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Machine Gun Pal Grizzbolt.

Electric Pals in Palworld make up much of the game's roster. These positively pumped Pals bring many uses to the table. Whether you enjoy them for their battle prowess or wish to use them for your purposes at your base, each of these is great in many respects. So, if you enjoy using Electric Pals, we have a great list of great ones to choose from. With all that out of the way, enjoy our list of the Best Electric Pals in Palworld.  

5. Mossanda Lux

For the first entry on today's list of the best Electric Pals in Palworld, here we have Mossanda Lux. This panda-themed Electric Pal packs quite a punch. It manages to accomplish this through its powerful grenade launcher, which can do significant damage to your enemies. It should be noted, however, that players will have to obtain the saddle for this Pal in order to control the direction of these attacks. For more industriously-minded players, this Pal also does a great job of powering objects for your base, given your base is big enough to hold it.

Tracking down this massive Pal can prove rather difficult. This Alpha Pal has access to some of the most powerful Electric abilities in Palworld. This makes it a fantastic choice for players looking to add a strong Electric Pal to their roster. Additionally, from a visual standpoint, this Pal has a striking design, which is sure to be a hit with quite a few players. All in all, if you are looking for one of the best Electric Pals to use in Palworld, Mossanda Lux certainly fits the bill.

4. Relaxaurus LuxExploring in Palworld.

We are continuing on with our list of the best Electric Pals in Palworld. Here we have Relaxaurus Lux. One of the most visually striking Pals, Relaxaurus Lux features a long mohawk on the top of its head. The bright yellow Pal's features resemble the base Relaxaurus with a color swap and a few other inclusions. Much like its normal counterpart, Relaxaurus Lux's ability allows the player to mount them and have access to their massive rocket launcher. This is great for dealing with significant damage in short bursts. This makes it useful for doing a ton of damage and swapping to another Pal.

One of the best aspects of this particular Pal is its combination of both Dragon abilities and Electric abilities. These can be used in tandem to significant effect, especially if the player controls them properly. There are AoE attacks that players can utilize, as well as moves meant to incapacitate an enemy somewhat. In terms of its ability to generate electricity, it is one of the most impressive Pals in the game. All around, the Relaxaurus Lux is one of the best Electric Pals in Palworld.

3. BeakonPals in Palworld helping you to farm.

We are switching things up quite a bit with our next entry on our list of the best Electric Pals in Palworld. Here, we have Beakon. Beakon, as their name would imply, is a Flying Electric Pal that can offer quite a bit of utility for players to take advantage of. In battle, this Pal absolutely shines. While this Pal has quite an electric-focused move set, there is also a ground-type move that allows the player to send out tornados, which can be great for both denying an opponent space and offering an opening for the player to attack.

Visually, this Pal has a striking visage, with what looks like a mask over its eyes. Watching this Pal face off against its opponents can also be a visual treat. This is due to the fact that it has many impressive moves, including Tri-Lightning and other attacks. Additionally, for players looking for a Pal to transport goods effectively, this Pal also comes in handy in this regard. To close, Beakon is a fantastic Pal to have as part of your party and is one of the best Electric Pals in Palworld.

2. GrizzboltMachine Gun Pal in Palworld

Our next entry on our list of the best Electric Pals is one that has been featured heavily in art surrounding Palworld. Here, we have Grizzbolt. Grizzbolt features a large machine gun, which can be incredibly effective at dealing massive single-target damage or damaging multiple foes at once. It should be noted, however, that players will have to obtain the minigun needed for Grizzbolt in order to accomplish this. This not only gives players an incentive to craft this item but also greatly rewards the player for doing so.

Another great aspect of this particular Pal is its ability Lightning Claw. This ability not only allows the Pal to send a shockwave throughout the surrounding area but also slashes its enemies. Visually, Grizzbolt is one of the most beloved Pals. This is due to its rather creepy aesthetic and smile, as well as its usefulness in and out of battle. So whether you enjoy using Grizzbolt's AoE abilities or a more direct approach, there are plenty of options. For these reasons, Grizzbolt is one of the best Electric Pals.

1. OrserkLifmunk in Palworld.

We are wrapping up our list of the best Electric Pals in Palworld with Orserk. This Dragon/Electric Pal is, simply put, one of the coolest designs in Palworld. Coupled with this amazing design is a great amount of utility. Orserk does a phenomenal job of generating electricity for the player to use. The passive ability that this Pal has access to is great for players who wish to farm out Water Pals as well. This ability allows more items to drop from these Pals, making it great for obtaining these items quicker and easier.

Additionally, Orserk has a unique ability that is one of the most devastating and strong abilities in the game. Dubbed Kerauno, this move sees the creature bringing forth a massive blade of lightning with which to strike its opponents. As is the case with many Electric Pals, this creature also has many AoE abilities to utilize. This ensures that players have multiple options when faced with multiple opponents or a particularly strong single opponent. In short, Orserk is one of the best Electric Pals.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Electric Pals in Palworld? What are your favorite Electric Pals? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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