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5 Best Ship Weapons in Skull & Bones



5 Best Ship Weapons in Skull & Bones

A ship not equipped with the right weapons in Skull & Bones is essentially a sitting duck. Since naval combat is this game’s central theme, you need reliable weapons to successfully tackle the various missions and sink enemy ships before they sink you.

The game allows players to choose from dozens of ship weapons, each with varying strengths and weaknesses. While not all weapons can be unlocked early in the stage, there are specific weapons that are a must-have for combat efficiency throughout the game. Therefore, as you kick off your Skull & Bones' adventure, be on the lookout for these five best weapons.

5. Sea Fires

Sea Fires

Sea fires are essential due to their fire-damaging capabilities. Sea fires work by allowing players to continuously shoot large streams of flames. When fired, these weapons cause gradual damage to enemy ships, a tactic that you require, especially to divert enemy attention from you. While confusing enemies, the fires are also so strong that they will burn your attackers within their range.

With a magnitude of Sea Fire weapon ranges, the Blue Specter is by far the most efficient. This specific ammunition has the highest damage rating of up to 502 compared to its. This ammunition also comes with the Superheated Burning III perk to improve its effect. To obtain the Blue Specter, you must defeat Maangodin to gain Ethereal Ashes as your reward. With 50 ethereal ashes, you can trade for the weapon at Mysterious Rogue.

Now back to our class weapon, the Sea Fire. While they deal amazing damage to opponents, they have their downfall. The weapons can only be positioned in the bow slot. Additionally, they are only best for short ranges. For this reason, this weapon is a risky choice that requires experience and a calculated approach. However, when you nail them, these weapons cause more fire damage and wider spreads when installed on ships, especially when equipped with Fire Damage perks, such as the Firebrand Barge or the Pyromaniac Sambuk.

4. Demi-Cannons


Demi-cannons are comparable to shotguns for two reasons. First, they are mostly effective in the short and medium ranges. Second, they deal considerable damage when used properly. Overall, Demi-cannons deal high-spread damage that can cover an entire part of an enemy ship.

Notably, the Demi-cannon III is the most efficient and reliable Demi-cannon. It causes flood damage, slowing ships down and making them more vulnerable to ramming attacks. Overall, the weapon has a base damage rating of 1,028, enough to sink enemy ships when shot from the right range.

Ideally, Demi-cannons work best when attached to the broadsides, considering that most attacks are directed towards the sides. However, you can also place one on the stern to attack and repel ships pursuing you from behind.

Interestingly, Demi-cannons are easy to use, making them beginner-friendly. However, it is worth noting that they deal insignificant or no damage when fired from long ranges. To this end, you must get close to your enemies, which also makes you vulnerable to attacks.

3. Mortars


Mortars are auxiliary weapons in the S tier. Notably, mortars cause considerable damage and have a wide Area of Effect (AoE), enabling them to inflict damage on multiple ships with one shot.

Overall, mortars are recommended for targeting idle ships because they take a few seconds to travel through the air before hitting their targets. However, you can also target moving ships by targeting spots in front of their course of sail and firing a few seconds before the enemy ship reaches the targeted spot. However, this requires precision timing; otherwise, you can waste precious ammo.

Notably, you can only use mortars with medium-sized ships, such as the Padewakang. Additionally, they reload slowly. Ideally, mortars and other auxiliary weapons are backup weapons recommended for use as a last resort.

Interestingly, mortars are closely similar to rockets, another class of auxiliary weapons also in the S tier. However, rockets are slightly less efficient and reliable than mortars. Notably, they are only efficient from medium and short ranges. Moreover, they can easily miss if you or the enemy ship move during or after firing.

2. Long Guns

Long Guns

Long Guns are excellent weapons for long-range combat. You can use them to shoot enemy ships’ masts and hulls from long distances, slowing them down during a pursuit. Moreover, the guns are incredibly accurate, enabling you to target more precise and weaker spots to deal lethal damage as you sail closer to enemy ships.

Overall, Scurlock’s Long Nines is the best Long Guns weapon in Skull & Bones. Notably, it causes piercing damage and has a huge base damage rating of 2,234. Moreover, it has three perks: Mast Breaker, Piercing III, and Tearing II. Moreover, it reloads faster than other long guns, making it more reliable. Interestingly, you can also use the Fire Long Gun III alongside other Sea Fires weapons on the Firebrand Barge to enhance and maintain the Blaze effect when chasing enemy ships from the side.

However, long guns only fire a couple of shots before reloading, temporarily leaving you out of action. To this end, it is recommended to switch to your broadside weapons as the long guns reload, while also circling around for two other shots.

1. Bombards

Bombards: Best Ship Weapons in Skull & Bones

Ultimately, Bombards are the best class of weapons in Skull & Bones. Notably, they have a significant base damage rating. Moreover, their impact has an Area of Effect, damaging other ships within the vicinity. To this end, you don’t even need a precisely accurate target to hit and damage enemy ships. Moreover, you can fire multiple rounds before reloading, enabling you to scatter fleets of enemy ships with overwhelming firepower.

Overall, the Fire Bombard III is the best Bombard weapon. Notably, it has an impressive damage rating of 2,925. Moreover, it has the Explosive II perk to tear through enemy ships and Burning I perk to raze them down.

You can position the Fire Bombard III on the stern and bow to deal fire damage when repositioning or fleeing. Notably, this weapon is most efficient when used with the Blaster Sloop or the Bombardier Padewakang because the ships have extra AoE perks. Interestingly, you can also install the Repair Bombard III on the bow and use it to heal allies.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the five best ship weapons in Skull & Bones? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 

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