we've found the perfect solution for you. We've put together a list of the five best games like Jusant, each offering its own exciting world to explore.

5. Journey

Journey Launch Trailer I Coming July 21 I PS4 Exclusive

In Journey, you start in a big desert, and as you walk, slide, and fly, the game shows that it's not just about where you're going but what you see and feel along the way. The world in Journey changes as you play. One moment, you are sliding down huge hills of sand, and the next, you might be trying to find your way through dark caves. Even when it gets tough, the game makes you want to keep going. You always feel like something good is waiting for you, drawing you closer to the mountain's light and the secrets you might find.

A special thing about Journey is meeting other players. You might come across someone on their own adventure. Without talking, you can help each other get past the hard parts. These moments make the game feel special, showing how people can connect without words. People who enjoy the deep stories and beautiful worlds in games like Jusant will find Journey very special. It shows that a game can be more than just a hobby. It can feel like a real trip that touches your heart.


ABZÛ - E3 2016 Launch Trailer | PS4

ABZU is an underwater adventure that takes players deep into the ocean. This game is all about experiencing the beauty and mystery of the sea. From fish to ancient ruins, every bit of the game offers something new to discover. As you explore, you'll come across puzzles and hidden stories, all set to calming music that makes you feel like you're truly underwater. Plus, it shows how everything in the ocean is linked, from the tiniest fish to the grandest whale. The underwater world in ABZU is so detailed and vibrant; it's like diving into a moving painting. The sights and sounds make it feel magical.

One of the best things about ABZU is its simplicity. There's no intense action or complicated rules. It's just you, the ocean, and a world full of wonder. It's a game that anyone, no matter their age or gaming experience, can pick up and enjoy. Overall, it offers the same sense of adventure and discovery but in a different, underwater setting. If you liked Jusant, you'll love diving into the world of ABZU.

3. RiME

RiME - Launch Trailer | PS4

RiME is a game that feels like a dream. It starts with a young boy on a sunny island, filled with old buildings and secrets. The boy doesn’t know why he's there, but he’s curious to find out. The island is beautiful, with its big shadows and sounds that tell stories of the past. As you play, you feel like you’re part of an old, magical tale. The game doesn’t use a lot of words. Instead, it tells its story using sights and sounds. There are puzzles to solve which help the boy understand the island better. The music is soft and makes you feel different things – sometimes happy, sometimes sad. It’s like the island is talking to you through its sounds and sights.

Moreover, there are animals that live on the island, and the weather changes just like in real life. These details make the island feel alive and real. The deeper you go into the game, the more you realize it’s not just about exploring an island. It’s about understanding feelings like sadness, hope, and moving on. The boy’s journey on the island helps him, and us, understand his own story and feelings better. All in all, RiME is definitely one of the best games like Jusant.

2. Grow Home


Up next on our list of the best games like Jusant, we have Grow Home. It is a fun and special game where you help a friendly robot called BUD. His big job is to save his home planet by growing a huge plant. The game world is full of magic and color, making you feel like you're in a living painting. You climb up high cliffs and ride the giant plant as it reaches up into the sky, unlocking floating islands and new places to explore. At first, moving Bud around feels a bit funny because he doesn't move like characters in other games. Once you get the hang of it, climbing and jumping around becomes a game all on its own.

Furthermore, the places you explore are beautiful, with clear blue waters, green lands, and big open skies. You can hear the sounds of water and birds, which makes it feel like a real outdoor adventure. It's easy to enjoy spending time in this game, just looking around and seeing what's out there. Also, there's no one way to do things. You choose where BUD goes and how he gets the plant to grow. This makes you feel like you're the one creating the story. And as the plant gets bigger and the world grows, you feel like you're really making a difference.

1. The Pathless

THE PATHLESS | Reveal Trailer

The Pathless is an adventure game set in a big, magical forest. Players step into the shoes of an expert archer. With her trusty eagle by her side, she has a mission: to clear the forest of a dark curse and bring back its light and beauty. The gameplay in The Pathless is smooth and focuses on exploring. There's no map to follow. Instead, players get to discover the world freely, working closely with their eagle. This bird isn't just for show; it helps in solving puzzles, in fights, and adds a lot to the story. The bond between the archer and the eagle makes the game feel special.

The game is a visual treat. The forest is vast with many different places like thick woods, open fields, and tall mountains. The changing weather and beautiful surroundings make players want to explore every corner. Each place has its own story and secrets waiting to be found. So, if you're looking for games similar to Jusant, The Pathless is a great pick. It's easy to get lost in its world, with exciting archery challenges and quiet moments in nature. The game offers a mix of action and calm, making it a journey worth taking.

So, which of these titles are you most excited to explore next? Are there any other games that evoke the same feelings as Jusant for you? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here

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