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5 Open World Games With Amazing Side Quests

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There are a ton of open-world games out there for you to indulge yourself in. The biggest problem is that many of them can feel empty. Even if the story is good, there's no point in a huge open world if nothing is going on. If you are looking for an immersive game with tons of sidequests, then there are quite a few picks out there. If you played Skyrim, the most well-known open-world game, then you're likely craving a world with in-depth side quests. Luckily, there are quite a few games out there to choose from. While many of them may deal with fantasy, they all have different thems and gameplay styles.


5. The Witcher 3


The Witcher 3 is known for both its main story and the main side quests that accompany it. Throughout the world, you can learn about and take on many ghoulish monsters. The only catch is that Geralt will have to travel off the beaten path to find them. Many of the game's sidequests tell interesting stories, like that of the Big Bad Wolf. These help to give the world more flavor and take a deeper dive into the lore that inspired the games in the first place.

Doing sidequests can also help you get unique dialouge and, in some cases, trophies. The biggest pull for this game is the fact that the storytelling doesn't dip with the side content. While you may not think every quest is your cup of tea, the powerful narrative is there. Instead of just filling up your time, these quests all focus on bringing a unique problem for Geralt to solve into the game.


4. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

While many players have dipped their toes into Skyrim, it's safe to say that Oblivion is still a great title to pick up. Many players even remark about how many questlines in Oblivion far surpass those of Skyrim. This can especially be seen with two of the most popular questlines. These are the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood lines that show both guilds in a golden era. The feature prominent characters for the series such as Lucien Lachance.

Many players also feel that the DLC content, namely the Shivering Isles, was also more engaging. While you may be initially put off by the older systems of Oblivion, they have a classic RPG feel that isn't hard to get used to. In addition, Cyrodiil is a unique region with a rich history. You will likely even feel as though Skyrim watered down its quests a bit after experiencing it's prequel.

3. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the new kid on the block as it popped up seemingly out of nowhere for most players in 2020. The game marries gacha, team building, and an open world in an epic adventure. Best of all, it's completely free-to-play, and you can earn character pulls. Both the gameplay and the story of the game has helped to propel it to being one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, some of the sidequests, especially those concentrated on the characters themselves, have received some of the most praise from the player base.

The lore for the game runs incredibly deep and is propelled by side quests and hidden content. In addition, the world is littered with combat challenges and unique ways to use your characters. Many players praise the puzzles of the game, and some quests even change in real-time, such as that of Tsurumi Island. Trying Genshin Impact is low-risk thanks to its cost, and there is no need to ever put in money as many events give out characters for free.


2. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a gorgeous open-world game with high replay value. This means that you can easily beat it and restart the game to find yourself on a different path. There is also the fact that even the sidequests can change the world around you. If you have ever played a previous Souls game, then you know just how your choices will change the outcome of certain events. If you choose to kill the wrong character, then you can miss out on special lore or items. This means that you need to carefully consider your choices, even with lowly side quests.

This is also a great pick for gamers who prefer to play games with challenging gameplay. One of the best parts of finishing a quest in Elden Ring is the immediate feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Every task is difficult, and you never know what strong enemy is lurking around the corner. This is a game that will keep you on your toes whether you are following the story or running off to complete every side quest you can find.

1. Saints Row

Saints Row is a huge open world that has a focus on action and comedy. This provides a unique setting for side quests, as they can be filled with gunplay or be something ridiculous like taking on a horde of mascots. The open world also allows for a lot of innovative ways to take on side quests. Best of all, everything is co-op compatible, so you can play through quests with a friend beside you. The games all have good DLC as well, so once you are finished with the story content, you can hop into more ridiculous adventures.

If you are looking to get away from more serious titles, then Saints Row is the way to go. While there are harder difficulties, most of the game's content is simply made to just be fun. This takes off a lot of the pressure that you find in other games, and with the multiplayer aspect allows you to just goof around. In addition, you can play the last three games of the series on modern consoles.


So, what’s your take on these open-world games? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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