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“12 Minutes,” The Video Game is Being Released This Year



"12 Minutes," The Video Game is Being Released This Year
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It’s a 12 minute cycle repeating itself until you find all of the answers in the interactive thriller, adventure video game, “12 Minutes.” In a small apartment suite that you (as the husband) share with your wife, your wife is a suspect of a crime. It’s up to you to investigate, but the part that’s like a knuckle sandwich to the gamer’s intelligence, is being immersed in an ongoing time loop.

The only escape out of the time loop is solving who committed the crime. Originally, “12” Minutes” was going to be released last year, but got delayed. Developed by Luis Antonio and soon to be published by Annapurna Interactive, this single-player video game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows this year. Many fans are thrilled to finally get the chance to play “12 Minutes” on Steam. 

The question is, “Can you beat this game in twelve minutes?” It’s a bonus if you can beat the game in less than 12 minutes on your first time. Until we know the difficulty level of the game, you can’t really get your hopes up about beating a thriller game on your first try. If anyone is capable of beating “12 Minutes” in 12 minutes or less, then that’s a job well done.


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In the game, you’ll discover that the wife is pregnant. Since this is a time loop, unlike reality, you won’t be surprised hearing that she’s pregnant. You know she is or at least you probably should. Later in the game, an aggressive cop arrives, accusing the kindhearted wife of murdering her own father several years ago. Thus, the cop murders your wife and unborn child. Suddenly, the game restarts at a 12 minute cycle where you already know your wife is the suspect of a crime. 

You’re investigating, doing a job that nobody else can, before it’s too late. Each step you take by searching for clues around the apartment (like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom), you find clues that can possibly prevent your wife’s arrest. The husband (as the playable character) is the only character throughout the game with knowledge of the previous cycles, which helps you improve your performance. Also, it helps you not make the same mistakes by solving mysteries. 

Imagine discovering your wife is pregnant and going into complete panic mode. Not only that, but a cop busts down your front door after you was having a wonderful time, dancing in the living room and relaxing in the same bed together. The cop suspects your wife of committing a crime, then arrests her and beats on you. Then the time loop repeats and you know everything your wife will say (like your wife’s father died of a heart attack), exactly when the cop will arrive, and have to find out clues to prove your wife isn’t a murderer. If you don’t, you get another knuckle sandwich, which is far from pleasant. Well, this is all in the video game and it takes a regular person who knows his wife more than anyone to solve a mysterious crime. 


According to GamesRadar, “12 Minutes” is “The closest to playing a game directed by Stanley Kubrick.” There are three protagonists that’ll play the voice of characters in “12 Minutes”: James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. Now’s your chance to try everything it takes from searching around the apartment suite and outside areas for clues in less than 12 minutes to break free of the time loop. It’s unknown if the main character will continue to have a lifetime of trauma after the incident, if the police officer received a knuckle sandwich, or if the wife will remain with the main character (if she’s saved). The entire storyline remains unknown to gamers, but we anticipate on playing this game. 

Ever since “12 Minutes” was revealed at the “PAX East 2015” event as a working progress, it received the attention of gamers. In terms of the production of “12 Minutes,” Antonio, the developer, tried shedding some light on about the last steps of finishing the game. On the technical side, the team added the dialogue for character development, voice over effects to capture the emotional tone of the characters, imported new animations to use with sound effects, background music to make the game more appealing, etc. Before you own the game, the team has to follow through with optimizations, polishing, bug fixing, and play testing. 

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