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God of War Ragnarök: All Secret Bosses, Ranked

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God of War Ragnarök: All Secret Bosses, Ranked

God of War Ragnarok has over 60 bosses spread across the main story, side quests, and miscellaneous. These are frequently monsters, gods, mythical creatures, Aesir enemies, and others. It's why the game is so enticing to play, because there is almost never a dull moment to spare along Kratos and Atreus' journey.

Some bosses are really tough to defeat. Others are “mini” bosses, so they take less time to get past. But there is another, less popular category you might have missed called “secret bosses.” These are the ones that are hardest to find. 

So you have a wholesome experience playing God of War Ragnarok, we’ve rounded up God of War Ragnarok: all secret bosses and ranked them for your pleasure.

5. The Ash Tyrant

God Of War Ragnarok Ash Tyrant - How To Defeat Ash Tyrant Dragon Boss EASY Ultimate Guide!

The Ash Tyrant is a huge, scary looking dragon that you can find once you get to Vanaheim. Defeating The Ash Tyrant is completely optional. However, you do earn 500 Kratos XP and 500 Freya XP. You also earn bonded leather and purified crystalline, so it’s not entirely a wasted effort pursuing him. 

If you’re up for it, you can find The Ash Tyrant in the Sinkholes in Vanaheim. While he’s a pretty huge and scary dragon, he’s actually one of the easier secret bosses you’ll find. The Ash Tyrant attacks by unleashing his fire breath in two bursts of flame. This launches an area of effect attack that you can block.

It gets a little tricky when he uses his unlockable fire breath, which you can spot with a preemptive red ring. Then there are the claw attacks that cut straight through human flesh. And, finally, the Ash Tyrant’s vicious bite will appear via a yellow ring around its mouth.

4. Hrolf Kraki, King of Berserker

How to Defeat The Berserker King (King Hrolf Kraki) - BERSERKER BOSS GUIDE - God of War Ragnarök

As if defeating an army of undead Berserker warriors isn’t more than enough gameplay, you can take it a step further and try your luck defeating the leader of the 12 berserkers, King Hrolf Kraki. You might think he’ll be a piece of cake to take down. But, no. Hrolf proves a much tougher opponent as he’s able to master all of the unique moves of his warriors, as well as being able to switch weapons and movesets mid-battle.

You can find Hrolk in Midgard as the final Berserker. He can be an extremely aggressive opponent, whose talents and tools are unmatched, along with Gna's, but with patience and practice, reaching the endgame for the realms of the Berserkers won’t be so far off.

3. Gna, Queen of the Valkyries

Step by Step Guide - Gna under 90 seconds - God of War Ragnarok

Alternatively, you could try your luck defeating the Valkyrie Queen, Gna. She’s, by all means, tougher than Berserker King Hrolf Kraki. Before becoming the queen of the Valkyries, Gna was once the Vanir goddess of wind and fullness, as well as Freya’s former handmaiden. Now, she’s this brutal enemy who’s able to manifest some of Sigrun’s abilities from God of War, 2018, and additionally, use her bifrost ability against you.

So, how do you reach her? The fight against Gna is found in the “Defend Your Valor” side quest that is found on the epilogue page of the game. So, after you’re done with the main quests, make sure to stick around for the cleansing of Asgard, including Valkyrie Queen Gna in a temporary base in Muspelheim.

2. The Everlasting Dragon

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Everlasting Dragon - How To Defeat Everlasting Dragon Ultimate Guide!

If you’re in the Svartalfheim realm, there’s a secret boss you may want to find called The Everlasting Dragon. This boss is found while you explore Dragon Beach. Look out for some form of a dragon carved in stone, but note that the only way you can awaken the dragon is by getting the Mystical Heirloom Relic from the hidden area on the Lake of Nine in Midgard, which you’ll need the Draupnir Spear from the Forging Destiny main quest to access. I know. It’s a whirlwind, but it’s one worth putting the time and energy into.

The Everlasting Dragon’s power moves involve shooting burning rocks at you, which also explode when they hit the ground. There’s also the vicious bite attack to watch out for, which, fortunately, can be spotted beforehand via a yellow ring that appears on the dragon’s mouth. And, of course, the fire breath attack also has the same yellow ring indicator. Do watch out for the fire that lights up when the fire hits the ground.

If you safely make your way to the last stages of the fight, the dragon will fly into the air and start unleashing frost blast attacks, which, again, have a red ring indicator around its head beforehand. This is where the Draupnir Spear comes in that you can use to knock the dragon out of the sky. Before long, The Everlasting Dragon won’t be as “everlasting” any more, and you’ll have let off some steam on an, otherwise, hidden treasure fight.

1. The Raven Keeper

The Raven Keeper Secret Boss God of War Ragnarok

If there’s such a thing as the most secret boss of all secret bosses, it’s The Raven Keeper. She’s quite an old crone who shouldn’t pose a great deal of a challenge to defeat. However, it’s the pathway to get to her that makes her a pursuit worth chasing.

Before you can reach The Raven Keeper, you’ll need to kill all 48 ravens from The Eyes of Odin side quest. Then, you need to open six legendary chests at the Raven Tree in Niflheim. Only then will The Raven Keeper appear.

Although she seems feeble and weak, don’t underestimate her ability to kill you. The Raven Keeper is pretty fast and can even teleport. When she starts to lose the fight, The Raven Keeper can summon minions to help her. Once she regains her health, she returns to unleash a series of bifrost missiles.

If you evade the missiles, she once again summons a dragon called the Pale One, who helps her fight before The Raven Keeper returns for the final showdown. 


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our God of War Ragnarok: All Secret Bosses, Ranked? Are there more bosses we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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