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5 Things to Look Foward to in The New Saints Row

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After years of silence, a new title in the Saints Row franchise was finally announced. The new Saints Row sets out to reboot the series and bring it to current-gen consoles. Many of the core features that made previous games in the series are returning. A Boss Factory has already been released to let players make their own characters to show off the game's robust customization system. Fans have also seen that much of the game's snarky humor will be returning. For those who have missed the series, the new Saints Row will likely be a breath of fresh air and has the potential to be one of their new favorite games. Below are five features that you should be looking forward to if you plan to play the game.


5. Deep Character Customization

One of the things that the Saints Row series has been known for is character custimization. In fact, the feature is so prominent, that the developers had a special stream dedicated to character custimization. In addition, before the game even launched, players could try out the boss factory. This lets you try out the deep character custimization without having to buy the game. In fact, you even get exclusive gear for signing up for the program and sharing your creation with other players.

The customization system lets you make anything from a serious protagonist to a comical superhero. This can be changed in-game by using plastic surgeons allowing players to change their boss as they go. Players will also be delighted to know that the franchise is known for having a large clothing catalog. Whether you want to look like a cyberpunk warrior or an anime cosplayer, there is certainly an outfit for you.


4. Exploring Santo Ileso

With most new games comes a new location to explore. In the new Saints Row, you will head to the city of Santo Ileso. This is the first time seeing this area in the franchise and it is the most immersive yet. The city is a sandbox that is set in a desert. Players are able to hang out in the desert or head into the city to cause some chaos. Of course, your main goal is the build up your empire in this new city.

The new area comes with a new set of Saints for you to get to know. This is uncharted territory in the universe, and Santo Ileso is the perfect setting. Between the picture-perfect sunsets and being able to drive off into it with friends. The tagline of Santo Ileso is about being weird, something that the Saints have always been familiar with. This is the perfect setting to help funnel in the series' well-known humor.


3. Rides

Saints Row has always been a series about moving around large sandboxes. To do this, you will need to get ahold of some vehicles. Luckily, this is rather easy to do in the game, and like previous games in the series, the new Saints Row will have a large roster for you to choose from. You will be able to gather stylish-looking cars, ones made for desert trekking, and comically genius vehicles like a pirate ship. On top of being able to collect different cars, you will also be able to customize them.

Car custimization allows you to make a vehicle yours and color it how you wish. While it isn't as in-depth as Forza, it's still a fun feature. You can head to garages and change up cars as many times as you wish. Many players will even match the color of the car to their current aesthetic. Are you a broody vampire? Then go for an all-black car that looks like it popped out of a horror movie. The choice of how you want to represent your boss is entirely up to you.


2. Diving Into the Comedy

The make-it-or-break-it point for many players is the narrative of Saints Row. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, Saints is a very comical game, with themes that are fueled by comedy. While there are some series parts to the story of the game, there are plenty of funny moments as well. The game isn't about becoming a vicious kingpin but instead focuses on making and commercializing an empire. The gang even had an energy drink brand in a previous game that they made commercials for.

At its heart, this is a game you want to play to simply have fun. There is plenty of content targeted toward simply making you laugh. If you are looking for a deep and emotional story, though, then this isn't the game for you. Everything from the way you dress to the side missions may be based on references or comedic premises. For example, one famous mini-game involves being hit by cars to get money from tax fraud.


1. Playing With Friends

The best part of any game like the new Saints Row is the ability to experience it with others. Like with other games, you can jump into this title with a friend in order to take on the world together. You can do the main missions and side-missions in the game as a team or just simply play in the sandbox. Your friend will also be able to customize their character when in your world, and there is little difference between playing in an online and solo session.

This is one of the reasons that previous games were so popular with those who love multiplayer. While the exercise hasn't been perfect in the past, it offers you and your friends a great way to play a game together. You aren't strapped together by a cable and can move freely as well. This is something that some larger games like Ark struggle with when not on a larger server.


So, what’s your take on these new Saints Row? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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