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UFC Betting

5 Best UFC Betting Sites (July 2024)

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Betting on the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) has become a popular modern-day gambling activity. It gets fisty, rough, but above all thrilling. Currently, there are a handful of trusted sites you can place your bets backing your favorite fighter to win.

We’ll showcase the basics of UFC betting and how to bet on MMA. Also, you’ll learn the various types of bets available and the handy strategies and tips to maximize your winnings. Before all that, let's feature the 5 best UFC betting websites.

1.  BetUS

How to Bet on UFC?

BetUS, established in 1994 and licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission, is a reputable online sports betting platform known for its secure and reliable services. It also operates as a casino, providing a wide array of betting options.

For USA residents, BetUS offers a specialized focus on UFC betting, presenting a variety of wagering options for mixed martial arts enthusiasts. The platform enables betting on various aspects of UFC matches, including outright winners, round betting, method of victory, and in-fight propositions. These diverse options allow fans to engage deeply with every facet of the UFC events. In addition to UFC, BetUS also provides betting opportunities on other popular sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, catering to a broad range of sports fans' interests. The platform features live betting, adding an extra layer of excitement by allowing real-time wagers during sporting events. For user convenience, BetUS supports various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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2. Bovada

How to Bet on UFC Tips, Picks and Strategies

Since being established in 2011, Bovada has become a leader in the United States when it comes to offering the most exciting sports betting options, and this includes wagering on all types of MMA matches including all UFC events.

Bovada has set itself apart by offering second to none 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support with some of the most intuitive and easy to use software in the industry. Best of all they focus on offering fast payouts of winnings to all all states. They also offer a wide range of casino games including all major table games, 100s of slot machines, and other types of betting options.

This is our clear favorite for USA customers, but it should be noted that residents from Australia, Canada, and the UK are prohibited.

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3. Everygame

Established in 1996, and formerly known as Intertops, Everygame is one of the premier sportsbooks in the industry.

Despite having casino and poker sections, Everygame is primarily a sportsbook, and it offers a lot in this part of its platform. Once you enter the sportsbook, you will see a number of sports categories on the left side of the screen, featuring football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, golf, football, Aussie rules, baseball, boxing, cricket, darts, eSports, handball, motorsports, politics, rugby, snooker, table tennis, volleyball, and of course UFC betting.

Everygame lives up to the name, and it offers pretty much every game anyone could ever think of betting on, with competitive odds and the ability to bet on games even as they are taking place, which is great if you want to feel the vibe of the game first and place your bet second.

They accept USA residents excluding the states of: New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Washington.

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4. BetOnline

BetOnline: Sports Betting Made Easier, Faster & Safer

BetOnline is one of the oldest leading sports betting brands in the United States and they offer the ability to bet on 23 different sports including UFC fights. It's super easy to switch back and forth between different sports, and they of course offer straight, parlay, teaser, and bet options for most of these. For bets there are also listings on the spread, money line, and total.

The customer support here is also a notch above the competition, and the staff is super friendly and responsive. They offer generous bonuses, fast payouts of winnings, and a myriad of betting options on other types of games with their large casino offering.

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5. Sports

Sports was launched in 2011, and since then they have become of the more popular sports betting brands in North America. They offer the option to bet on all major events including the NFL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, NBA, horse racing, and of course all major MMA fights including UFC matches.

They always strive to bring to the bettor the best odds and lines and this is why bettors are loyal to this platform. They are always offering players more, and this includes more exciting promotions, bonuses, and easy deposit options such as Bitcoin and Ecocard.

In addition, there 100s of casino games to keep you occupied between fights.

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History of UFC

The UFC has a rich history that dates back to 1993 when the 1st  ever event was held. The event showcased which martial arts technique would come on top in an ultimate fight. Therefore, all martial arts styles like kickboxing, sumo, karate, jiu-jitsu, judo, etc., were put against each other in a pit.

There were no rules then, making the UFC admirable among fans who love action-filled fights. So, participants could do moves like groin-striking, headbutting, fish-hooking, and hair-pulling. However, these moves are illegal in modern-day sport and could lead to disqualification if performed.

The sport’s rules were changed, eliminating the above moves, making UFC more appealing to the public. The UFC evolved, and in 2012 it signed its 1st female participant, Ronda Rousey. Thanks to famous media networks like FOX and ESPN, the UFC is globally the most-watched fighting entertainment event.

