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Gotham Knights Vs Arkham

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Gotham Knights Vs Arkham

There are only a few weeks to go before the official launch of Gotham Knights, the most awaited title in the DC franchise. The game is a cooperative version of Batman Arkham that fans have long been asking for. While it may be coming to next-gen consoles, it's safe to assume there will be a lot of big differences between this title and its predecessors. Gotham Knights has also been placed in an unfortunate position where it would have some large shoes to fill in connection to the Batman: Arkham series.

Nonetheless, it still looks like this game is going to be, in many ways, an improvement of the whole franchise. This is due to the game's gameplay demonstration showcasing several unique aspects in store for us. Thanks to the same demonstration, we can be able to point out the things that set these two titles apart. From the graphics, visuals as well as open-world design, let's find out the main differences between Gotham Knights and Arkham.


What Notable Differences Are There Between Gotham Knights and Arkham?

Most fans have pointed out a few differences, some of which are not viewed as improvements. What we can agree on regarding both titles is the incredible roster of villains that make the Gotham experience more real. Especially Scarecrow, whom we see play the best villain he can in the last Batman title. The Court of Owls is also a formidable organization expected to feature in Gotham Knights, something we all look forward to. Now, let's do away with the similarities and take a look at the differences we can note between the two games. 


Batman's Absence

Not only is Batman dead in Gotham Knights, he remains dead throughout the game. Nightwing therefore takes the lead of the new team of Gotham heroes. Given how much space and attention the Bat takes from the last title, it's high time we get to explore the rest of the incredible DC heroes. Aside from Nightwing, the game features additional playable characters that include Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood, who, in this case, fill up the void left by Batman.

Bruce's absence oversaw a huge spike in crime, which led the city down a dark pit. This, of course, doesn't go unnoticed and the four heroes join up to defend the city; this alliance is also propelled by the farewell letter Bruce leaves to all four members of the team. So unlike in Batman Arkham, where Batman took centre stage in dealing with the city's villains, this weight falls on the four who survive him.



The city of Gotham is often emptied by a lockdown that secures the safety of up to 6.3 million civilians; that is in Batman Arkham. However, in Gotham Knights, the open world appears to include all civilians. In that, folks will just be roaming the streets at the same time you are taking down DC's diabolical villains. Since the area you traverse will be fairly large, you probably will have no problem avoiding running into Gotham citizens minding their business under the open night sky. 

The lockdowns on Arkham have always had everyone else out of the way while leaving just the villains, crooks and cops. Since the one initiating the Batmobile attacks was Batman, the game maintained the ‘no kill' policy. Even when the car would turn into a tank, it would electrocute the bad guys while they remained alive. In Gotham Knight, we anticipate a different approach with Batman gone. And since there is no lockdown, there probably is going to be a ton of “collateral damage.” The game will also feature cool vehicles like the Batcycle.


Combat System and Character Addition 

Developers aim to maintain the same beat-em-up combat mechanisms from Arkham in Gotham Knight; what will be added is cooperative multiplayer action. This allows your friend to join and leave the scene without interfering with the game. We don't think anyone will be missing Batman Arkham after Gotham Knight launches with all the incredible additional characters to come; that give you different play styles to enjoy. You'll also be able to see damage numbers on the screen, unlike the last title.

From Red Hood's brutal gunplay to Nightwing's acrobatic combat style, we certainly have more action to look forward to than we can anticipate at this point. In boss fights, Batgirl's laser focus and Robin's stealth and precise attacks shine brighter. One of them includes a showdown with Mr. Freeze, who, in his own element, is one of the toughest villains we see in Gotham Knight. The environment is also interactive, meaning you can exploit each location, especially with Batgirl's fight style.



From what we can tell so far, Gotham Knights is meant to display itself uniquely from the rest of the Batman Arkham series. While that may be a positive thing, some fans can't help but point out the game's graphics as unsatisfactory. Most claim Batman Arkham has well-aged graphics that appear more polished than the upcoming Gotham Knights. 

While some may agree, there's just no way to really conclude this statement as accurate. Sure, Arkham's city design is rich in details, such as the sparkling rain-soaked streets and gleaming neon lights. But considering Gotham Knights is a next-gen console title, it's only bound to improve. That's why most fans expect a pleasant outcome with both graphics and details.


Final Strike

Gotham Knights Vs Arkham

Arkham Knight is a great conclusion to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy. It features the best villains and exciting side quests to explore. Not to mention Batman and his Batmobile, who run around the city executing some pretty badass moves. It's not surprising that the game's combat and visuals are still impressive even today. That's why the next Gotham chapter is expected to outdo all the previous production. From the graphics to the combat style to the visuals, all of which make these games worthwhile. The fans' anticipation for the game is high; hopefully, the developer doubles up on every aspect of the Arkham series.

Which DC hero game do you prefer to play between Gotham Knights and Arkham? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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