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A Farewell Letter: 8 Best PS4 Games





With the new Playstation being released in 2020, we have decided to take a step back and make our list of best PS4 games. Come with us as we reminisce about games which made us fall in love with Sony’s last console.

1. Bloodborne

For the uninitiated, Bloodborne is a spiritual successor to infamous Dark Souls trilogy. It not only combined the best elements of the series but also managed to outshine it. This is an action-horror RPG in which you take the role of a Hunter roaming the streets of the gothic-inspired cities. Bloodborne is a notoriously hard game that will punish your every wrong move, but when you finally get it right, the satisfaction is immense. Visually, the game is as stylistic as they come and features many unforgettable boss battles that will test your nerves. With this one, FromSoftware hit it out of the park. If you are looking for something similar, take a look at their newest game called Sekiro.

Artwork of Best PS4 Game: Bloodborne

Architecture in this game is other-worldly

2. Devil May Cry 5

The latest entry in this badass action series is one of its strongest. We are back in the boots of demon hunter Dante in the latest sequel that delivers a mesmerizing mix of silliness and epicness. Although combat is never lacking, in DMC 5 it has finally realized its full potential and rekindled our love for action games. Sure, you can just start mashing buttons and it may work, but you can choose to explore the intricate fighting system. Aside from Dante, you can also play as Nero and V, both of which have a totally unique playstyle and a story that could easily stand on its own. All of these features make it one of the best PS4 games.

Best PS4 Games: Devil May Cry 5 Artwork

DMC 5 delivers the best fighting mechanics in the series

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man

True, the market has been oversaturated with Spider-Man games, but this one had heart and quality like no other. With it, Marvel has decided to take a chance and offer an alternative take on the popular superhero. We still vividly remember the excellent gameplay mechanic which made swinging through the Manhattan skyline so damn satisfying. The open-ended nature of the game is still incredibly mesmerizing, and can easily occupy you for hours. It is definitely one of the best games in the whole series.

Artwork of one of the Best PS4 Games: Marvel's Spider Man

4. God Of War

The expectations were incredibly high, and Sony has managed to surpass them all. We once more play as Kratos, and although he is as pissed as ever, we now see another side of him that added the depth to the series. Of course, the game still offered plenty of violence for the fans who didn’t want to get mushy over the father-son story. Additionally, God of War offered a huge world for us to explore, filled with many secrets and fights that feel like you are watching the best movie ever. Instead, you are playing it. Go figure.

With a long and engaging story, Sony has managed to sharpen all the edges of the game, which certainly wasn’t an easy task. Ultimately, the God of War may very well be the best PS4 game ever, but we will let you be the judge.

God Of War Gameplay

God of War had everything: good story, great fights, and breathtaking graphics

5. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an epic action RPG that offers plenty of techniques and skills to master. You play as Aloy, in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have switched back to tribal societies. The Earth is now populated with various mechanical creatures, and not all of them will enjoy your presence. Zero Dawn impressed us with a huge open-world that looks and feels alive and rich with things to explore. With a consistently engaging story and a bow-and-arrow playstyle that works excellently, it earned a place in our heart as one of the best PS4 games.

Horizon Zero Dawn Artwork

Rich lore of the Horizon Zero Dawn elevates already good game to a whole different level

6. Persona 5

Persona is what happens when you take stylishness of DMC series, sprinkle it with Anime, and add a dose of intricate combat mechanics. You’re once again put in boots of high school students with the power to enter Metaverse, a hidden shadow world, where they steal the hearts of the wicked. Aside from battling, you will also need to develop and grow new relationships and do various interesting tasks between exploring the dungeons filled with bizarre-looking characters.

Watch out though, as Persona 5 is a notoriously long game that might take over 100+ hours to finish. If you don’t mind that, you will be greeted by a weird, trippy world that will continue surprising you every step of the way.

Persona 5 gameplay

Persona 5 is a truly unique experience

7. Destiny 2

It might have had a rocky start but after few expansions and some major changes, Destiny 2 has finally delivered what we knew it could: interesting quests, challenging raids, and badass boss fights. Bungie has managed to nail the rhythm of the game so that you always have something new to do all year round. The arsenal of weapons is nothing short of amazing, and shooting of the waves of Thralls, Acolytes, and Goblins never gets tedious.

