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Diablo 4 Season 4: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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There's never a dull moment in the sanctuary, and Diablo IV’s new update goes to hell and back to prove this point. Blizzard Entertainment dropped the exciting Season 4 bundle, which could be the nudge the ARPG needed. Helltides are now bigger and form much of the gameplay. Loot is also part of the sweeping changes, with adjustments to Masterworking and Tempering. Also, death comes with a big pinch since you lose much of your cinders. So to avoid this, we’re giving you Diablo 4 Season 4: Best Tips for Beginners for a head start. Let’s dive in. 

5. Level Up

Bone Scynthe of serration Diablo 4

Season 4 has received an incredible boost to leveling up. The game has increased enemy density, making gaining more XP and specific gear items easier. This means getting to level 100 is easier than in previous seasons. All you have to do is farm in the Helltide event.

Moreover, in season 3, you could only access Helltide after World Tier 3. Now Helltide is accessible from the get-go, giving you access to all the goodies after you slay some demons, of course. The seasonal upgrade is somewhat similar to the Season 2 Blood Harvest but more denser. To reap a greater harvest, I recommend playing Helltides in coop mode. Each time your teammate makes a kill, you gain XP. Also, adding a new member to your party levels you up with 10% XP. A word of caution, though: Do not die in the Helltides. You’ll lose up to 50% of your cinders, and your Helltide progress bar will reset to zero.

Before jumping into the demon-slaying action, you need to pick a leveling build. The game gives you four options: sorcerer, druid, Druid Necromancer, and barbarian. Playing as a barbarian or necromancer is the easiest build to play as a beginner.

4. Aim For World Bosses

Diablo 4's New ENDGAME Bosses Are INSANE! (New Uber Bosses)

Occasionally, every three hours or so, a world boss will arise. While these creatures appear to summon the sheer force from hell, they actually go down easily and fast. Encountering a boss is a special event that gives you access to greater rewards. More specifically, these bosses give you Scattered Prisms, a rare resource. These gems are necessary when adding sockets to gear, making them more impactful. 

In previous seasons, you could access these gems after salvaging legendaries. But with the update, players now have enough incentive to take down massive creatures. Again, with co-op play, slaying world bosses can be thought of as a walk in the park. Season 4 grants players extra power, so you don't have to worry about being slaughtered in droves. 

3. Choose Your World Tier

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Class Tier List (Guide)

Diablo IV consists of four world tiers, which rank in order of difficulty. You have Adventurer as your easiest mode, then Veteran, Nightmare, and finally Torment as the hardest level. These levels are also referred to as World Tier, ranging from World Tier 1 to 4. 

As a beginner, it’s a general rule to play in easy mode. But for this season, we recommend starting with the Veteran instead of Adventurer. Previously, the Veteran or World Tier 2 wasn't that enticing because of the insufficient XP bonus. But now, the seasonal upgrades have buffed it up with more XP. Players can also access 20% more loot drops from slayed monsters and a 20% boost in experience. 

Additionally, the game recommends which level you need to be in before progressing to the next tier. Ideally, you can move to Nightmare at level 35. At this level, you can equip sacred items that come in handy in World Tier 3.  You can advance to the next World Tier (Torment) at level 55, which gives you access to ancestral items. 

2. Temper Your Gear

Diablo 4 Season 4 : How to Endgame Craft Tempering and Master working Season 4 Diablo IV

Tempering is Season 4’s new way of upgrading your non-unique gear. To do so, you must walk into a blacksmith’s workshop and add stats or two affixes per item. You can find tempering recipes in the workshop. There are six recipe types to use on your gear: Weapon, Offensive, Defensive, Utility, Mobility, and Resource. The recipes list specific affixes you can use to upgrade items. Most recipes are attached to certain classes, but there are some for general use by any class. 

It's advisable not to stack your inventory with recipes. As soon as you get a new recipe, right-click it to learn it. Holding off on recipes will result in duplicates. Plus, if you come across new ones, chances are that the game will communicate that you already know the recipe. Considering recipes are not that valuable, in that you can't trade them, it's advisable to pick, learn, and drop. 

That aside, the game gives you various methods for tempering your gear. Once you fully add suffixes to your gear, you can begin the Masterworking process, which takes some effort to perfect. Additionally, if you’re not happy with your affixes, the game lets you re-roll for another affix. But keep in mind that you’re only limited to five re-rolls. 

1. Play the Campaign

DIABLO 4 Campaign

The Diablo franchise is renowned for its rich lore and engaging side quests that immerse you deeply in Sanctuary. As a beginner, it's advisable to play the campaign to thoroughly understand the narrative. The campaign mode also offers entertaining content that enhances your adventure while you grind for more XP.

However, some experienced gamers suggest skipping the campaign mode. This decision ultimately depends on your preference, as skipping the campaign allows you to level up faster. So, should you skip or not? Over time, grinding can feel repetitive across different levels. If you're seeking more than just hack-and-slash gameplay, it's best to play the campaign. Additionally, if you've never completed the story campaign, it's a good idea not to skip it.

Bonus Tip

Make Use of Mobalytics

Mobalytics is an invaluable resource for builds, guides, and meta rankings. If you’re unsure which build to use, the app gives you a wide choice of builds from the online community. Plus, you can share your creations with other Diablo fans.

And there you have it. Our Diablo 4 Season 4: 5 Best Tips for Beginners. Are there more tips we should know about? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the comments section below.


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