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5 Best Ship Armor Designs in Skull & Bones



Best Ship Armor Designs in Skull & Bones

As you already know, your ship is your biggest amenity in Skull & Bones. As such, it is also the main target during combat. Meaning you will come under numerous attacks over the game’s course. To this end, you need a reliable armor design to help reduce damage incurred during combat. You can choose from 22 armor designs, each with varying damage mitigation features and levels. However, while the variety is convenient, it can also leave you overwhelmed and spoiled for choice, especially if you are still a beginner.

The right armor design can help you sail through the fiercest fights with relative ease. To give you an easier task in your selection, here is an overview of the five best ship armor designs in Skull & Bones, including their damage mitigation stats, blueprint locations, and required materials.

5. La Forteresse III


Flooding is a common attack tactic in Skull & Bones. This in turn causes ships to slow down, thus making them more vulnerable to attacks. This is where La Forteresse III comes in handy. Over time, this armor has proven to be the best armor design to protect your ship against flooding and piercing.  The armor works well by reducing the effects of flooding on your ship. At the same time, it increases your ship's flooding mitigation rate to a stunning 39%.

 As common as flooding is in Skulls & Bones, so is Piercing. This attack usually targets the ship’s weakest and most vital parts, such as the hull, which can either ground or sink your vessel, putting you out of the fight. Fortunately, La Forteresse III mitigates piercing damage by 18%, which is what you need in such a situation.

One thing you should note is that you need the Cutthroat infamy rank to craft the La Forteresse III ship armor. However, the Cutthroat infamy rank is one of the highest, limiting this armor to the late game.

4. The Bastion III

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The Bastion III is the best armor to protect your ship against Fire and Piercing damages. Interestingly, it provides more protection against Piercing damage than La Forteresse III, with a 29% damage mitigation rating. To this end, you can sail into battle knowing that your ship’s weak and vital parts are relatively safe.

This armor also has a 29% Fire damage mitigation rating, making it fairly effective against fire attacks. Fire shots are a must-evade attack to avoid the slow and simultaneous destruction of your ship. Keep in mind that at the battleground, you need to spend more time attacking than defending yourself. When your enemies use fire attacks, they are aiming to cause a distraction, making you clumsy and leaving you vulnerable to more attacks. Fortunately, Bastion III reduces the effects of fire damage by about a third.

To unlock this armor, you need to reach the Cutthroat Infamy rank, making it ideal for use during the late game. Once ready, you can find the armor’s blueprint at Moyenne Critique and acquire it for 5,010 silver tokens. Finally, you also need various other materials, including more Silver tokens, a Torsion Spring, and Cogwheels.

3. Kawaca II

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The Kawaca II armor design provides mitigation against three damage types, including Flooding, Fire, and Piercing. Moreover, it comes with the Rampart perk, which reduces damage from Ramming by 75%. So, technically, the armor mitigates four damage types, providing well-balanced protection.

Notably, the Kawaca II has a 30% damage mitigation rating for each of the damage types. To this end, you don’t have to worry as much about your ship slowing down or sinking from Flooding damage. Moreover, your ship is a third more fireproof. Finally, the hull and other vital parts are 30% more secure.

Interestingly, the balance of damage mitigation features makes the Kawaca II effective against four ships: the Bullhorn, Firebrand, Rammer, and Pyromniac. To this end, it is effective for the late game, where the combat is especially heated.

You can find the blueprints for the Kawaca II armor at Saint-Anne and Telok Penjarah for 2,800 Pieces of Eight. Other requirements for crafting the armor include 3,800 Silver tokens. Finally, you must reach the Kingpin infamy rank, the highest rank in Skull & Bones.

2. Black Prince

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So far, none of the armor designs discussed provide damage mitigation against Explosives. Fortunately, the Black Prince armor design offers decent protection against explosions, with a 35% Explosive mitigation rating. This is a crucial feature, considering that explosive weapons cause an Area of Effect (AoE) impact, dealing considerable damage capable of sinking your ship. Notably, explosive attacks are quite common in Skull & Bones.

Moreover, the Black Prince armor also offers 18% and 20% mitigation against Fire and Piercing damage, respectively. Notably, the Piercing mitigation is also crucial, considering that it protects your ship’s most vital parts.

This armor design also offers the Resolute perk, one of the most powerful in the game. Notably, when your ship's health reaches 33%, this perk reduces all damage you sustain by 50%, extending your survival. You can unlock the armor when you reach the Kingpin infamy rank.

1. Ouroboros

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Overall, Ouroboros is the best armor design in Skull & Bones. Notably, it is not the armor with the most damage mitigation features, like the Royal Custodian armor design. However, it is the only armor with two perks. Moreover, the perks offer great benefits that can give you an edge during sea warfare.

The Ouroboros armor design offers three damage mitigation features: Explosive (20%), Flooding (30%), and Fire (30%). Notably, its protection against Explosive attacks makes it just as reliable as armor designs with Piercing protection features, considering the devastating effects of AoE impacts. Moreover, it also reduces damage from Fire and Flooding attacks by about a third.

Besides damage mitigation, this armor design also comes with two perks. First, the Amalgamate perk restores 15% of your ship’s hull health during bracing. This is crucial, considering that the hull is one of the ship’s weakest parts. Second, the Restoration perk restores 100 severe damage points per second. As such, you can quickly recover when under heavy attack, especially towards the end of the game. You can craft the armor by reaching the Kingpin infamy rank and collecting various other materials.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the five best ship armor designs in Skull & Bones? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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