Season of Dawn just came out, so this is a great opportunity to dive deep into the world of Bungie’s amazing multiplayer sci-fi FPS.

Destiny 2

With Season of Dawn out, Destiny 2 is at its strongest

8. GTA 5

GTA 5 was released over 6 years ago, and it still hasn’t left the console of many players. The whole series is consistently amazing, but this sequel delivered on a whole another level. We played as multiple characters through a 30-hour campaign that slowly unfolded in a damn good story. Rockstar decided to deliver a story in an episodic structure, and it paid out. Furthermore, developers managed to create a living San Andreas, where anything could happen at any given moment. Compared to its predecessor, nearly every aspect of the game has been improved.

Putting great singleplayer experience aside, we also need to mention a multiplayer aspect, which is still evolving. Challenging other players while building your own criminal empire has never been so fun. We have only one question, “When the hell is the sequel coming out?”.

One of the best PS4 games GTA V

What more needs to be said about this classic?

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When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.


Fortnite Streamer Bowl Teams Confirmed




Fortnite Streamer Bowl Artwork

Twitch Rivals finally came out with the list of top-level players that will compete on the Fortnite Streamer Bowl. They will play alongside some of the most popular NFL players in these weekend duos tournament.

Streamer Bowl will be happening in Miami on January 30, right before the Super Bowl kicks off. In total, 16 duos will be fighting for the $ 500, 000, which will go to the charity of their choice.

Streamer Bowl Teams

  1. Fortnite World Cup Winner Bugha will be playing with JuJu Smith-Schuster from Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. LosPollosTV is going to team up with Jamal Adams from New York Jets
  3. Fan-favorite Turner “Tfue” Tenney will partner with Kyler Murray from Arizona Cardinals
  4. TimTheTatman’s back is gonna be covered by Jonathan Abram from Oakland Raiders
  5. Symfuhny and D.K. Metcalf  from Seattle Seahawks will do their best to secure the prize
  6. NICKMERCS is practicing with Mike Evans from Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
  7. Popular Twitch streamer DrLupo will take his chances with Keenan Allen from L.A. Chargers
  8. Fellow Canadian NickEh30 is teaming up with David Morgan from Minnesota Vikings Fprtnite Streamer Bowls players list
  9. Tarik Cohen from Chicago Bears is going for the Victory Royale with Clix
  10. Chap’s partner in crime is Kyle Van Noy coming from the New England Patriots
  11. Reverse2k is going all-in with Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns
  12. BrookeAB, the only female streamer on the list, is partnering up with Eric Ebron from Indianapolis Colts
  13. Aydan is gonna be playing with Kurt Benkert from Atlanta Falcons
  14. UnknownxArmy will do his best with the help of Avonte Maddox of Philadelphia Eagles
  15. Elded will be playing with Arizona Cardinals representative, Kenyan Drake
  16. Lastly, we have NateHill and Eddie Vanderdoes, coming from Houston Texans

You can watch the whole tournament live from the official page. The event will be promoted via Purple Zone video series that will include the hottest Twitch streamers (Tfue, NickEh30, DrLupo, and Mike Evans) and NFL players (DK, Mike Evans, JuJu, and Jamal Adams).

The format of the tournament is still unknown, but Streamer Bowl will start at 3 pm PT on 30th January.

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Ninja gets skin on Fortnite in new update




Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will have his own skin in Fortnite. The streamer made the announcement on Wednesday morning (15) on a broadcast on his Mixer channel. The item is part of the Icon Series, which already has the Marshmello and Major Lazer skins. According to the player, the news comes to the game on Thursday (16), along with the 11.4 update, the first of 2020 at Epic Games Battle Royale. Nevertheless, the skin is only available for three days, leaving the game catalog as early as the 19th.