How to Bet on MMA/UFC Online

Betting on the UFC/MMA is a fun way to make money while enjoying the action unfold. However, you need to know the statistics of every contestant before placing your bet. Therefore, we advise gamblers to utilize the wagering tips of experts in UFC. Alternatively, you could do your research and analysis to place more educated bets, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

So, to bet online, you’ll need to follow the following steps:

Make an initial deposit.

After identifying your ideal site, sign up and make your first deposit while claiming any available welcome bonuses. Also, deposit with a method that suits you best since there’re plenty of options.

Select the most favorable UFC odds.

It’s essential to compare the odds that different bookmakers provide for the similar UFC events you want to bet on. It’s common sense to choose the one with the highest odds. Additionally, critically analyze the events and various markets before placing your bet.

Review your bet slip.

Confirm that you’ve selected your desired amount and fighter to wager on before confirming and placing the bet.

Interpreting MMA and UFC Odds

In MMA/UFC betting, the odds of a favorite fighter winning usually have a negative value. On the other hand, the odds of the underdog or least favorite fighter have a positive value. The most common bet type in UFC is the Moneyline, where you bet on a specific fighter to win. Let’s look at the example below:

Conor              -170
Lesna              +150

Conor is the match favorite in the above example, while Lesna is the underdog. So, since Conor is more likely to win the fight, you need to wager $170 to get a $100 profit. You must risk more funds to make a smaller profit.

On the contrary, if you bet $100 on Lesna to win the match, you’ll make a profit of $150. However, since that’s unlikely to happen, that’s why Lesna has higher odds. You get a massive payout if you bet on Lesna and win. Hence, that’s the standard of how the odds work in all online sportsbooks.

Types of MMA/UFC Bets

UFC has diverse betting markets, but we’ll discuss the most-ideal types of bets, even for beginners.

1)     Moneyline Bet.

This is the most common bet type, as discussed above. Bettors here only bet on who is going to win. The winning methods don’t matter as long as your fighter wins the bout.

2)     Total Rounds (Over/Under).

Here, you need to bet on how long you predict the fight will last as a bettor. Typically, a bookmaker sets a particular number of rounds. So, you only predict if the fight will go under or over the set number. In MMA, the number of rounds can be set to be under or over 2.5, 3.5, or 1.5.

You win if you bet over 2.5 rounds and the fight ends in round 3. If the contest ends earlier, you lose the bet. Additionally, you lose if you bet under 2.5 rounds and the fight ends in round 3. If the match ends earlier, you win the bet.

3)     Parlay Bets.

A bet involving different individual wagers is called a parlay. In UFC, you can choose multiple fight outcomes on the same bet slip. It’s a popular bet but risky since if one fighter loses a match, you lose the entire bet. However, if all the fight outcomes come out as expected, you win big.

4)     Winning Method.

In MMA/UFC, you can bet on how a fighter can win a match. It’s a unique bet type since you only bet on how the fight will be won and not who’ll win. In that regard, there’re three winning methods: through judge’s decision (score), knockout (KO), or submission.

5)     Prop Bets.

MMA has a considerable amount of proposition bets. Prop bets are the additional wagers you can make in relation to other possible fight outcomes. These types of bets are ideal for beginners and, in MMA, are considered the most fun bet types. Thus, examples of prop bets may include:

  • What round will the fight end?
  • Will the fight go the distance?

6)     Live Betting.

You can also bet as the fight goes on. Most sportsbooks will provide different betting markets on UFC/MMA live events. When live betting, it’s essential to keep an eye on the changing odds since they’re constantly updated in real-time.

UFC Betting Tips & Strategies

  1. To make an educated bet, do in-depth research of the fighters’ weaknesses, strengths, and fighting techniques. That increases your chances of winning.
  2. Select the best sportsbook site to place your bets. You can look out for bonuses, promotions, great odds, safety, and security to have an excellent UFC gambling experience.
  3. Gamble responsibly and manage your bankroll properly by not wagering more than you can afford. Also, watch out for winning and losing streaks.
  4. Don’t always bet on the match favorites, and don’t bet on every fight.
  5. Double-check your bet slips before confirming and placing your bets.


UFC betting is gaining popularity by the day, and it’s a nail-biting form of gambling. It’s fun and has different bet types and markets. Our guide has everything to make you an expert MMA gambler. To become the best, you need to research and watch every fight to help your analysis and predictions. Above all, remember that gambling could be addictive, and you should stop whenever gambling becomes a problem.

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