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5 Best Starting Items in Palworld



Machine Gun Pal in Palworld

With the massive success of Palworld upon its release into Early Access, many players have been eager to jump in. The game features an in-depth crafting system and a tiered itemization system for players to familiarize themselves with. However, starting out in the game can be pretty tricky, especially if the in-game difficulty is ramped up. However, we have you covered. Especially If you are someone who has just started Palworld. That said, we hope you enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Starting Items in Palworld.

5. Wooden Structure SetA small town in Palworld.

We are starting off today's list of the best starting items in Palworld with a wonderful suggestion. Here, we suggest that players obtain the Wooden Structure Set as early as possible. This not only makes it possible for players to begin to build their own homes, but it is a great way to ensure your safety during the night. This becomes especially crucial at higher difficulties and when trying to survive during the night. Additionally, building your own house will allow you more room for storage, and you can place a bed there as well.

It should be noted that the items this set allows you to build are as follows. Players can build a wooden foundation, wooden walls, stairs, a slanted roof, and, naturally, a door, among other things. This makes surviving in the game much easier; however, from time to time, Pals and other enemies will try to attack your home. This makes staying near your base a great way to ensure the safety of both you and your items. In short, the Wooden Structure Set is one of the best starting items in Palworld.

4. Repair BenchAn assembly line of cats in Palworld.

For our next entry on our list of the best items to start out with in Palworld, here we have the Repair Bench. This item can be unlocked extremely early and only takes one technology point to unlock. This allows the player to repair any damages incurred to these items. This is wonderful for players just starting out, as they most likely will get damaged quite often. The game also is rather punishing in terms of its damage to armor, so learning to make frequent visits to the Repair Bench is great. That said, there are multiple other items that this tool can help with as well.

Players can repair their weapons and tools, which will quickly become essential the more you use them. This ensures not only that you are doing the maximum amount of damage with your weapons. But also that you are receiving the most benefits from using your tools. Seeing as resource gathering is such a huge part of Palworld, ensuring this is a great way to get ahead of the game early, so to speak. For these reasons, we consider the Repair Bench to be one of the best starting items in Palworld.

3. Old BowRelaxing at camp surrounding by Pals in Palworld.

One of the best ways to deal with opponents in Palworld is to attack them from range. This not only gives the player time to formulate a plan of attack but this particular weapon packs quite a wallop in the early game. While it should be noted that players will also have to use Technology points in order to unlock arrows, unlocking the Old Bow early is sure to have a substantial impact on your overall experience. The bow allows players to do significant damage relatively safely, and as an added bonus, you can swap it to your melee weapon relatively easily if needed.

The Old Bow only requires one Technology point in order to be created, but it quickly pays off significantly. This makes not only hunting Pals for resources but also defending your base easier. This is due to the fact that you are able to engage enemies from further away. It should be noted that players will have to obtain both Wood, Fiber, and Stone in order to craft this item. Luckily, these resources are plentiful throughout the world. To close, the Old Bow is one of the best starting items in Palworld.

2. Pal SphereMammorest boss battle in Palworld.

Our next entry on today's list should come as no surprise to those who have spent any amount of time in Palworld. Pal Spheres allow the player to both capture and summon Pals. In doing so, players are able to slowly build up a roster of Pals to aid them in battle, as well as with other more passive tasks. This makes prioritizing the Pal Sphere a great way to get ahead of the game early. Having a Pal by your side not only makes the world of Palworld significantly less threatening but also allows you to grow your Pals alongside you slowly.

This item only requires one resource point to unlock, but it can also be found out and about as well. Traversing through the world, you will often find these items scattered around. This makes collecting them rather easy. It should also be noted by players that for lower-tiered creatures, this is the best way to capture them. So, if you are just starting out in Palworld and are searching for one of the best starting items to craft, make sure to make some Pal Spheres.

1. Cloth OutfitGreen Pal in Palworld holding a rifle in the snow.

We are rounding out today's list of the best starting items in Palworld with the Cloth Outfit. Requiring quite a bit more work than the other entries on today's list, the benefits this item awards you are well worth it. One of the most important aspects of having this item is the Cold Resistance it affords you. This can be incredibly useful if players travel out at night a lot. This is also a risky time to travel, but there are rarer Pals lurking at night as well. In addition to this, the outfit also offers a bit of armor to the player. This is great, as often the enemies in the early game hit surprisingly hard.

Classified as a Tier-4 Technology, this item does require more Technology points than other entries on today's list. That said, it is well worth it and is soon to pay off rather quickly. With the bonus to both defense and health, players should see an increase in survivability. As is the case with many items within Palworld, this item is also tiered and can be improved at later stages of the game. In conclusion, the Cloth Outfit is, without a doubt, one of the best starting items in Palworld.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Starting Items in Palworld? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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