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5 Best Games Like To the Star



To the Star: Best Games Like To the Star

With the massive addition of survival games to the franchise, it is clear that the genre hosts a huge fan base. The unmatched thrill some of these games offer is what intrigues players into this adventure. To the Star, the co-op adventure survival games will keep you at the edge of your seat. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the game takes you on a fantastic journey as you craft your survival through the fallen stars. 

Surviving the wilderness is still survival, no matter how many times you try it. To the Star offers a perfect blend of survival and exploration, where you must craft tools and collect resources to overcome the challenges of the wilderness. With a release date still pending, you might want to jump into these games, which offer similar cooperative and survival experiences.

5. Muck 

The New Dragon Is TERRIFYING in Muck

Muck is a unique roguelike game that immerses players in the Roblox adventure experience. The main objective is survival on a mystical Island dealing with monstrous challenges. Ultimately, the goal is not only to survive but also to discover the island's mysteries. Whether trapped alone or with friends, you must survive in the muck. 

The game offers thrilling and fast-paced Roblox gameplay. The distinguishing feature is its roguelike element, where every new game session provides a different layout and resources. Each playthrough is unique, especially with the combination of the day-night cycle. Additionally, the game keeps you on your toes with its relatively flexible difficulty setting. Whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you can adjust the challenge to your preference. Muck offers a multiplayer mode like no other. You can enjoy the thrill of survival solo or with your friends. If you want an immersive co-op survival experience, look no further; Muck is the go-to game.

4. Beached

Beached - Official Reveal Trailer

Beached takes you on a solitary journey on a desert island, where you find yourself after a shipwreck. Whenever there is a shipwreck, especially on an island, you’ve got no option but to survive. One common aspect of survival is dealing with hunger and thirst. Plus, unpredictable weather and creepy stuff in the wilderness. Beached offers you that exact experience and an even more thrilling one. You must find resources, craft tools, and build shelters to survive.

However, the game goes beyond the traditional survival mechanics of fighting enemies or crafting tools and weapons to survive. It presents a really unique blend of exploration and puzzle-solving. Throughout the game, you will uncover bits and pieces of added story, which may be the key to your survival. Additionally, it might help you escape from the desert island. One exciting feature is the game’s emphasis on narrative-driven adventure and the day-night cycle. Notably, the devs did a fantastic job with the game’s diverse flora and fauna. So, if you love survival games but want more than just resource management and fighting enemies, Beached is perfect for you. 

3. Arid 

ARID - Release Trailer (Update 1.0.0)

Arid is set in one of the hottest places in the world: Atacama. Surviving in the woods is a bit fair, but having a plane crash in a scorching desert is like crashing into a savanna surrounded by lions. Arid drops you in a vast desert after surviving a plane crash due to a failed engine. Your mission is to endure and navigate through very harsh environments. The game brilliantly captures the desolate atmosphere and challenging conditions of the desert. As you traverse the vast desert, you will uncover the mysteries that lie beneath its sandy surface. 

Remember to maintain your hydration levels as you scavenge for resources. The game offers a semi-hardcore experience that requires some good survival skills. Notably, the game creates a realistic survival experience with a constant need to balance risk and reward. When exploring and gathering resources, you will encounter enemies. Arid offers a unique experience with its realistic atmosphere and survival techniques. Will you survive the heat of the desert? Will you fight the enemies and collect enough resources to survive the Atacama Desert? Check out Arid and test your survival skills.

2. Grounded 

Grounded Official 1.0 Full Release Trailer

Grounded offers a unique twist on the survival genre, shrinking you down to the size of an ant. As tiny as you are, you must gather resources and construct tiny shelters as you battle against various bugs. You could wonder why you are small and probably wish to spring back to your human body. As you progress in the game, you uncover the reasons why you are small and the mysteries of the tiny new world. 

The game allows you to team up and tackle the challenges with other players. The gameplay starts with basic survival tactics such as gathering resources, crafting tools and building simple structures for shelter. However, as you progress, you face enemy insects requiring an upgrade of tools and structures. The game was tailor-made for players who appreciate survival games and unique premise. Also, those who really enjoy teaming up with friends to experience the immersive gameplay of survival games.

1. Rust

Rust - Official Trailer

Rust propels you to an open-world environment with a simple survival objective. Imagine waking up in your birthday suit. Yes, you heard me right. You wake up naked, armed with only a torch and stone. What would you do with a stone on a mysterious island where you must find your way out? Tricky right? You must scavenge the abandoned settlements and find something to eat or get eaten instead. However, you must watch out in case other survivors are on the island.

The game features a procedurally generated environment where you must manage your health, hunger and thirst. Additionally, you must secure a base to protect you from external threats and other players. Imagine people killing you as soon as they see you. What other reason would you need to find every possible means to survive?

 Additionally, the game features brutal realism and a robust crafting system. The PvP system is unmatched, offering immersive and action-packed gameplay. In the game, almost everything around you is a threat. The environment is as much of a threat as other players. As you progress in the game, you unlock more resources to craft and wield weapons. You should check out Rust on Steam if you thrive in intense PvP interactions.

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