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5 Best Red Dead Games of All Time, Ranked



Take GUN out of the equation, and you'll come to realise that Western tales don't tend to pop up all that often. They're high in demand, sure, but only few companies have been able to port their richest qualities over to the video game realm. Take Rockstar for example. At no point has any rival faction been able to overshadow the global phenomenon that is the Red Dead domain.

While on the subject, it is worth sifting through the few Red Dead games that Rockstar has flung out since its inception, if only to both praise and scrutinize each and every element. The question is, which game from the series wound up being the best of the best, and which entry found itself at the bottom of the pile? Well, let's run them from the top. Here are, in our opinion, the five best Red Dead games of all time, ranked.


5. Red Dead Revolver

To put it out there, we're not saying Red Dead Revolver was a bad game. If anything, it was one of the main highlights of 2002, and an absolute credit to the guys over at Rockstar. But considering it owned up to having a pretty short story (pushing 3 hours, give or take), as well as a whole lot of repetitive missions, it didn't exactly stand out as a timeless work of art, nor anything remotely special.

Having said all that, Red Dead Revolver did pave the way to a timeline of fantastic Western hits. Without it, then we never would have had the likes of Marston and Morgan light up the sky with their engrossing tales and powerful messages. And so, on that basis, we're happy to give credit where it's due. Red Dead Revolver may have been somewhat limited in terms of gameplay, but it certainly had enough character to spark life into a blossoming franchise.


4. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

At first, it didn't seem possible to mesh both flesh-deprived zombies and John Marston together. It shouldn't have worked, but in the strangest turn of events, it somehow managed to do everything it set out to do. It surprised us. Out of the blue, it took an overused concept, diced it up enough to add its own unique blend, and then somehow churned out a riveting piece of art, complete with a few helpings of Rockstar's signature charm.

Admittedly, once you saw past John Marston being in an undead world, the novelty soon wore off. The map was basically a repackage of the second game, only with a few splashes of green hurled over it, and its gameplay was an almost copycat template, only with zombies instead of generic townsfolk. Luckily for Rockstar, Undead Nightmare wound up having an equally as compelling story as its counterpart. Sure, it wasn't a revolutionary concept, but it wasn't exactly forgettable, either.


3. Red Dead Online

To be fair, Red Dead Online isn't punching as high as its Grand Theft Auto sibling, but it is making an admirable attempt at taking over the reins. And when all's said and done, that's really all that matters. Having an entire playground to wallow in and use as a staging ground to hone your skills and amplify your morality, in all fairness, is what makes a Rockstar game. And as far as Red Dead Online goes — it pretty much checks all of the boxes.

While most corners of the market will provide you with an MMO game of some sort, Red Dead Online is definitely one worth rooting around in the dark for. It's customization is plentiful, as is its collection of games and activities. All in all, there's enough of an incentive to keep you from succumbing to the abundance of lifeless MMO clones out there. Plus, being a product sewn by Rockstar, there's plenty of nooks and crannies to keep you second-guessing, and they're made all the more worthwhile when you discover each of their hidden secrets, be it valuable or laced in danger.


2. Red Dead Redemption

For many, Red Dead found its feet after Red Dead Redemption strolled along in 2010. After severing its link with the generic levels and opting for a fleshed out open-world setting and a lengthy narrative, the inner Western charm soon unravelled, leaving players to lap up its presence with none other than John Marston leading the way as its relatable protagonist.

Subtracting Grand Theft Auto from the equation, Red Dead Redemption was perhaps one of Rockstar's most ambitious creations ever developed. It had heart, and a whole lot of twists, turns, and obstacles to overcome. Like submerging into a Western flick from another lifetime, we felt the instant connection with its familiarities and common references. It was a game many would agree was long overdue, and well needed with a market so deprived of such a beloved genre.


1. Read Redemption 2

Chances are, you'll never witness a Western tale as emotionally riveting as Red Dead Redemption 2 ever again, let alone be able to sit in the front row and play through its every crossroads and climax. Rockstar really did hit the nail on the head with the 2018 sequel, and in all honesty, it'll be a serious challenge if they ever dare to try and boost its colors and one-up its value.

From its sixty-plus hour campaign to its enormous world, its life-like physics to its endless stream of lore and secrets, Red Dead Redemption 2 had the whole shebang. Arthur Morgan made for a perfect protagonist, and being able to course him towards sainthood or deeper into corruption was an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Rockstar can try and try again to improve on the 2018 entry, but it's unlikely they'll even make a dent after crafting such a phenomenon.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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