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5 Best Games Like Immortals of Aveum



Immortals of Aveum is a game in which players are able to wield magic in quite a few interesting ways. Described by some as a magic FPS game, this game allows players to blast spells as if they were firing weapons. This can be a tough balance to strike, but many games have taken their shot at it. So, if you enjoy magic FPS games, then please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Games Like Immortals of Aveum.

5. System Shock

System Shock Review

We begin today by starting off our list of the best games like Immortals of Aveum, with a remade classic. System Shock is responsible in many ways, for games such as the BioShock series, and many other FPS titles. This is due to the nature of the game, and it essentially being the distant ancestor of those titles. That being said, the game is so beloved that it recently was remade for an entirely new generation to enjoy. The gameplay on offer is just as solid if not more so with modern conveniences and ins and outs.

Players will be able to take advantage of the game's new control schemes as well, making it feel as intuitive as possible. Additionally, the way that the game tells its story is unique as well. System Shock is a title that features nonlinear storytelling and uses it to great effect. So if you are someone who simply enjoys FPS titles, and wants to see where some of the modern DNA comes from in a whole new light, check out System Shock. 

4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Switching things up a bit, we have a game that through its magic system, likely influenced Immortals of AveumThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game that through its many releases and rereleases has cemented its legacy. The magic gameplay in the game for its time was very intuitive and responsive. And it still managed to make players feel powerful, with the various amount of spell effects they could use. You can see some of the same concerns and aspects cropping up around Immortals of Aveum as well.

This is due to how hard it is to perfectly nail the magic system within the video game world. Having to balance how these effects look, versus how they feel can be tough at times. And often, you run the risk of the player feeling overpowered. So, with games like Immortals of Aveum, it is hoped that a more delicate balance can be struck. The gameplay and story of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim speak for themselves, and you don't manage to cement a legacy this long without being a phenomenal title. For these reasons, we consider it one of the best games like Immortals of Aveum on the market.

3. Borderlands 3Borderlands Easter Eggs

Now, venturing off into another giant of gaming, we have Borderlands 3. The Borderlands series, either through its wonderful loot mechanics, zany world and characters, or solid gunplay, has cemented its legacy as one of the best FPS franchises of all time. The ability for players to play together through the entire game is a journey well worth taking. By many accounts, Borderlands 3 does a fantastic job of doing this. This is likely due to the fact that the game benefitted from both the successes and failures of the first two entries in the series.

This is hardly a bad thing, however, as it allows Borderlands 3 to be extremely polished in comparison. To make some comparisons between Immortals of Aveum and Borderlands 3, both games heavily utilize abilities, either through magic or other means. So it would be interesting to see if Immortals of Aveum will pull any inspiration in terms of how these abilities are used from the Borderlands series. So, to close, for both its solid mechanics, as well as overall fun factor, we consider Borderlands 3 one of the best games like Immortals of Aveum to date.

2. Torchlight II

Our next entry is a stellar action RPG. Torchlight II through both its world and gameplay, allows for players to immerse themselves in the world. Players will be able to go on a grand adventure, either solo or with friends. This is great, as it allows the game to be adaptable to multiple party members, which can be great fun. Additionally, the game has a beautiful art style, that remains fantastic to this day. The open world of the game is also a blast for players to explore and entices players to find the secrets within it.

Much like the Borderlands series, there is a class-based system for players to create their characters from. This gives the player a great idea of where to start, as they are about to forge a new journey. This is great and ensures that the classes synergize well with one another, which is phenomenal. Added to this, the game has a wealth of modded content, which adds tons of value to an already priceless title. So, to close, for its magical and wonderful world, we consider Torchlight II one of the best games like Immortals of Aveum you can play today.

1. Hogwarts Legacybest RPGs on Xbox Series X|S

In terms of the gameplay cap[turning the essence of what it means to be a magic wielder. Perhaps no game has come closer to achieving this long-sought-after fantasy than Hogwarts Legacy. This is a game that whisks players away to its magical world and allows them to explore. This is great, as there are always new things to find tucked within every nook and cranny in the game. So much so, that players could make up the majority of their playtime simply looking for these tucked-away treasures.

Where the comparisons to Immortals of Aveum come in is that they both employ strong magic systems. While their choice of player perspective may be different, perhaps there are lessons to be learned from one another. For players looking for a magical adventure, Hogwarts Legacy will certainly not let you down. This is because the world is so wonderfully fleshed out, and the magic feels so varied and fun to use. So, if you are someone who enjoys magic in video games, make sure you check out this title.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Immortals of Aveum? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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