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God of War Ragnarök: Best Quests & Side Quests

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The year 2022 will go down in history as the year God of War Ragnarok made huge waves (at least in gaming). Having taken home a majority of the awards at The Game Awards, including Best Narrative, Best Score & Music, and Best Performance (Chris Judge), I think it’s safe to say that you should grab a copy if you haven’t already. It’s definitely worth it! 

Perhaps it’s the graphics that easily jump off the screen or the characters’ journey that won people’s hearts. Regardless of which aspect you love the most, God of War Ragnarok sure stands out for its well-sculpted quests and side quests, or “favors.” And most of all, it is the intertwining plots and character journeys within these quests that bring out the best of the nine realms. 

With a total of, technically, 18 main quests and 47 side quests, it's completely understandable if you’d like to prioritize the best ones. So, if you’re curious about which quests and side quests stand out the most, here are the best quests and side quests in God of War Ragnarok.

5. Groa’s Secret

Groa's Secret God Of War Ragnarok

The fourth main quest, Groa’s Secret, is where the story starts to pick up with Kratos, Atreus, and Tyr heading to Alfheim to unveil the coming of Ragnarok and the implication of going against Odin. Not to mention that sometime later in the game, we find out that Tyr's true identity is actually Odin himself.

It’s definitely wholesome revisiting how far Odin is willing to go to uncover Kratos’ plan against him. As well as the war’s shocking turn of events that further complicate the relationship between father and son. Plus, you’ll experience exciting mini-quests that get your adrenaline flowing. This side quests include; fighting against the Light and Dark elves, along with getting acquainted with a new puzzle mechanic.

4. A Viking Funeral

A Viking Funeral God Of War Ragnarok

Soon after you complete The Realms at War main quest, you might want to brace yourself for one of the most heart-breaking side quests: The Viking Funeral. This side quest is centered around bidding farewell to Brok. Brok is a God of War character who passed away unexpectedly. He was known for fashioning Kratos’ Leviathan axe and Thor’s Mjolnir. 

If you get tempted to skip the cut scene featuring a heartfelt conversation between Lunda, Raeb, and Durlin about their fallen friend, “DON'T.” These bits of exchange do well to fill in the gaps in the main story. Echoing the memorable moments they shared, and creating a truly touching moment.

To start the side quest, you’ll need to speak to Lunda, who now runs Sindri’s house. She’ll assign the side quest to you that involves accompanying her to Brok's funeral in the Svartalheim realm. While there, you’ll meet with more of Brok's friends in Raeb’s Tavern and join together to say the final goodbye. 

Once the tears dry up (if you do tear them up), you’ll receive the Trophy: Funeral for a Friend as a reward for completing the side quests, which is a pretty easy catch considering all you’re required to do on this quest is accompany a friend to a funeral.

3. Beyond Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarök | Beyond Ragnarök

Beyond Ragnarok is technically not the main quest. However, it’s the final, 18th chapter that wraps up God of War Ragnarok in an open-ended manner. To unlock this chapter, you’ll need to have completed all 17 main quests. 

Unlike the other main quests, Beyond Ragnarok is free-form. It doesn’t restrict you from completing certain objectives or following a certain path. Instead, you’re free to wander around and even go back to chapters you paid less attention to.

So, if you’re just getting started and are worried about when you’ll ever get to the end, there's no need to frown upon it just yet. Beyond Ragnarok will allow you to freely explore the open world and go back to any points you may have rushed through before.

2. Freya’s Missing Piece


In the past, Freya has been overshadowed by other characters despite being one of the most popular gods in the series. However, in Freya’s Missing Piece, her intricacies and present mind are explored in great detail, displaying a much more humane and easier-to-read side to her. 

Freya’s Missing Piece is a side quest that comes towards the end of completing the main quest: The Reckoning. Much of the focus is on Freya, including the items obtained during the quest. In terms of difficulty, the objectives are quite simple to complete, making this quest perfect for any player.

But the best aspect of Freya’s Missing Piece is the narrative, where you pick up with Freya holding strong feelings of resentment for years after losing her past life in Asgard. Now, she craves the peace of mind and asks Kratos to help her sever her ties with the relics holding her captive to her past.

It’s not that straightforward, though, as Freya has a hard time letting go of her past. Eventually, she comes to terms with the present, recovering the “missing piece” that is her true self. As a reward for completing the side quest, Freya receives an optional Mardoll sword. She also receives an additional 1500 XP points, the Steel Harmony summon, and the Regal Vanir Garment outfit.

1. The Broken Prison

The Broken Prison God of War Ragnarok

One of the aspects that make a mission engaging is adding unexpected twists and turns to a game. If you can do so and create a sense of closure in a twist coming at the end of the story, then you’ll have done a perfectly well-done job. The last side quest in God of War Ragnarok, The Broken Prison, tactfully introduces an unexpected twist that also provides a sense of closure to the game.

As we get close to wrapping up the main story, it turns out Tyr, the guy Kratos and Atreus have been confiding in and rescuing in past story missions, has actually been Odin all along. All this while the real Tyr happens to be locked up in an abandoned Aesir prison. Once Kratos and Freya rescue Tyr’s spirit, they receive a message that turns the tide on the whole narrative. This forces you to rethink every choice and event that led you up to this point.

And there you go, the best quests and side quests in God of War Ragnarok. Are there more quests and side quests that should have made the list? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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