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Final Fantasy 16: All Characters, Ranked

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Final Fantasy 16 All Characters, Ranked

While there are only two playable characters in Final Fantasy 16, the supporting characters are an interesting and complicated bunch; we couldn’t help but do a deep dive into them, too. Specifically, ranking their performance, flair, and personalities against one another and seeing who comes out on top. 

A good number of characters in Final Fantasy 16 join Clive Rosfield, the main protagonist, at one point or another in battle. These are AI-controlled party members who prove immensely useful in fighting off the bad guys. Others, though, you run into along your somber yet intensely emotional adventure. Curious to know which characters outdo themselves? Here’s Final Fantasy 16: All Characters, Ranked, for your reading pleasure. 

9. Benedikta Harman


Firstly, we have Benedikta Harman, one of the main antagonists in Final Fantasy 16. She’s an intelligence officer for the Waloed Kingdom, a nation that has the most advanced military in the game. As well as the Dominant of Eikon, Garuda, a winged god with wind elemental powers. Or, rather, the Queen of Storms. Going up against Cid and Clive one too many times, Benedikta Harman proves herself a worthwhile contender. Her character matches her strength. With an especially mean and cunning personality, Benedikta easily takes the most interesting female character spot Final Fantasy 16 has to offer. 

It’s sad to see her be the first major casualty. It’s like Final Fantasy 16 is determined to show the power women carry in the game by killing them. Well, at least her death played a major role in driving Hugo Kupka to seek revenge. It would have been great to have seen more of the troubling dynamic between Benedikta and Hugo. Or, a deeper dive into Benedikta’s past when Cid rescued her as a Bearer on the brink of death. Cid cared for her. They fell in love. But Benedikta was corrupted by her immense power as a Dominant, which led to her downfall. There’s so much to her story that’s worth telling. She definitely deserved a little more care and love.

8. Hugo Kupka

Hugo Kupka

Next up is Hugo Kupka. His praises are sung far and wide as the husky man on steroids. Before that, though, he was nothing. Starting off as a nobody-soldier in the Republican Army, Hugo slowly rose up the ranks to become the most powerful man in the Dhalmekian Republic. His newfound power allows him to exert economic influence on the nation. His political, military, and financial notions all make their way into the people's day-to-day lives. All the while amassing immense wealth from his own corrupt ideas.

Quite honestly, Hugo Kupka isn’t the most likable character. In fact, he’s so annoying, seeming like the teacher who’s always on your case. Yet, the extent of his “annoyance” is quite clever, it definitely sprouts up tension when fighting against Hugo’s tough Dominant of Eikon, Titan. In the end, a wild twist ensues where Benedikta Harman shows him there’s more to the world than money and power: that despite amassing a personal fortune off the backs of people, he could still aim for something more.

7. Cidolfus “Cid” Telamon

Cidolfus “Cid” Telamon is a returning Final Fantasy character you likely know of already. He’s one of the most well-developed characters, with a story arc to cling to. Right off the bat, he comes off as a charming, kind, and charismatic character. He saves Clive, suggesting he could be on his side. Yet, runs away with Jill. When Clive seeks him out from his hideout, he discovers that Cid has been, in fact, saving and protecting Bearers and Dominants from enslavement. Thereafter, he takes in Clive and Jill, the Dominant of Shiva, both critically injured in the prologue.

Once an outlaw and former soldier, Cid has dedicated himself to building a world where Dominants and Bearers die on their own terms, free from servitude, birth, or station. He’s also a Dominant of Eikon, Ramuh, which he uses to rise up the ranks of the Waloeder Army. It’s here that he meets Benedikta Harman and rescues her too. Besides extreme kindness, gamers are absolutely thirsting over Cid’s voice acting, played by Ralph Ineson, thus making Cid’s entire performance a wholesome package.

