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5 Activision-Blizzard Games We Want on Xbox



activision-blizzard games we want on xbox

If you have been gaming for a while, especially since the 2000s, then it's likely that you know Activision-Blizzard all too well. Back in 2008, Activision was formed after Activision, Inc. merged with Vivendi Games. Together, they gave us some of the most memorable games, like Spyro the Dragon, Guitar Hero, and more.

Recently, Activision-Blizzard was once again in discussion due to its acquisition by Microsoft (and some very nasty lawsuits). This became one of the biggest acquisitions after the Sony x Bungie deal. With Activision, Microsoft can now compete with Sony and other gaming

Aside from the Call of Duty series and Hearthstone, Activision-Blizzard had delivered some of the most iconic games ever. With the new acquisition, we hope to see some of those legendary games revived or ported to Xbox.

5 Games that Activision-Blizzard Should Launch on Xbox

The video game company has delivered amazing games over the years, and there are quite a few titles we would like to see revived or released on the Xbox.

5. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

tony hawk's pro skater

In the last decade, skater games were a raging trend. Every gamer has played at least one skater game in their lifetime. Of course, Activision had to jump onto the trend, so Neversoft released Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in 1999. By then, Activision had acquired the company. The launch of the game coincided with Hawk's popularity, and the game was a massive hit.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was your classic arcade where you did a lot of aerial flips to beat high scores. As you can guess, the initial titles in the series were a hit. But some of the later entries failed to impress the audience. In 2020, Tony Hawk's Skater Pro 1+2 made its way to PS4, Xbox One, and Windows.

There has been little discussion over the skateboarding franchise since. Of course, this game may not be the first one to get a makeover on Xbox. But we can hope for an ultra-modern 3D version of Pro Skater with a multiplayer mode and several maps.


4. Pitfall!


Remember Atari 2600? Yeah, Activision is THAT old.

Players who had an Atari 2600 will remember an Indiana Jones-style game called ‘Pitfall!'. The explorer in the game would set out on adventures. You, as players, could control the explorer and jump over alligators, swing from trees like Tarzan, and do much more.

The adventure game is an old-timey classic that many fans fondly remember. As you might have observed, the Xbox (or any other modern game console, for that matter) doesn't really have many 2D action games. Considering that Microsoft has resources, they might revamp Pitfall! and give it an overhaul.


3. Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero 5 - Kurt Cobain Trailer | HD

If you were into those music video games of 2005, then there's no way you haven't played Guitar Hero. Activision took it up a notch with the guitar-shaped controllers, making everyone feel like a rockstar. Of course, a novel concept like this was a massive hit, and the franchise was successful.

Players could almost mimic playing a real-life guitar with the whammy bar and all. The gameplay was rather simple – you had to match the notes of the music with your controllers. The game featured a ‘career mode' wherein players could play all the songs, cross levels, and enter the hall of fame.

The special controllers made the video game a little expensive, but most players thought it was worth it. The franchise went on to have six successful titles from 2005 to 2015. Of course, there were several spin-offs, ports, and expansions. With the new acquisition, we hope that Activision-Blizzard has some similar musical games up their sleeve.


2. Overwatch

overwatch activision-blizzard

Technically, Overwatch is available on Xbox One as a standalone title, but let's admit it, Overwatch needs some major revamping. It's no secret that Overwatch 2 has been long overdue and yet, looks like it won't be out for a while. Even though the game enjoys a good esports competitive scene, it saw a substantial decline in viewership.

To compete with the likes of Valorant, Overwatch needs to keep the audience engaged with new content. It has been a long while since they introduced a new character to the game. Sadly, the game isn't as big as it used to be anymore. The Overwatch esports tournaments this year would determine whether or not Overwatch will sustain itself in the competitive scene.

In any case, we wish to see Overwatch getting a cool makeover and feature on the game pass to recapture some of the audience. And the developers better hurry up with Overwatch 2.


1. Prototype

activision-blizzard games on xbox

A protagonist that can shapeshift into anything? Sign me up already!

In 2009, Activision published ‘Prototype', an action-adventure video game with a dystopian theme. Set against the backdrop of urban Manhattan, protagonist shapeshifter Alex Mercer tries to unearth his mysterious past. At the same time, a lethal plague, ‘Blacklight,' has infested the city, and it's transforming people into monsters. Players take control of Alex in the open-world action game.

The game was as exciting as the plot sounds and received a positive response from players. Most players loved the combat, storyline, and huge arsenal of weapons. The sandbox gives players the liberty to explore the plague-infested open world. Following the success of the first game, they released Prototype 2 in 2012.  Prototype 2 was equally well-received, and some felt it had outdone its predecessor.

Considering that graphics and GPUs have come a long way since 2021, we can imagine how stunning a Prototype game will look in 2022. Now, let's hope Activision revives the Prototype franchise and rolls it out on Xbox.


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