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7 Xbox Gifts That Every Microsoft Fan Must Own



In case you’re stocking up on new tech this month, we thought we’d make shopping a little easier for any Xbox fans out there. Seeing as we already covered PlayStation merchandise the other day, we feel it’s only fair to serve up seven of the neatest Xbox gifts that any fan would be proud to display. Also, we’ll be looking to cover Nintendo in the future, too — so be sure to stop by again real soon. In the meantime, however, it’s all about Microsoft, friends.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new birthday gift or just adding to your collection; these seven ideas will surely bring a smile to any gamer and enhance any display in the house or office. So, without further ado, here are seven gifts you need to purchase right now. It’s time to start filling up that basket!


7. Xbox Light

Light up any room with the iconic logo bulb.


What better way to game through the night than to have an official Xbox globe lighting up all corners of the room? With an enhanced white glow at the touch of its exterior, this iconic LED symbol can brighten rooms, offices and parties from all edges of the world. And, if you’re seriously looking to expand and cover more areas, you could always check out some of the other available designs from most gaming retailers. Whether it be a logo, a character or an item; you can never have enough lights enchanting your collection.


6. Xbox LED Notebook

Keep track of those precious achievements in this trendy notebook.


I’d hate to sound like a door salesman here, but believe me when I say — I have one of these at home myself. Not only do they look trendy, but they’re also extremely convenient and sturdy. Even if you’re not entirely into jotting down your thoughts or putting pen to paper; having an LED Xbox notebook really can tie your collection together rather nicely. Just simply tap a button on the cover and voilà — you have that iconic apple glow in the palm of your hand.


5. Xbox Controller Holder

What better way to showcase your love for Xbox than to have Master Chief defending your pad?


Seeing as we shed light on those all-important PlayStation editions, it seems only fair that we give a little love to the Xbox versions, too. Of course, depending on your personal preferences, these controller holders can come in many different designs. However, seeing as we’re covering Xbox in general, we can’t help but opt for the face of the platform himself. Halo, unsurprisingly, is the obvious choice for any long-term Xbox follower. And so, to have Master Chief protecting our controller seems like the ultimate way of backing the brand.


4. Gears of War Mug

Any Gears fan will be proud to have Carmine holding their coffee fix.


If you’re a Gears of War fan, then you’re more than likely aware of who Carmine is and what he represents. Although having literally nothing to do with hot beverages, the masked hero himself is still a major part to the Gears timeline and is even considered a favourite — despite the ever-changing roster of brothers and series of unfortunate family events. So, what better way to represent the family tree than to lace the Carmine honour around your finger? It is one of the best-selling Xbox franchises after all.


3. Xbox Gift Set Duo

When in doubt…socks.


Now, you might be rolling your eyes at this gift idea — because it is, in essence, a pair of socks and a mug. But, like millions of people out there; socks are always in short supply. Even if it isn’t technically the most extravagant gift in the world — it is still a necessity, and it is most definitely a safe option when between risky birthday ideas. There isn’t a great deal more I can say about this, to be honest. They’re socks. You need socks. The world needs socks, okay?


2. Xbox Resin Necklace

Represent the brand with these quirky necklaces.


When digging deep into the underworld of Xbox merchandise, it seemed only right that I stumbled upon a whole range of ludicrously priced Xbox jewellery. Although originally aiming to plaster a 4K gold pendant with a $10,000 price tag on the list, I soon realised that doing so would’ve looked ridiculous when next to the likes of socks and a mug. And so, to keep it all in the same spectrum, it only seemed fair to include these quirky designs made from resin. Available in several different designs, these handmade charms can put a smile on the face of any Xbox gamer no matter the age or gender.


1. Personalised Xbox Controller

The ultimate gift to any Xbox lover.


Coming in at the very top of this list is, of course, personalised Xbox controllers. Now, these can be a little pricey, but depending on your budget, you can quite literally customise almost anything on the pad; from graphics to additional grip, bumper colours to joystick patterns. You can even plaster your own unique Gamertag on the case should you wish to fork out the extra cash. Again, a little on the heavy side in terms of funds — but it is a gift that will represent both Xbox and yourself in the finest way imaginable.

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