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Best Beast Hunter Builds in Starfield



Best Beast Hunter Builds in Starfield

The Beast Hunter is one of the best combat characters in Starfield. This background puts you in a world full of hostile alien life. Your main task is to identify them and eliminate them. For the success of this mission, Starfield arms you with Fitness, Ballistics, and Gastronomy skills at the start.

However, if you want to prosper as a beast hunter, there are a couple of builds you need to equip yourself with. These vary depending on your preference and prowess to handle each. While discovering what builds suit you better, here's a list of the best Beast Hunter Starfield builds we have identified.

Best Skills Build for Beast Hunter

Best Beast Hunter Skills Builds

The primary skills boost oxygen levels (fitness.) Ballistics, on the other hand, boosts your expertise in weapons, a skill that is highly crucial with this build. Last but not least, gastronomy is a cooking and brewing skill that will help you heal characters you meet and eventually boost your gameplay. These three are, by all means, very crucial for the character who hunts and destroys monsters, causing chaos on the planet.

In addition to the primary builds, you need to know alternative skills that will rank up your gameplay. Wellness is one of the extra skills that work well with the Beast Hunter to increase its health. You might also need Medicine and Scavenging skills. Medicine improves the healing rate after using your healing mixture by using Gastronomy. Scavenging, on the other hand, boosts your looting process.

Zoology is an exemplary skill choice that helps you attain resources from creatures without causing them any harm. At the same time, this skill enables you to acquire information from the creatures freely without using the scanner.

With the Ballistic skill, you'll need to use the Ballistic weapon. To enhance this weapon, you'll either need the Pistol Certification or Rifle Certification skills. Pistol certification enhances your ballistic weapons on pistol weapon types and the latter on rifle weapon types.

Best Traits Build for Beast Hunter

Terra Firma Trait

If you are to pick a trait for this background, the Terra Firma trait is definitely the best pick. Terra Firma improves your health and oxygen on the surface. Its downfall is that this trait will wear out the two while in space. The beast hunter is rarely in space. Therefore, this is a chance that's worth taking on.

The Beast Hunter makes you a social character. Therefore, you need the Extrovert trait. The perk of this trait is that it reduces the use of oxygen in social scenarios. However, the Extrovert will use up oxygen quickly any time they are alone.

Starfield allows you to equip up to three traits at a time. However, given the disadvantages these traits come with, we have selected some that might not have an extreme impact on you. In fact, our best advice would be to choose Terra Firma alone. On behalf of the Extrovert trait, you could choose the Persuasion skill build.

Best Weapons Build for Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter Weapons

With a Ballistics-driven background, the beast hunter works well with rifles or pistols. Our pick lies more heavily on rifles than on pistols. Rifles offer more adverse damage to enemies. Additionally, rifles offer varying shooting ranges and still maintain their damage effectiveness.

Early in the game, the Maelstrom is a good rifle choice for our build. The gun offers an expansive damage range. Similarly, the Maelstrom has a high fire rate, making it outshine several weapons.

As you advance, the Gallow's Reach shotgun will be a more likely choice. If you level up enough, the Revenant rifle is the best pick overall. The two are among the best rifles Starfield Weapons offers. For the hunter, these rifles will set you ready for your raids.

Among the other pro rifles you can have are the Drum Beat, the Magshear, the Tombstone, and the Peacemaker. After selecting your rifle, you should ensure to equip it with the best attachments the weapon can hold. Attachments increase the effectiveness of the weapons, making them even more deadly.

Best Armor Build for Beast Hunter


Armors are crucial with any Starfield background. In our case, the armor providing the highest protection should be your best pick. While looking for armor, you need to ensure that you have a full set. A set includes the spacesuit, helmet, pack, and apparel.

Armors that range in the rarity of blue offer the best selection. Choices that are at a higher level are also quite catchy. These variants will give you the best perks and modifications.

You should then modify your selection with the best armor mod choices provided. Armor mods make each piece of gear even more effective.

Best NPCs Build for Beast Hunter

Simeon Bankowski: NPC in Starfield

Players often decide not to take on companions for the Beast Hunter to optimize battle strategies. In fact, your combat would improve significantly with the right companion. Additionally, if you are equipped with Manipulation or Leadership skills, you can easily guide your companion to ultimate success.

One of the best NPCs to hire in Starfield is Simeon Bankowski. An ex-weapon tester is now ready for hire. He can be found at The Viewport and bought using 13,500 Credits. This companion is a great Beast Hunter choice due to his prowess in weapons and combat.

Simeon Bankowski is a sniper sharpshooter whom you can use to aid in tearing down alien enemies from a distance. The NPC comes with three essential complementary skills, which include Sharpshooting, Sniper Certification, and Marksmanship.

Sharpshooting is a combat skill that improves headshots using ranged weapons. With this skill, Bankowski becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battleground. As a Sniper user, the Sniper Certification improves weapon steadiness for much cleaner shots. Ultimately, this skill rewards the companion with the ability to hold breath for longer durations to increase their stability with the weapon.

Finally, the Marksmanship Starfield skill gives the NPC a chance to improve critical hits. This comes in handy, especially when dealing with weapons that are not automatic.

So, what's your take on these picks for the best Beast Hunter builds in Starfield? Do you agree with our list? Do you have other favorites to share? Let us know on our socials here.

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