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Skull & Bones vs Sea of Thieves 

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Skulls & Bone vs Sea of Thieves

The ocean is an extensive expanse that holds many possibilities. While some may see it as a getaway vacation sailing on an endless mass of water, in the gaming industry, it's different. It's a chance to be reckless and belligerent at sea as a buccaneer. Well, suffice it to say Jack Sparrow plays a vital role in giving the sea thieves an intriguing and adventurous outlook. Unsurprisingly, developers are using this concept to create enthralling games.

Ubisoft's Skull & Bones and Microsoft Studio's Sea of Thieves are the kinds of pirate action we relish seeing. In both games, players set sail aboard a pirate ship on different voyages. However, they each appeal to fans in different ways. From visuals to gameplay, the two games have a way of making a seascape highly adventurous. But which one is better? Let's dive in.

What is Skull & Bones?

Skull and Bones | Gameplay Overview Trailer

Skull & Bones is an upcoming pirate game by Ubisoft Singapore with a hinted rendition of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Players use a third-person perspective to navigate the open-world environment in the tactical action game. With no storyline to the game, players can go on a solo mission in the single-player campaign or team up with friends in PVP gameplay. Despite not having a storyline, the game uses NPCs to make it more intriguing. Players can interact with NPCs and learn about their backgrounds while on quests. 

As we said before, the ocean is a hub of possibilities, and Ubisoft Singapore delivers precisely that by giving layers the freedom to set their objectives. The NPCs are the point of contact for assigning jobs, which soon turn out to be a boatload of adventure and, of course, treasure.

Moreover, as a pirate-oriented game, Skull & Bones centers on rising through the ranks as a kingpin. Notoriety is crucial, and the higher a player's reputation for the illest deeds, the more chances he has of captivating powerful ships. 

Similar to other games, players start with nothing and have to put in work to rise to the highest recognizable office in a pirate world, Kingpin. Notably, as there are many opportunities in the sea, so are enemies. Survival skills are essential to progressing through the game. This includes crafting weapons and hunting for food. 

Also, rising through the ranks will call for more responsibilities. For instance, as a captain, you'll be in charge of a crew, which means you'll have mouths to feed. Failure to feed your crew reduces their much-needed morale for taking over ships. 

What is Sea of Thieves?

Official Sea of Thieves Gameplay Launch Trailer

Sea of Thieves is a 2018 first-person action-adventure game by Microsoft Studios. Players live off their pirate dreams in an open world while completing assigned voyages by three primary companies; the Merchant Alliance, Gold Hoarders, and Order of Souls. The game features single and multiplayer modes where players go against each other in a sea-bound adventure to collect treasures and cause massive havoc. In the single campaign, players sail in an agile sloop, whereas the multiplayer mode gives access to a brigantine or galleon that holds three and four players, respectively.

While on team missions, players can take on different roles such as ship navigation, hoisting sails, attacking oncoming ships, or look-out from the crow's nest. Other ships will launch attacks on a player's ship using cannonballs that damage the vessels. As expected, a damaged ship will start sinking, and it's up to the players to patch up the ship and draw out the water. 

Sea of Thieves is the ultimate definition of instantaneous victory followed by disaster. While a triumphant loot brings joy to a player, you must be cautious of approaching ships. If you take notice too late, an enemy may jump aboard and launch an explosive keg that instantly wrecks the ship; all your hard work becomes dust. With a vengeance mindset, you and your crew can repair your boat and set sail to recover your loot. Essentially, great risk and reward are the core elements in Sea of Thieves. 

What are the Main Differences between Skull & Bones vs Sea of Thieves?

Skulls & Bone vs Sea of Thieves

A striking difference between the two games is their aesthetic appeal. While Sea of Thieves appears more animated or cartoonish, Skull and Bones deliver a more realistic look into pirate life. The time difference between the two could be one of the reasons.

Moreover, the game approaches are significantly different. Sea of Thieves has a more chicanery approach to raiding and attacking ships. On the other hand, Skull and Bones live up to the Johnny Depp legacy by depicting the highs and lows of a pirate.  


Sea of Thieves has non-linear gameplay where players complete voyages and battle them for treasure and loot. On the other hand, Skull and Bones intimately and informally depict the everyday life of a pirate and the transition from a sea urchin to a kingpin. Also, Sea of Thieves players starts with a simple sloop, whereas Skull & Bones players must be strategic in crafting and surviving. 


While the details reaching the grapevine do not indicate any customization in Skull and Bones yet, Sea of Thieves offers plenty. Players can customize their ships, including the captain's quarters, figurehead, and hull. Players can also save the ship's loadout for future voyages. 

With Skull of Bones drawing inspiration from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, we can only hope for similar appealing naval machines. 

Skull and Bones vs Sea of Thieves: Which is Better?

Skulls & Bone vs Sea of Thieves

The only way to answer this question is by first trying out the game. Since Skull & Bones is an upcoming game, giving it a go before the gavel hits are fitting. Notwithstanding, the details so far hint at more enthralling, fast-paced pirate action compared to Sea of Thieves. 

Moreover, Skull and Bones presents a more challenging game with adaptations of physics-engine mechanics such as wind positioning. Players can live out their ultimate pirate fantasy in the upcoming title. 

Which pirate game do you think is the best between Skull & Bones vs Sea of Thieves? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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