6. Dion Lesage

Dion Lesage’s personality is quite like that of the main protagonist, Clive Rosfield. They’re both humble, courageous, and idealistic lads. Dion is the Dominant of Eikon, Bahamut. As well as the crown prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. And the noblest leader of the legendary order of knights, the dragoons. 

As Bahamut, Dion Lesage is the strongest and most powerful summoner. He’s consequently won too many battles to count, including a time when he turned unfavorable odds in his favor. As a result, Dion Lesage is feared by many. But he’s also loved in the same volume, all of which earns him the “King of Dragons” title and makes him a fan favorite.

5. Torgal

Even as a wolf, Torgal stole my heart. He looks like a real-life gray wolf with gray fur, a long tail, and yellow eyes. Much like a dog would go to great lengths to protect its owner, Torgal does the same for Clive. He sneaks out of the castle and follows Clive and Joshua to Phoenix Gate so he can protect them. However, a tragedy ensures that it nearly wipes out the Rosfield family. In the end, Torgal gets lost in the chaos. Despite the time that passes, Torgal finally reunites with Clive and jumps straight in to save his life. And from then on, they lived happily ever after.

In addition to Torgal’s loyalty, he’s a deadly fighter who accompanies you on your journey. Plus, unlike other party members, you can control Torgal and damage enemies irreparably. You can even upgrade his abilities. For the loyal and trusted servitude he gives, it’s hard to imagine that all you have to do for him is pet him.

4. Joshua Rosfield

Clive Rosfield’s younger brother is called Joshua Rosfield. He’s also the Dominant of Eikon, Phoenix. In the beginning, Joshua cowers under the shadow of his brother. He even admits so, wishing Clive were the Dominant of Phoenix instead. When Clive and Joshua head to Phoenix Gate, Joshua gets ripped apart by the Eikon Ifrit and is presumed dead. This sets the tone for the rest of the story, where Clive swears to enact vengeance. 

Then, a wild twist happens much later that completely throws us off. It turns out Joshua is alive and well. He even teams up with Clive to take down the antagonist, Eikons, leading to the final boss fight. In their years apart, Joshua mastered enough courage to take down the most powerful Eikons. It’s a rollercoaster story arc that makes Joshua Rosfield a complex yet interesting character in the game.

3. Barnabas Tharmr

Barnabas Tharmr is the King of Waloed and the Dominant of Eikon, Odin. He’s the villain of Final Fantasy 16, and you’ll have to go up against him. He’s an agile warrior who can split the sea and use his magical powers to intimidate you. Yet he wasn’t always all-powerful.

Barnabas started off as a landless, titleless wanderer. He then rose up the ranks to become king, thanks to his wild skill with a blade. Single-handedly, Barnabas fought to keep his kingdom against a revolt, which earned him rulership over the whole eastern continent under Waloeder rule.

2. Jill Warwick

Jill Warwick has a traumatic past. Yet she doesn’t let it deter her from success. At a tender age, Jill was shipped off to Clive’s family to become the ward of Rosaria. She grew up with her sons in the Rosfield household. A tragedy arose that tore them apart.

However, she remained strong, channeling the power of the Dominant of Eikon, Shiva, from within her. And just in time for when she reunites with Clive and continues to encourage and keep him safe.

1. Clive Rosfield

Final Fantasy 16: All Characters, Ranked

Finally, we have Clive Rosfield. Perhaps it’s because of how much time we spend with Clive. Or that he’s genuinely a well-thought-out character. Regardless, Clive is the most intriguing character in Final Fantasy 16. As the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria, he would have inherited the power of the Dominant of the Eikon, Phoenix. However, the Eikon was passed down to his younger brother. He didn’t harbor any resentment. Instead, he continued to develop mastery over the blade.

At age 15, he rises up the ranks to become the first Shield of Rosaria and sworn protector of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes the Rosfielf household, sending him down a dark road to revenge.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Final Fantasy 16: All Characters, Ranked? Let us know over on our socials here.

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