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5 Video Game Romances That Stole the Show

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Video Game Romances

Gaming is an art form that goes far beyond combat and graphics. It's more than just coming up with captivating story arcs that stand out among popular novels and blockbuster films. In today's age, romances are quickly gaining popularity as important recipes for an engaging game. 

It's endearing to experience the ups and downs of a new relationship, whether you're in charge or just following along. Many games include romance in their gameplay. However, only a few games have romances so flawlessly executed that we can't get enough of them. So, keep reading to the end to find out about the top five video game romances that stole the show. 


5. Link and Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

For many years, Link and Zelda's relationship has captivated our hearts. In the over 30-year-old The Legend of Zelda franchise, Link is the main character. And, even though his relationship with Zelda is mostly platonic, Skyward Sword finally reveals the wonderful romance we've waited so long to see. Perhaps the constant premeditation of the ‘hero gets the princess' irks our brains. Or, more specifically, it's the clear depiction of fate that intertwines Link and Zelda's lives. 

In the beginning, Link marries Princess Zelda as a reward for rescuing her and completing the Triforce. There's not much of a romantic story there, but it does set a precedent for the hero of Hyrule’s destiny. In Ocarina of Time, Zelda has been waiting for Link for over seven years. Granted, Link was her only hope. It does, however, forge trust between Zelda and Link, which eventually matures as they become equals and fight side by side in Spirit Tracks

Their adorable relationship continues to blossom into a strong bond until Link's desire to be with Zelda manifests itself in Skyward Sword. In the end, Link and Zelda create a surreal relationship with lots of uncertainty along the way. Their relationship grows into a genuine bond where they care deeply for each other and would give their lives for one another. But if fate and destiny don’t count as a top five video game romances that stole the show in your books, maybe polar opposites will?


4. Geralt and Triss – The Witcher

Geralt of Trivia is a well-known film and video game character in the Witcher series. He's a peculiar character for his wild and cold personality, and he prefers to be alone during quests. Despite his best efforts to avoid romantic situations, plenty of women always find their way to him. He will now and then spend time with prostitutes. But on a few occasions, he complements sorceress Triss Merigold in such intense ways that they're simply perfect for each other. 

Triss is upbeat, interesting, and determined. Because the player controls the plot, it’s up to you to pursue Triss and win her love. In the end, though, Geralt and Triss create the best romantic moments, which we hope to see more of in the future.


3. Mario and Peach – Super Mario 

Video Game Romances

Simple and enjoyable is sometimes the best way to go, and Super Mario thrives at it. The majority of games will have a similar plot. Peach is in danger, and Mario sets out to save her. But, beyond the simple damsel in distress story, there is much more in these overpoweringly cute little moments that have earned this couple's respect over the years. You can always count on a happy ending, a great testament to couples from the upper and lower classes consistently going out of their way to make each other happy.


2. Lavellan and Solas – Dragon Age Inquisition

It’s no secret that the developer, BioWare, outdoes itself in curating romance moments in RPG games. In the first Dragon Age: Origins game, players had four romantic options to choose from. What makes it great is that each character comes with their own interests, likes, and preferences they look out for. Depending on how you pursue them, they can either fall in love with you or not. This creates a realness to the Dragon Age games, much like dating sims do.

In particular, Lavellan and Solas spark the most interest. Romance stories aren't always rosy in real life. So when these two go through difficult times in their relationship, it breaks our hearts and keeps us wanting more. When Solas abandons Lavellan without explanation, he breaks her heart. He appears to genuinely love and care for Lavellan, expressing sadness whenever he sees her again. Lavellan is naturally angry at him, which he takes well and proceeds to help her when she is in need. Unfortunately, the game ended without much resolution to their relationship. Hopefully, their story will continue in the next game. 


1. Commander Shepard – Mass Effect

At the top of the five video game romances that stole the show are Commander Shepherd and everybody else. Like Dragon Age, BioWare executes yet another captivating romantic story arc in Mass Effect. Players who take on the role of Commander Shepherd have the freedom to explore an overwhelming number of romance options. 

Each character you choose has a different personality, making it all the more exciting. Kaidan, for instance, exudes a sensitive nature, Garrus is rebellious, while Tali is adorable and nice. In total, you can have three serious relationships. You can also have three same-sex flings if you like. Regardless, each relationship is fun and has compelling scenes, so it’s plain difficult to pick the best one. Saving the universe does not have to be a lone endeavor. Through thick and thin, you will have a meaningful relationship with a devoted partner who will fight alongside you.

Mass Effect creates a fun environment for you to watch your partner grow and discover their hidden personalities over time. It easily ranks among the top five video game romances that stole the show, with the option to create your own dream team and randomly demonstrate acts of love like teaching your partner dance moves or bringing them wine.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five video game romances that stole the show? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.

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