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Best Ronin Build in Starfield

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Best Ronin Build in Starfield

The Ronin, a solitary wanderer seeking to regain lost honor, emerges as a compelling character in Starfield. While the Ronin is an exemplary pick, it requires creative modifications to attain its maximum potential. Therefore, choosing your skills, traits, weapons, and armor plays a vital role. 

With the right Build, Ronin promises immersive gameplay. Some builds are ultimately a must-have. However, it is essential to note that your perfect build choices depend on your preferences and playstyle. Without further ado, let us explore the best Ronin build in Starfield.

Best Skills for Ronin Build


Stealth abilities open up a world of covert possibilities for players, enabling them to move undetected through the game environment. Whether navigating through enemy territory or executing stealthy takedowns, this skill provides a tactical advantage. Without this skill, getting sneak-max attacks is virtually impossible, so levelling it is a priority and allows players to approach challenges with finesse. The skill prompts high awareness and agility, making the Ronin unstoppable in the Starfield world.

Additionally, the Dueling skill amplifies the character's prowess in close-quarters combat. It emphasizes the effectiveness of melee weapons. The skill offers players a substantial 25% increase in melee weapon damage and a 10% reduction in damage.

While Scavenging may be considered a secondary bonus, its inclusion contributes to a more well-rounded character, emphasizing resource management and exploration. Who wouldn't wish to find extra credits while searching containers in Starfield? The skill helps players find additional credits, ammo, and aid items.

Boost packing and martial arts are also crucial for the Ronin Build. The Martial Arts skill significantly enhances both unarmed and melee attacks. You can silently terminate the enemy in stealth. Conversely, The Intimidation skill proves invaluable when confrontation is unnecessary, allowing players to instill fear in enemies and compel them to retreat without engaging in combat. This skill provides a strategic alternative, emphasizing the power of intimidation over physical conflict.

Maintaining physical prowess is vital for the Ronin. Skills such as Wellness, Gymnastics, and Fitness contribute to their overall fitness and agility. These physical skills likely enhance attributes such as health, flexibility, and stamina, ensuring Ronin remains in peak condition for the challenges ahead.

Additionally, the inclusion of Boost Pack Training suggests a commitment to versatility. It provides the Ronin with mobility advantages and adaptability for various situations. However, take caution against over-reliance, as the audible boost pack noise may compromise stealth by alerting enemies.

Best Traits for Ronin Build


Choosing the Introvert trait for a Ronin character in Starfield is a strategic decision that aligns with a lone-ranger playstyle. By reducing oxygen consumption, this trait complements a stealthy approach. It allows the Ronin to operate efficiently in isolated environments during extended missions without frequent resupply. While teamwork might be beneficial in some situations, the introverted trait empowers Ronin to navigate the game's challenges independently.

Opting for faction-related traits like Neon Street Rat introduces an intriguing dynamic to Ronin's story. This trait enhances customization and adds depth to the game's narrative. Furthermore, incorporating the Alien DNA trait gives the Ronin a distinct advantage in combat scenarios. With intact health and oxygen levels, the Ronin becomes a formidable force, capable of enduring prolonged engagements. This trait reinforces the Ronin's combat effectiveness and enhances their overall survivability. Similarly, it makes the Alien DNA trait a strategic choice for players seeking a robust and resilient character in Starfield‘s diverse landscapes.

Best Weapons for Ronin Build

Starfield weapons

Ronin's specialization in duelling skills makes melee weapons the most strategic and practical choice. The Va'Ruun Painblade stands out as a premier one-handed, close-range melee weapon. If you have used it in the game, you can attest that it has a high damage output. Its exceptional damage makes it a perfect choice for players focusing on melee combat. Similarly, it is a must-have weapon for those prioritizing raw power and effectiveness in close-quarters encounters. 

The Combat Knife is also ideal for heavy attacks. Additionally, it allows players to block incoming melee attacks during combat. Players can acquire this weapon by looting defeated Ecliptics and Pirates, searching Military Crates, and exploring various shops across the Starfield World. 

Additionally, the Syndicate Enforcer stands out as an epic version of the Japanese sword, Wakizashi. The weapon is equipped with two effects that contribute to its combat prowess. It has a Berserker, which amplifies its damage output, and a Lacerate for the bleeding effect. It is a dynamic choice for players seeking a unique and powerful melee weapon in their interstellar adventures. A melee-focused build for Ronin in Starfield is advisable, but carrying at least one ranged weapon is essential due to occasional encounters requiring long-range combat.

Best Armor for Ronin Build


Given the close-quarters nature of combat in Starfield, prioritizing armor that offers comprehensive damage reduction is vital for survival. Investing in protective gear that can mitigate various types of damage ensures a well-rounded defense against the diverse threats encountered in the game. 

The chameleon effect emerges as an excellent choice when customizing the spacesuit, pack, and helmet for the Ronin character. It allows the player to cloak when crouched and stationary, significantly enhancing stealth capabilities. Notably, unequipping these items in interior locations can further optimize sneakiness and camouflage. 

However, the key to exceptional stealth lies in the apparel underneath, the Operative Suit. It offers a substantial 25% bonus for sneaking, making it the ideal choice for this stealth-focused build. To Supplement the standard equipment, chems become integral, and two notable options include Frost Wolf for increased damage and boosted movement speed. Similarly, it helps to reduce noise during movement, offering flawless stealth missions.

Conversely, Red Trench offers a damage boost and a significant increase in damage resistance. Spontaneously, it becomes the go-to choice when stealth tactics fail. It ensures Ronin's survival in the face of adversity. This comprehensive approach to gear and Chems underscores Ronin's playstyle's adaptability and strategic depth in the immersive Starfield.

So, what's your take on these picks for the best Ronin build in Starfield? Do you agree with our list? Do you have other favorites to share? Let us know on our socials here.

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