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Best Armor for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth



Best Armor for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

One of the main characters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is Barret. He is well-known for his firearm skill, tender care of his daughter Marlene, and leadership of the Avalanche group in defending the Earth against the Shinra Electric Power Company. For long-distance attacks, Barret is the best option. Although Barret can use his grafted arm to wield close-range weapons, his primary ability lies in his capacity to inflict devastation virtually anywhere. To help you defeat the Shinra Corporation, here is the best armor to equip Barret within  Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

7. The Chain Bangle

Final Fantasy VII Remake how to Get Chain Bangle

Renowned for its strength and resilience, the Chain Bangle is an impressive addition that significantly boosts Barret's Magic Defense and arms him against various enemies. Expertly crafted and equipped with powerful enchantments, this gadget serves as a firm protector, defending Barret from even the most horrifying of assaults. In addition, the Chain Bangle has two connected Materia slots, providing unmatched flexibility in modifying Barret's skills to fit any fighting scenario. When Barret wears this wrist item, his combat skills reach new heights, and he can lead his friends to victory on the battlefield with absolute control. The Chain Bangle is discovered hidden in a chest during exploration in Chapter 17.

6. The Cog Bangle

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Ch.16 Infiltration: Equip Cog Bangle For Cloud: Appearance, Materias (2020)

Providing Barret with a strong defense against various threats on the battlefield, the Cog Bangle is a dependable piece of equipment that moderately enhances both Magic Defense and Defense. It also features one connected slot and one independent slot, allowing for careful placement of materia to maximize Barret's potential. The Cog Bangle is a valuable tool in Barret's inventory, guaranteeing his battle effectiveness and resilience. Also expertly crafted with magical abilities, this bracelet confidently empowers Barret to confront any obstacle. Equipped with the Supreme Bracer, Barret is prepared to confront any threats that may arise on his journey. The Cog Bangle is available in three separate places: as a reward for finishing the Shinra challenge sims, as an item dropped by the Valkyrie boss in Chapter 15, or as a purchase from a store inside the Shinra facility.

5. Supernatural Wristguards

Accessory: Supernatural Wristguards, Main Pillar | Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade:

When equipped, these wrist guards significantly boost Barret's Attack and Strength attributes, empowering him to deliver devastating blows to his enemies with each strike. However, it's important to note that the Supernatural Wristguards come with a trade-off, as they also lower Barret's Magic and Magic Attack stats. Despite this drawback, the total increase in physical prowess offered by these wristguards makes them a valuable asset for Barret, especially in situations where a lot of force and martial skills are essential. With the Supernatural Wristguards on his wrists, Barret becomes a terrific battlefield force capable of defeating his enemies with unmatched brutality and strength. You can purchase the Supernatural Wristguards during Chapter 9 in Wall Market.

4. Supreme Bracer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Chapter 16: Buy Geometric Bracelet, Supreme Bracer and Rune Armlet (2020)

The Supreme  Bracer is the best defensive armor in the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth universe. With outstanding stats emphasizing physical defense, this powerful gear item significantly increases Barret's survival ability on the battlefield. The Supreme Bracer offers unmatched defense against various magical and physical threats thanks to its impressive increase in defense and a notable increase in Magic Defense.

However, its adaptable material arrangement is what makes the Supreme Bracer unique. With three linked material slots, this armor allows strategically placing material to enhance Barret's combat capabilities further. Additionally, the  Supreme Bracer provides flexibility and agility in the heat of combat, whether enhancing his offensive capabilities with powerful spells and abilities or fortifying his defenses with defensive buffs. You can acquire  Supreme Bracer  from the Shinra Tower Item Shop or awarded to the Barret vs. Soldiers Trainees victor.

3. Astral Cuff


In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Astral Cuff armor showcases unparalleled magical defense capabilities. This fantastic gear, well-known for its remarkable defense against magical attacks, provides exceptional durability in combat. The Astral Cuff is the best option for boosting magical defenses because of its remarkable +20 Defense rise and astounding +124 Magic Defense boost. However, the Astral Cuff's unmatched defensive qualities do not come without a cost. Astral Cuff's lack of materia slots restricts its customization and increased options compared to other armor options. Despite this drawback, its incredible magical defense strength more than makes up for its lack of adaptability, making it a vital tool for Barret in repelling magical solid strikes. You can purchase it from various shops in Chapter 17.

2. Heavy-Duty Bracer

Hidden Heavy Duty Bracer, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Heavy-Duty Bracer proves to be a strong line of defense. This excellent armor is designed to withstand the worst physical attacks and boasts impressive stats, along with three single-material slots, rendering it both durable and adaptable in combat. The Heavy-Duty Bracer offers significant protection against magical and physical threats thanks to its potent +53 Defense boost and a +13 Magic Defense improvement.

The Heavy-Duty Bracer stands out from similar products because of its extraordinary attention to physical protection. Additionally, its single materia slots are another feature that increases the usefulness of the Heavy-Duty Bracer. This lets the wearer adjust their protective capabilities to fit their unique preferences and combat plans. In the heat of combat, the Heavy-Duty Bracer provides unmatched flexibility. From Chapter 13 onwards, players can purchase the Sorcerer's Armlet from shops. From Chapter 13 onwards, players can buy the Sorcerer's Armlet from shops. It can also be found in a chest located in Sector 6 Slums – Collapsed Expressway during Chapter 13.

1. Sorcerer's Armlet

Hidden Sorcerer's Armlet in Wall Market, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Sorcerer's Armlet emerges as a prestigious armor highly regarded for its strategic Materia combination and remarkable magical defense powers. It is an invaluable tool for Barret to boost his defenses against substantial magical threats in battle. However, this fantastic armlet emphasizes magical resistance above physical protection. Wearing the Sorcerer's Armlet offers unmatched defense against a wide range of mystical attacks, with a particular focus on magical resistance.

With three unlinked materia slots providing unmatched customization choices, the Sorcerer's Armlet is a masterpiece filled with powerful enchantments. This unique design allows Barret's combat powers to be further enhanced by strategically placing materia, providing him with flexibility and versatility to suit a range of combat scenarios. The Sorcerer's Armlet is also the ideal complement to the Heavy-Duty Bracer. These two armor choices offer a comprehensive defensive plan, ensuring that Barret is sufficiently shielded against magical and physical attacks on the battlefield.

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