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Best Starting Traits in Starfield



Best Starting Traits

Whatever your goals are in Starfield, no interstellar adventure can begin without the foundations of a good backstory. That's why, at the start of Starfield, you must choose three starting traits, which outline your character's backstory, provide stat boosts, and define the type of space traveler you are. However, if you're not sure what kind of space traveler you are yet, read on to this list of the best starting traits in Starfield to help you decide. Whether you want to be an outlaw right from the get-go, a famous hero of the galaxy, or just a kid traveling the constellations who misses his parents, the starting traits in this list have you covered.

7. Hero Worshipped

Best Starting Traits

If you want to seem like somewhat of a paparazzi at the start of the game, then that's what the Hero Worshipped trait is for. Essentially, with this trait, you'll have an annoying fan who's bugging you constantly. On the plus side, you can make him a member of your crew (and a pretty good one at that) and he'll occasionally give you gifts. So, as long as you can put up with his constant affection, the Hero Worshipped trait is one of the best starting traits in Starfield.

6. Dream Home

Dream Home is one of the best starting traits in Starfield for a variety of reasons. The first and most obvious benefit is that you start the game with a luxurious home. Furthermore, because you'll most likely be stacking your ship's cargo hold with more loot than it can carry, it's a great place to store extra gear.

Aside from that, let's address the elephant in the room: the weekly 125,000 credit mortgage that comes with selecting this trait. While this fee may deter some players, you can get around it. All you have to do is pay the weekly minimum fee of 500 credits, which is practically nothing. Then, later on in the game, you can pay that mortgage off, or just keep forking over the 500 credits to keep your luxurious space home for a cheap price.

5. Kid Stuff

best starting traits

We understand that space travel can be lonely. That's why, if you're missing those porch lights, the Kid Stuff perk allows you to leave them on. Thanks to this trait, your parents will be alive and living in New Atlantis. So, if you're ever feeling lonely, you can visit them anytime. What's the downfall? Well, they get 2% of all the credits you earn each week. Why? Because we love and support them. That, however, is a two-way street.

The Kid Stuff trait has the advantage of giving back to you, which is why it's one of the best starting traits in Starfield. With the 2% fee on all of your weekly earnings comes the promise that your parents will give back to you in some way. Many players have received a unique pistol from their father, while others have received an entire ship. There's no telling what you'll get, but the trait is well worth it for that reason alone.

4. Neon Street Rat

Best Starting Traits

Although Neon Street Rat is not as beneficial as the other starting traits in Starfield, fans who really want to immerse themselves in the game's role-playing elements will enjoy this perk. With the Neon Street Rat trait, your backstory is that you've grown up in the mean streets of Neon. Because of that, you'll have more dialogue options when speaking to people from Neon, whether they're on the planet itself or if you happen to run into another Neon resident somewhere else in the galaxy. And who knows where these discussions will lead you.

Furthermore, completing missions on Neon will earn you better rewards, some of which include unique weapons. The disadvantage is that you will receive a higher crime bounty from factions outside of Neon. Nonetheless, if you already have plans to engage in criminal activity and want to quickly establish yourself as a space pirate, this is one of the best starting traits in Starfield for it.

3. Empath

Best Starting Traits

The Empath trait is almost a must-have in Starfield because it essentially doubles down on your actions. With the Empath trait, if you do things your companions like, or reply with an “Empath” dialogue option, you'll get an increase in combat effectiveness. As a result, this is a great trait to have in general, but especially if you're interested in pursuing the game's romantic relationships. The only disadvantage is that if you do something that your companions dislike, you will receive double the disapproval.

2. Taskmaster

Best Starting Traits

The Taskmaster is the starting trait you didn't know you needed. This trait is simple: “if you have crew trained in a certain ship system, that system will automatically repair itself to full health whenever it is damaged below 50%.” The downside is that hiring a crew costs twice as much. While that may appear to be a hefty trade-off, we will let you in on a little secret: Hiring crew, for the most part, is relatively cheap. Furthermore, paying double the upfront cost for a crew member who magically heals your ship is far more cost-effective than paying to repair your ship every time it is damaged.

1. Wanted

This last trait, Wanted, may not be seen by some as one of the best starting traits in Starfield. However, if you want to establish yourself as a wanted criminal, this trait will do the trick. Essentially, this trait does nothing but put a price on your head from the start of the game. As a result, mercenaries will constantly come knocking on your door and attempt to murder you throughout the game. The benefit of this trait is that when your health is low, you do more damage.

The reason we love this trait so much is it adds an element of surprise to your game. Starfield can be relatively slow at times, with little action. However, if you choose the Wanted trait as one of your three starting traits, then action occasionally finds its way to your doorstep without you knowing. And that always makes for some great gaming moments.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our picks? Are there other starting traits in Starfield you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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