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5 Best Video Game Villains of 2021

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5 Best Video Game Villains of 2021

We all love a good storyline. Without it, video games will come out as all work and no play. While we depend on the main protagonist to spearhead the storyline to a high standard, often, the antagonist has to be just as good. This way, the climax of the video game is as competitive and as thrilling as ever.

There are a variety of features to look out for in an excellent villain. Some people love to hate the sinister characters that bring out the worst in them, while others are drawn to a character’s personality, their sense of style, and overall story that makes them who they are. 

In 2021, we saw some thrilling villains amidst the hustle of publishing video games during the covid-19 pandemic. But some villains stood out more than others. In this article, we are looking at the five best video game villains on all things sinister, charismatic, and stories alike. Let’s dive in.


5. Juliana Blake – Deathloop

Among the most notable mentions is Deahtloop’s Juliana Blake. Being the only visionary to have avoided the amnesiac effect of the time loop, she sets out to protect it against any threat, and against the protagonist, Colt Vahn.

She has immense abilities to change appearance and personalities. One moment she is adorable the next, she’s dealing you extensive damage to protect the Loop. She does not shy away from fights and can be as brutal as she needs to be. 

The switch between personalities can be intriguing, as it brings out her flexibility and volatility sometimes in a matter of seconds. As the archivist and head of security of the AEON program, Juliana does not tire from her mission, sometimes having to kill Colt over and over. She’s enthusiastic about her mission and does not steer from it even when we find out that Colt is her father. Players also enjoy fun dialogue in between cut scenes of her snarky commentaries to Colt. An added touch to the game is that other players can control Juliana’s character making her an interesting opponent in the game’s design.


4. Maligula – Psychonauts 2

Once in a while, we all love a well-told psychic villain story handling issues concerning mental health and its extremes. In the Psychonauts franchise, we’ve seen a variety of psychic villains, vut Maligula in Psychonauts 2 goes a step further. 

Maligula is the alter-ego of Lucrecia who was born when she accidentally kills her sister. Her powers are also diverse; From hydrokinesis, to floating in the air, to astral projection, and cryokinesis which has the power to control cold and ice. Lucrecia’s darkest instincts are so lethal that she kills in masses and controls powerful serpents in water using hydrokinesis. 

The distinct personalities between Lucrecia and her alter-ego are quite appalling as she feels remorse, yet her alter-ego would happily kill. However, towards the end she regains control with Raz’s help leaving room for everyone to heal. 


3. Anton Castillo – Far Cry 6

 Video Game Villains far cry

Also known as ‘El Presidente’, Anton Castillo takes up a dictator role and plays it to a high standard. The role is played by the actor Giancarlo Esposito whose roles in the films “The Mandalorian”, “The Boys”, “Breaking Bad”, and “Better Call Saul” adequately prepare him for the detached role of dictator of Yara. 

Unfortunately, his personality falls short of the psychopathic villain fans might enjoy more in a dictator. Most of the scenes focus on his determination to prepare his son Diego to take his place. Still, Anton Castillo delivers pretty well on his brutality and the kind of excitement that is prominent with the Far Cry series.


2. Raven Beak – Metroid Dread

 Video Game Villains

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure video game that offers players a more tactical approach to accomplishing the challenges in the game. It goes without saying that the main antagonist has got to be just as tough which, without a doubt, Raven Beak delivers perfectly.

He must fight his adopted daughter, Samus, in the final boss fight, a twist that adds more spice to the storyline. He also bears a scar on his right eye, somewhat like a souvenir from his estranged daughter, Samus. 

Much like Thanos in Infinity War, Raven Beak is cold and heartless, including to his own daughter. He strives for power and control. His goal? To use his daughter’s Metroid powers for creating an army of Samus Metroids to conquer the galaxy.

Even with the family drama, this video game employs some challenging duels on a side-scrolling two-dimensional view. You will definitely need to level up to match dealing him damage and successfully completing the game, which makes it all the more thrilling to say the least.


1. Mother Miranda – Resident Evil Village

 Video Game Villains of 2021 mother miranda

At the top of our list of the video game villains of 2021 is the outstanding primary antagonist from Resident Evil Village: Mother Miranda. What stood out the most in her character is her story and the complexities within it. In contrast, she may not be as evil as we may think; Probably a victim of her circumstances to some extent. 

Beyond Mother Miranda’s superhuman abilities, she has hard-core skills in biology and cult leadership of the Four Houses. She helped build on the events that follow leading up to the boss fight where players must face off against her. Keep in mind that she also has special abilities like; Mutated physiology where she could regenerate from multiple consecutive shots to the head, shapeshifting skills where she could fly, and superhuman strength, speed, and durability.

Her background as a scientist made her a smart opponent. Over the years her immortality helps her become a strategic and powerful cult leader.  Unlike other antagonists whoo seek to rule the world, she was most driven by her need to revive her daughter who had passed away. Hence, most players may sympathize and identify with her character. Overall, she sets the stage for major catastrophic events in the game and upholds the game’s intriguing gameplay to perfection.

Do you agree with our list of top five video game villains of 2021? Let us know in our socials here or the comments below.


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