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Avowed: Everything We Know

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Avowed: Everything We Know

Obsidian Entertainment is ready to take players on a breathtaking journey with their upcoming release of Avowed. As the anticipation mounts, fans are eager to uncover the secrets and immerse themselves in the rich and captivating world that awaits. Avowed promises to be an unforgettable first-person fantasy RPG that will leave players spellbound and yearning for more.

From the moment Obsidian Entertainment first announced Avowed, curiosity has been piqued. With a teaser trailer released back in 2020, the studio tantalized fans with a glimpse into the game's world. However, it wasn't until the recent Xbox Games Showcase that the veil was partially lifted, showcasing the expansive and fantastical world in all its glory. As excitement builds, fans can't help but wonder: What lies in store for them in this epic adventure? How will their choices shape the fate of the land of Eora? Well, here's everything we know about Avowed so far.

What is Avowed?

Avowed is an exciting upcoming first-person fantasy RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Set in the fictional world of Eora, players will step into the role of an envoy from the kingdom of Aedyr. Their mission? Uncover the truth behind a spreading plague that threatens to engulf the land.

The game takes place on the captivating and dangerous island known as the Living Lands. This island is brimming with diverse environments, bustling towns, and unique creatures. Players will have the opportunity to shape their own destiny through their choices and actions, as they unravel an ancient secret that could change everything. With its immersive gameplay and captivating story, Avowed promises an unforgettable RPG experience. In short,  Obsidian Entertainment has crafted a game that will transport players to a world filled with mystery, danger, and endless possibilities.


Avowed Story: Everything We Know

Avowed presents an exciting and immersive story where you play as the envoy of Aedyr (a distant kingdom). Your mission is to investigate a spreading plague that has plagued the mysterious island called the Living Lands.  But as you explore further, you discover a deep connection to the land itself. Ancient secrets emerge, threatening to unleash chaos and destroy everything. You must save the island and your own soul from the forces tearing them apart.

The Living Lands is a perilous place, filled with diverse landscapes and strange wonders. From bustling port towns to enchanting rolling hills adorned with fantastical plants, the island holds countless mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Every decision you make will shape the fate of the island and determine your own destiny. So, the game invites players on an immersive adventure into the heart of darkness, where the power of an ancient secret awaits those brave enough to uncover it.


Avowed Gmaeplay

Based on what's revealed by the developers, Avowed offers an exhilarating gameplay experience that seamlessly blends immersive first-person perspective with intense combat encounters. Players will have the freedom to approach each engagement in their own unique style, with a plethora of weapons, spells, and abilities at their disposal. Whether you prefer a sword and shield combo for a more traditional approach or harness powerful spells to decimate enemies from a distance, Avowed allows you to tailor your playstyle to suit your preferences.

One of the standout features of Avowed's gameplay is the ability to dual-wield weapons, opening up a vast array of combat possibilities. Moreover, the game will allow you to pair a sword with a pistol for quick strikes followed by a ranged shot, or combine two magical staves for devastating spell combos. The choice is yours, and the fluidity of the combat mechanics ensures that each encounter feels dynamic and exhilarating.

Furthermore, exploration is a key aspect of Avowed, and players will have the opportunity to traverse a sprawling and intricately designed world. Ancient ruins, dense forests, and treacherous mountain ranges await, with every location filled with secrets to uncover and quests to embark upon. As you journey through the Living Lands, you will encounter diverse ecosystems, each with its own inhabitants and challenges.

In Avowed, choice and consequence will play a significant role, in shaping the course of your adventure. The decisions you make will have far-reaching implications, influencing the story, relationships with companions, and the overall fate of the Living Lands. Also, the choices you make in this game will shape not only your character's journey but the destiny of the entire world.


Avowed is being developed by the renowned game development studio, Obsidian Entertainment.  In a recent blog post, the developers emphasized the importance of companions in this upcoming game, stating that they will play a major role in shaping your adventure. In addition, they have incorporated a wide array of weapons and abilities for players to utilize, including swords, shields, pistols, and magical spells. The team has also expressed their commitment to sharing more details about Avowed in the future.


Avowed - Official Gameplay Trailer

The latest Avowed trailer unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase takes us on a captivating journey through the game's expansive landscapes and showcases thrilling gameplay moments. It is a tantalizing glimpse into the epic adventure that awaits, leaving us eager to explore every corner of this fantastical realm. So, don't miss the trailer embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Avowed Release Platforms

Obsidian Entertainment has yet to announce the exact release date for Avowed. However, they have slated the game for release in 2024. The game will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam, enabling players on different platforms to enjoy the game. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass will offer this game from day one, offering subscribers the opportunity to jump into the adventure without requiring an additional purchase.

Regarding special editions, there have been no official announcements so far. While collectors might hope for limited or collector's editions, we'll have to wait for further updates from Obsidian Entertainment to see if any special editions will accompany the standard release.

To stay ahead of any updates and announcements about Avowed, you can follow the game's official social media accounts here. By doing so, you can ensure you don't miss any exciting news about the game's release date, platforms, potential special editions, and more.

So, what do you think about Avowed? Are you excited to uncover the ancient secrets and face the challenges in the game? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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