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Best Water Pals in Palworld



A bunch of sleeping blue creatures in creature-capture game Palworld.

The world of Palworld has been absolutely exploding in popularity. One of the reasons for this immense popularity is the diversity of Pals within the game. There are several different types of Pals to choose from, each with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Among these Pals are Water Pals, which can be incredibly powerful and useful in their own right. Whether you use them for combat or more passive purposes, these Pals are fantastic. That said, here are our picks for the Best Water Pals in Palworld.

5. SurfentA menacing character with a Pal Sphere in Palworld.

For the first on today's list of the best Water Pals in Palworld, here we have Surfent. This Water Pal is one that mainly sees use for traversing large bodies of water. This can make transporting through these otherwise untravelable areas a breeze. Additionally, for players looking to utilize their Pals as a workforce, this Pal serves as a fantastic first entry on our list. This is due to the fact that, despite not being the strongest Water Pal in any one regard, Surfent offers a lot to players who are starting to collect the more sought-after Water Pals.

As a Dragon Water Pal, Surfent has access to many different Dragon-themed moves. This gives them quite a bit of move versatility in battle, which can really come in handy. Some notable abilities that this particular Pal has are as follows: Draconic Breath and Hydro Laser both allow players to do a devastating amount of damage, given they have trained their Surfent enough. Couple these abilities with other ones in Surfent's arsenal, and you have one of the best Water Pals in Palworld.

4. RelaxaurusMachine Gun Pal in Palworld

Now comes the time for the next entry on today's list of the best Water Pals in Palworld. Here, we have Relaxaurus. This Pal can be found relatively early on in the game, making it one of the most powerful early-game Pals around. Additiaonlyl, the utility that this Pal provides is also fantastic for players to use to their advantage as well. Like our previous entry, Relaxaurus is a Water Dragon Pal that can be ridden, given the player has unlocked and crafted the saddle for this Pal. In battle, Relaxaurus can deal a shocking amount of damage, but it is when players are saddled up with this Pal that they truly shine.

Once players have unlocked and utilized the saddle, they are given access to the ability to fire off missiles in quick succession. In doing so, this gives this Pal immense long-range combat capabilities. This can prove especially useful for players who have a more up-close style of combat. Added to this, for more passive players, this Pal is great at watering crops and the like, making them a great addition to your roster. In short, Relaxaurus is one of the best Water Pals in Palworld.

3. PenkingAn assembly line of cat creatures in Palworld.

Our next entry on our site of the best Water Pals in Palworld is not only one of the most visually interesting entries, but it can deal quite a bit of damage. Obtaining this positively pomp penguin is a bit easier said than done, however. In order for players to capture Penking, they will have to maneuver throughout the boss's dungeon. The dungeon is named the ” Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings “. However, once players have captured this Pal, there are many uses that players are able to find for it.

The creature not only features the second level of the Handiwork skill, making it fantastic for menial tasks around your camp, but also this Pal has the ability to Cool objects. For those unaware, this ability allows you to store food longer, which is extremely useful. This is especially true considering how much the Pals within Palworld eat. Additionally, for players who are interested in accumulating more items from Fire Pals, Penking helps in this regard as well. To close, Penking is one of the best Water Pals in Palworld.

2. AzurobeFighting a world boss in Palworld.

Next up on our list we have Azurobe. Continuing on with today's theme of Water Dragon Pals, Azurobe is simply fantastic. One of the core aspects of this Pal that makes them so fantastic is their ability to Apply Water damage. This can be done while the player has mounted the Pal, adding additional damage to your attacks. This also makes this Pal extremely useful against more high-level Fire Pals. In terms of their working ability, the Azurobe works extremely hard and features one of the best Watering abilities in the game.

In terms of combat ability, this Pal is also extremely impressive. With moves that vary in their typing and effectiveness, Azurobe is a versatile Pal, to say the least. One of the most devastating abilities that this Pal has access to is Dragon Meteor. This ability summons meteors down on an opponent and is often extremely effective. So, if you want a regal-looking Pal that not only helps in battle but also with watering and other tasks, check out Azurobe, one of the best Water Pals in Palworld.

1. Suzaku AquaCatching a Pal in a Pal Sphere.

We are closing out our list today of the best Water Pals in Palworld with Suzaku Aqua. In terms of their sheer utility and fantastic abilities, this late-game Pal is among, if not the best. With the ability to be mounted and flown around the map, the traversal options with this Pal are almost limitless. Unlike our other entries on today's list, this Pal pulls most of the abilities in their move pool from the Ice typing. The functionality of these abilities ranges greatly, giving this Pal tons of room for variation in their attacks.

Additionally, each of their abilities can be used in tandem with one another to devastating effect. The Pal has access to damage-over-time abilities as well as more AoE-focused abilities. As far as its Watering potential goes, it is one of the best Water workers in Palworld. This not only ensures that players will be able to allow this Pal to tend to their crops but also that they can handle themselves in a pinch. In closing, Suzaku Aqua is one of the best Water Pals in Palworld.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Water Pals in Palworld? What are your favorite Water Pals? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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