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5 Best Games Like Adore



Creature capture games like Adore offer players the chance to collect wonderful creatures. These games often differ in their aesthetic and stylistic choices to make for a wholly unique experience. Often, these games have certain mechanics that differentiate them from other titles in the genre. Adore, for example, blends roguelike elements into the formula. That said, there are tons of similarities that players can latch on to in order to find titles to enjoy within the genre. So without further ado, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Adore.

5. Monster Hunter: World

To start off our list of the best games like Adore, here we have Monster Hunter: WorldMonster Hunter: World is a game that takes the fantastic action gameplay of the Monster Hunter series. And presents it in a semi-open world setting. In doing so, players are able to hunt different types of creatures in order to upgrade and craft their own weapons and armor. This acts as the game's primary gameplay loop. and feels rewarding from start to finish. So no matter if you are starting out on your first fledging hunts, Or you seek out more challenging monsters, this game rewards you for your time.

Additionally, this is an experience that can be greatly enhanced through cooperative play. This is due to the game's immense weapon system which allows each playstyle to shine in its own right. With a wealth of content and goals to go after, this game is well worth being in your library. Beyond this, Monster Hunter: World allows players to participate in some of the most thrilling and exciting action gameplay on the market. For these reasons, we consider it one of the best games like Adore.

4. Grim Dawn

Switching things up a bit, for a game with a darker tone, but still a staggering amount of content to enjoy. Grim Dawn is a game that pulls inspiration from the best and brightest within the action-RPG genre. This can be seen not only in the gameplay itself but also many of the systems surrounding that gameplay. Players will be thrust into a post-apocalyptic world where they must fight to survive, and thrive within this hellish landscape. This all feels very immersive and helps the player build a relationship with the game's wonderful characters.

The balance between risk and reward is something that is done very well here. You can feel the amount of love and effort poured into each of the questlines in the game, which is spectacular. Also, for fans of loot, this game has a plethora of it. Players are able to collect hundreds of different items which can aid them in their journey. Added to this, is the fact players can also enjoy a stellar cooperative experience. All in all, Grim Dawn is not only one of the best ARPGs on the market. But is also one of the best games like Adore as well.

3. Hades

For our next entry on our list of the best games like Adore, we have a title that players will no doubt have heard of. Hades, for those unaware, is a fantastic roguelike game that centers around the Greek pantheon. This sees players playing as the Prince of the Underworld, where they must fight through their domain in order to survive. This is a lot easier said than done, however as the game can be quite challenging, which will be great for those who seek a challenge. However, the game does take it a tad easy on players in a fantastic way. Upon death, players are able to choose a buff to take with them on their next run.

This serves quite a few purposes but mainly allows players to not feel punished too much from death. This is great, as it turns the game from a grueling experience that must be conquered, into more of a learning experience. Hades is also designed in such a way that it is immensely replayable, which also adds to the value of the game. To close, simply put Hades is one of the best ARPG games like Adore currently available.

2. Remnant IIBest weapons Remnant 2

Next up, we have the most recently released entry on our list. Remnant II is a post-apocalyptic ARPG. However, the gameplay in this game differs from other titles on this list in a few key ways. For starters, Remnant II is a third-person shooter Souls-like, which really ramps up the atmosphere. The level design within this game is simply stunning, and the art direction makes the game instantly stand out, even among stiff competition within the genre. This is great, as it serves not only to give Remnant II its own distinct identity but does so in a way that feels lovingly creative.

One of the aspects of the game that make it such an amazingly replayable experience is its progression system. There as so many different builds that players are able to customize to their liking. This makes it a world where players could realistically try out different builds a multitude of times and never find themselves bored with the process. On top of this, the game does a fantastic job of ramping up the challenge throughout your playtime. For its phenomenal pacing and attention to detail, we consider Remnant II one of the best games like Adore.

1. Diablo IV

diablo iv release date

Now, to round out our list of the best games like Adore, we have a game that is a giant within the ARPG genre. The Diablo franchise is one that has stood the test of time over the years. While there have been stumbling and missteps along the way, players were immensely excited for Diablo IV‘s release. The shared world concept of the game is one that many players find really intriguing. This is due to the fact that players will be able to share a world with their friends and quest together through the beautifully stylized world.

Once players start the game, they will immediately be greeted with an action gameplay system that is simply rewarding. Seeing as the reward is at the heart of what makes the Diablo series so replayable. It comes as no surprise that it is done fantastically well here. Additionally, the game's PvP and crossplay systems ensure that no matter how you play. You are able to enjoy Diablo IV. All around it is one of the best ARPGs in recent memory, which is certainly commendable.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Adore? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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