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5 Best Games Like Final Fantasy XVI



Final Fantasy XVI is a game that has surely made an impression on the gaming sphere. Featuring stellar visuals and gameplay, this game has served in resetting the standard of what Final Fantasy games should be. That said, there are many games on the market that offer a similar experience. This can be seen in either their gameplay or overall style. So, to highlight some wonderful titles, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Final Fantasy XVI.

5. Nier: Automata

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We begin by starting off our list of the best games like Final Fantasy XVI with a modern classic. Nier: Automata takes many of the greatest aspects of JRPGs and action games and blends them together wonderfully. The game has a story that players aren't soon to forget, and the gameplay is stellar. Players will be able to play throughout the game as multiple characters, which manages to vary the gameplay quite a bit as well. The story of the game is so enthralling that it will keep players glued to their screens for every cutscene.

The presentation and soundtrack of the game are absolutely phenomenal as well. These aspects blend together to make one of the most polished gaming experiences in recent memory. So, if you haven't picked up the Nier series, definitely check out Nier: Automata. Players should also note that you don't have to play any of the other games in the series to enjoy this one. All in all, Nier: Automata is one of the finest games like Final Fantasy XVI on the market today.

4. Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma is a game that through the power of hindsight has become much beloved. Players who weren't able to play the game alongside its release, have revisited. Since revisiting the game, players have come to appreciate many of the game's more quirky aspects. This is great as the freedom that players are allowed in this game is rather impressive. Players can craft their player character how they wish, and enjoy a stellar story along the way. This makes Dragon's Dogma stand out, even to this day for its amazing experience that it offers.

For players who enjoy action combat, this game definitely has you covered. While it may have released quite some time ago, the experience on offer still stands up remarkably well. In fact, it has only served to bolster the hype surrounding Dragon's Dogma 2. There are a total of nine different classes for players to choose from, each of which bring their own flavor to the game. So, to close, Dragon's Dogma is most certainly one of the best games like Final Fantasy XVI available today.

3. God of War: RagnarokGod of War Ragnarok

Next up on our list of the best games like Final Fantasy XVI, we have God of War: Ragnarok. It cannot be understated what a fantastic time this game is to play. With extremely solid gameplay, as well as a touching and riveting story, this game has it all. Players will once again play as Kratos as they move throughout the world with their son Atreus. The serious tones of the previous title are also here and have been elevated in the sequel. This is wonderful to see., as the bar was already set pretty high with the previous title.

Additionally, the game does a great job of immersing the player in the world through the use of cinematic gameplay. The combat in the game feels kinetic and addicting, while also allowing the player to experiment. There are a number of ways for Kratos to dispatch his enemies in the game, each way more smooth and intuitive than the last. So, if you are looking for an absolutely riveting action title to play, make sure you give this title a shot.

2. Devil May Cry V

For the next entry on our list of the best games like Final Fantasy XVI, we have Devil May Cry VDevil May Cry V is one of the smoothest and action-packed entities in the beloved series. Players will once again play as Dante, as well as many other characters throughout the game. Each of these characters has their weapon types and fighting styles that all make them feel unique from one another. This is wonderful as it serves to not only vary the gameplay but allows the player to see the world from many perspectives.

In terms of graphical fidelity, this entry definitely ups the ante for the franchise. The game's addicting combat is also beautifully animated, making for a feast for the eyes. There are also more subtle aspects of the game that make it stand out from its predecessors. This includes things such as improved lighting and other graphical changes that serve to immerse the player further in the game's world. In conclusion, Devil May Cry V is a fantastic modern example of what action games and action combat can do. For these reasons, it stands as one of the best games like Final Fantasy XVI that players can play today.

1. Final Fantasy VII RemakeFinal Fantasy 7 remake

For our final entry, we have Final Fantasy VII, this game has been lovingly recreated in order to bring players an experience that has stood the test of time and is in one word, phenomenal. Players can not enjoy this game in a whole new way as well. This is due to the implementation of combat changes in the game, which attempt to appeal to a more modern audience. Additionally, the game's visuals are absolutely stunning and manage to reinvigorate many fans' love for the game all over again.

While the remake may have been split up into parts, it is still phenomenal. Players will once again be able to enjoy the story of the game, but now in a whole new light. Additionally, many of the game's scenes are somewhat recontextualized through modern sensibilities as well. Simply put, this game has been brought to another generation of players, and it still is as awe-inspiring as ever. Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved titles of all time, and its remake is done in a way that is faithful and manages to win over new fans as well.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Final Fantasy XVI? What are some of your favorites? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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