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10 Best Abilities for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth



Best Abilities for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Every character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has special abilities. Some of the abilities are default and unlocked from the start, while most are unlocked by acquiring various weapons. Additionally, some abilities are synergetic, requiring two characters to cooperate to perform them.

Aerith is a reliable character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. She can sense the planet’s life force and is the best magician in the game. Generally, she functions as the team’s mage and primary healer, thanks to her unique abilities. This guide covers Aerith’s ten best abilities.

10. Noble Sacrifice

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Aerith can be a selfless team member in dire situations, thanks to her Noble Sacrifice ability. This ability heals all other characters from everything, including status ailments and death. However, there is one catch: Aerith must die for everyone else to live. It is a handy ability when you are close to a big win but also at risk of losing.

You need the Gambanteinn, Aerith’s ultimate weapon, to unlock this special ability. The ability costs two full ATB gauges to activate.

9. Divine Punishment

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Use Aerith Tifa Divine Punishment Vs Terror of the Deep

Divine Punishment is a synergy ability that requires Aerith to team up with Tifa. This ability creates a ball that traps Tifa and all enemies within a certain radius inside. Tifa then bounces around, causing considerable AOE damage to all enemies and increasing their stagger bars as she goes.

To this end, this ability is handy for crowd control when backed into a tight corner. The ability also raises both characters’ Limit Breaks. Notably, Aerith can make the team temporarily invulnerable to physical attacks when she reaches level two of her Limit Break.

8. Planetary Roar

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Aerith Death Scene

Planetary Roar is another synergy ability that combines Aerith’s magic with Red XIII’s iconic howl to unleash a powerful attack showcased by a spectacular range of colors. The attack causes considerable damage and works especially well when combined with physical attacks by other team members. Moreover, it is a long-range attack, enabling you to maintain a safe distance. It is worth noting that the ability also increases both characters’ Limit Breaks, making Aerith even more formidable.

7. Firework Blade

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Firework Blade is Aerith’s last synergy ability. Aerith and Cloud collaborate to unleash a powerful ranged attack, combining Aerith’s magic spells and Cloud’s lightning-fast sword strikes. The attack causes considerable damage, and attacking from range means that both characters are relatively safe. Moreover, using this ability increases both characters’ Limit Breaks, making them stronger.

6. Radiant Ward

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Radiant Ward is Aerith’s go-to ability because it makes her basic attacks more potent. For example, it turns her basic projectiles into lasers, which cause more damage. It also increases her strike speed, enabling her to overcome enemies quickly. Moreover, this ability also grants her invincibility as long as she stays within the space, essentially making her unbeatable.

However, it is worth noting that you need some time and a safe space to cast spells. You can unlock the Radiant Ward ability by obtaining the Empress’s Scepter weapon.

5. Sorcerous Storm

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Sorcerous Storm enables Aerith to cast a spell that unleashes an electric storm, causing AoE damage to all nearby enemies. The ability is ideal for fighting multiple enemies, although it is only moderately powerful.

You can unlock Sorcerous Storm by obtaining the Silver Staff weapon. Interestingly, Silver Staff helps maintain your HP, especially when playing in hard mode.

4. Lustrous Shield

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Lustrous Shield is a reliable ability for defense, although it also offers offensive benefits. This ability enables Aerith to create a shield that absorbs the damage from enemies’ attacks. Moreover, it also temporarily freezes and slightly damages enemies that strike you. Conveniently, Aerith can also create multiple shields around other team members.

Lustrous Shield can help boost Aerith’s and other characters’ survivability. However, the shield is stationary, requiring characters to remain grounded behind it for protection. You can unlock the ability by obtaining the Wizard’s Rod weapon when playing Chapter 7’s main scenario quest: Mountain Trek. The weapon is located on the Mt. Corel Ascent.

3. Soul Drain

FINAL FANTASY 7 REBIRTH - Rulers of the Outer Worlds AERITH SOLO!!

Soul Drain unleashes an attack that causes slight elemental damage to enemies. More importantly, it enables Aerith to absorb some MP from enemies when unleashed, restoring her MP in the process. Notably, Aerith can absorb and restore more MP when the enemies are staggered.

Unfortunately, Aerith’s physical attacks don’t cause as much damage as her magical attacks. To this end, she needs enough MP to use her magic for attacking enemies and healing allies. As such, Soul Drain is one of Aerith’s most reliable abilities because it helps her restore her MP. It is especially handy when playing in hard mode because Aerith can’t use benches or other ordinary items to restore her MP. Fortunately, this ability is unlocked from the start.

2. ATB Ward

Final Fantasy 7 VII Rebirth - Legendary Bout 4: Aerith vs. The Magi

The ATB Ward enables Aerith to restore other characters’ ATB bars. Notably, ATB is crucial because characters need at least one or two full ATB bars to use their special abilities.

However, ATB Ward refills other characters’ ATB gauges when they are close to the ward. As such, using this ability is only recommended when Aerith is close to her team members. It is also worth noting that the ability only benefits other characters, as Aerith spends both of her ATB gauges to use it. However, she also gets one full ATB gauge after using the ability. You must unlock the Ceremonial Staff weapon to unlock this ability.

1. Arcane Ward

Aerith and Tifa Synergy Abilities- Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Arcane Ward creates a ward that doubles ordinary magic spells, making them twice as powerful and effective. Moreover, the ward reduces Aerith’s MP consumption by half when casting spells in hard mode. It is a crucial ability for Aerith, considering that she relies on magic for most of her attacks. Additionally, the ability also doubles magic spells cast by other characters within the ward. Fortunately, the ability is unlocked by Aerith’s first weapon, the Guard Stick.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the ten best abilities for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 

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