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The Hottest Holiday Gaming Accessories of 2022



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With the holiday season quickly approaching, many people are sure to be wondering what to get. Whether this is for a family member or friend, everyone can benefit from having an excellent gaming accessory or two. These can range in their functionality and purpose, but they make a wonderful gift for the more technologically inclined person in your life. So without further ado, after much scouring, here are our picks for The Hottest Holiday Gaming Accessories of 2022.

5. PS5 DualSense Charging Station &

Venom Controller Twin Docking Station Xbox Series X)


With the growing expanse of games and their runtime, battery life has never been more critical. Nothing ruins a gaming session quicker than realizing you forgot to charge your controller and have to call it quits. Here is where the newest charging stations come in. Serving to charge both the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers, respectively, these devices ensure that the fun doesn't have to stop simply because of battery life.

It should be noted that the Venom Controller Twin Docking Station for the Xbox Series X offers a place to charge your rechargeable battery packs and your controllers. The charge comes with two rechargeable battery packs for the controller. The DualSense charging station works like a dream as well. You only need to place the controllers onto the magnetic charging station and plug them into a wall outlet. This makes it so that you don't have to rely on many cords or anything to do your charging, as the station does all of that for you. Altogether, these products are great gaming accessories for the gamer in your life.

4. SanDisk 128 GB MicroSD Card (Nintendo Switch)

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console with many games to play. That being said, one of the areas in which the Switch can be improved is its memory space. The SanDisk 128 GB MicroSD Card will ensure that you can store more games on your Nintendo Switch. Seeing as the space on the stock Switch is somewhat limited. This could be a fantastic investment for anyone planning to play their Switch regularly. Another great point about this purchase is that the MicroSD card can be picked up relatively cheaply for the memory it provides.

This purchase increases the longevity of the Switch by allowing you to put more games on it. Now you don't have to play the dreaded game of debating whether to delete a game's data to free up space. That isn't all these cards have to offer. You can also store videos and pictures from the Nintendo Switch onto this card, meaning you can capture more of your most memorable gaming moments more easily. So if you know someone who regularly uses their Switch, this would be a fantastic choice for them this holiday season.

3. Logitech  G560 Gaming Speakers

These speakers offer a whole new level of auditory fidelity to your gaming sessions. Not only that, but they also glow reactively based on what is going on in your gaming session. If you are someone who wants to get truly immersed in a game, then these speakers are for you. While their price point may be a little steep, the uptick in price is negligible for the quality you get from these speakers. As an owner of these speakers, they are incredibly durable and offer a sound experience that exceeds their price point.

These speakers really allow you to enter the game world and be surrounded by sound. Firefights sound more realistic, and general sound effects are amplified by using this speaker system. The light system also makes for a visually satisfying experience as it reacts to your gameplay. Not only that, but any music played through these speakers will also enjoy the same reactivity. So if you are somewhat of an audiophile, then these speakers are for you this holiday season.

2. Hori Split Pad Pokemon Controller

If you or someone you know is a Pokemon fan, then these new controllers for the Nintendo Switch by Hori are right up your alley. These Pad controllers offer the player full functionality when dealing with the handheld mode of the Nintendo Switch. On top of that, it delivers this responsive experience, all while looking absolutely stunning. The controllers come in a range of designs with different Pokemon as their inspiration. These gorgeous controllers make it so that your Nintendo Switch truly shines and looks unique amongst other players.

These controllers are also more functional than their stock counterparts. These controllers have been outfitted with larger grips, allowing for more handling of your Nintendo Switch. In addition, the analog sticks and the D-pad have all been reworked to be more durable and withstand more gaming sessions. All in all, the Hori Spit Pad Pokemon controller not only looks stylish but is incredibly functional. For the reasons listed above and many others, we can strongly recommend this controller as one of the best gaming accessories for the holiday season.

1. PS5 DualSense Controller & Xbox Core Controller

This selection might not be the flashiest pick out there, but the PS5 DualSense controller and its Xbox Core counterpart are incredible gift ideas for this holiday season. Players will always need new controllers for one reason or another. Maybe it will complement a new console they got for the holiday season. Whatever the reason, one can never have too many controllers. So if you or someone you know is looking forward to a lot of gaming this holiday season, then this gift idea is great.

In conclusion, the PS5 DualSense and Xbox Core controllers make fantastic entry points for players looking to play. While they might technically be the flashiest or most artistic controllers on the market, what they lack in creativity, they make up for in functionality. However, this isn't the only aspect where they shine, as their price point is another significant reason why these controllers perform so well. While the DualSense controller will set you back $50, the Xbox Core controller comes in about $10 cheaper than its Sony competition. So no matter what you decide to pick up this holiday season, either one of these choices would be fantastic gaming accessories for the game enthusiast in your life.

So, what's your take on our picks for The Hottest Holiday Gaming Accessories of 2022? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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