Ninja gets skin on Fortnite in new update

Skin will be available in update 11.4, which will be released this Thursday (16). (Image: Epic Games)

The character’s look was praised by the streamer. The skin features spiky hair, a blue jacket and hood, and black pants. “(The skin) looks like me,” commented Ninja during the broadcast. Other news involving the player has also come to Battle Royale: an emote, a blingback and a pick are available to the player who purchases the item. You can even vary between four skin customizations.

The title developer plans to release more such items, bringing real-world personalities into the game. Loserfruit and TheGrefg, for example, are also confirmed by Epic Games.

Fortnite Update 11.4 also features a new weapon side rank feature. In non-competitive matches, the player may “set aside” the assault rifle as a heavy assault rifle, which returns in this patch. Now it will also be possible to upgrade the rarity of weapons early in the game. New items have also been added, such as the Flint-Knock pistol and the Shockwave and Impulse grenades.

Funds are already nearing the end of Fortnite’s first season, Chapter 2, which began in October last year. The next one is scheduled to start in February, and should bring news such as map changes, battle pass and new item releases.

How to get Ninja skin in Fortnite?

Ninja’s skin will be in store for a limited time, however, and availability will cease once it is removed. The skin will be removed three days later, on January 19.

Ninja’s partnership is part of a new Icons series in which Epic Games collaborates with musicians, artists, movies, fashion and more to bring themed experiences to Fortnite. Past collaborations included Marshmello and Major Lazer. Epic has also confirmed that YouTube creators Loserfruit and The Grefg are future collaborations of the Icons series.

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PUBG Season 6 Update: New Map And More




PUBG Season 6

PUBG Season 6 update will soon hit the streets, and with it, we will get a brand new map called Karakin. Here’s all that we know about the upcoming season.

New Desert Map

Karakin didn’t come out of the blue. The devs have already teased us via social media before giving us this badass reveal trailer. Karakin is a desert map set somewhere in North Africa. This will be games 5th map, along with Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Erangel. Karakin is 2 x 2 km in size, which means it is much smaller than other maps and perfect for fast-paced games. It has also been confirmed that Vikendi will not be available in season 6, but will definitely reappear in the later seasons. However, custom matches in Vikendi will still be available.


PUBG Season 6 Karakin Map

Karakin is a 64-player map that will look different every time you play it (Source: PUBG)


If you just can’t wait for it, you can already check Karakin out on a test server. Aside from 5 villages on the shores, much of the map is an open mountainous area, which will be perfect for sniping practice. There are claustrophobic underground bunkers spread throughout the map.

PUBG Season 6 Mechanic: Black Zone

Karakin also comes with a twist – a new mechanic called Black Zone that will completely transform the area inside it. The buildings inside it will sustain big damage or be completely destroyed, so you will have to constantly be on your feet. Devs have developed it to prevent excessive camping and we highly welcome it. Black Zone will also evolve in real-time throughout the match, so a house that was there just a minute ago may become totally flattened. Buildings that get destroyed will be represented with X on the minimap. It will also be totally random, resulting in a different experience every time you play. Watch out for the sound of a siren and quickly evacuate if you are inside the purple circle.

Season 6 artwork

With Black Zone, thinking on your feet will definitely be rewarded in Kakarin (Source: PUBG)

Sticky Bombs And Penetrable Walls

Karakin will also have one unique weapon – Sticky Bombs. You will use them on various Breach points, like weak walls and floors, to create new paths. This will definitely add a new tactical element in the game, as you now have the option to attack enemies from various unexpected angles. Sticky Bombs will also uncover various secret areas that might contain useful loot, so keep your eyes open.

Devs have also decided to add bullet penetration, which will work on the weakest walls in Karakin. Lastly, the new flying vehicle called Motor Glider will also be available in Karakin. The vehicle has 2 seats, making it easy for your teammate to spread fire on enemies below. There are dozens of small things added and you can see full patch notes here.

PUBG Is Here To Stay

PUBG is still very much in race with other Battle Royale games like Apex Legends and Fortnite. Remember, Season 5 was launched in October of 2019, and we’ve already got a new one. Season 6 is coming out at the end of the month, on January 25th.

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