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5 RPGs We Want Remastered on Xbox Series X & PS5



The great thing about next-gen consoles is that not only does it allow for new games to step in and push the boundaries of the current competition, but at the same time, old titles can be remastered to feel new again. Providing gamers with the opportunity to relive their favorite games. Some of the most notable RPGs like The Witcher 3, Mass Effect, and Dark Souls have already been optimized for next-gen consoles. That's why we are counting down the five RPGs we want to see remastered for Xbox Series X and PS5.

These RPGs still stand as fan favorites and deserve to be replayed with updated graphics for next-gen consoles. This is simply because they're recognized for generating some of the most influential RPGs ever seen in video games, and they're bursting at the seams with nostalgia. Remastering these games will give gamers the chance to relive some of their core-gaming memories. So let's dive right into the five games we want remastered for Xbox series X and PS5 consoles.



5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Back in 2003, the video game RPG scene saw a massive inclusion with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The game became a massive hit for letting fans of the acclaimed movie saga live out their own Jedi or Sith Lord fantasy. With that, the game had a great incorporation of compelling characters, in a plot-twist-driven storyline. This brought the RPG aspect to life by making you juggle between good and bad decisions that influenced your character.

The game is playable on PC, and even got a remake for mobile, so where is our next-gen remastered version? We are still getting averagely good Star Wars games from EA on next-gen, but they all don't feel quite as inspired as Knights of the Old Republic. What we need is to re-live the powerful storyline the game offered with updated graphics. No Star Wars title since it has been able to deliver an equally impactful story. That should be enough of a reason alone to remaster the game for next-gen.



4. Fallout: New Vegas

One of gaming's biggest RPG franchises is the Fallout series. The franchise holds one of the biggest fan bases of all RPG games, so remastering the best game in its series, Fallout: New Vegas, just makes sense. Fallout fans are already expressing a strong desire to see the game graphically enhanced and more stable. It's a dream that fans on Reddit have been expressing for years and one that the community would jump at the chance for.

Out of all the Fallout games, New Vegas brought the RPG aspect to life with its in-game decision-making. It's highly replayable for that reason and because it's fit for a wide range of gaming styles. With this in mind, it truly deserves to be re-lived on next-generation consoles. Not only are we dying to re-live the game's incredible story, but so is the die-hard fanbase. That gives more than enough reason to remaster the title for Xbox Series X and PS5.



3. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls franchise will forever go down as an all-time RPG series. That's not even taking into account the game's early editions like Morrowind, which helped it achieve the kind of success it's gathered today. Most of the game's fame is credited to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as it's what people remember. However true original fans of the game will recall the effects The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind had on RPG games.

Released in 2002, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, was huge for defining role-playing games to give a well-thought-out story amid its role-playing aspect. It's an RPG game with a story only true fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise will come to appreciate nowadays. That's why a remastered version for next-gen consoles would surely bring fans back to re-live one of Elder Scroll's oldest tales.



2. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

There is even more of a case to be made for remastering the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Morrowind may have been the first installment to begin a great franchise, but Oblivion put the series on the map. And since it's the more popular older brother, Skyrim is already getting a next-gen remaster, Oblivion most definitely should be next in line.

You already have a fantastic plot that helped Oblivion win the game of the year award. It also helped the game deliver one of the most immersive RPG experiences you can have on console. It's an experience players want to relive graphically enhanced and in 60 FPS on next-gen consoles. Skyrim's immense fan base means that remastering the game that launched the franchise into the spotlight is a decision that many players would rave at.



1. Deus Ex

All of the games on this list can give credit to Deus Ex for influencing their RPG titles. Released back in 2000, the game set a new standard for what RPG games could offer. In practically every circumstance, you had a choice to fight, sneak, hack or distract your way through the situation. With that, these choices only opened up more depending on how you upgraded your character. This made the game cultivate to the player's game style and gave one of the most immersive RPGs we've ever played.

The fanbase for Deus Ex still lingers today. Actually, they have lost patience and made their own remastered version of the original game. Sadly, this is through the use of hundreds of mods and is only available on PC. It's no myth that enhancing the game to today's standards is no short amount of work, but a big company like Square Enix can make that happen. Just maybe, if fans keep pushing away at the idea of remastering any of these games, developers will take the hint and have it come to fruition.


So do you agree with our list? What RPGs do you want remastered for Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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